How much I eat to stay healthy & fit? my experience & tips #vegan

hey guys welcome back or welcome to my
channel. so, I often get asked this question on, whether after I post a picture on
Instagram, insta story, a video, is like, “how much bananas have you put in
that smoothie ? ” or “how much cups of oats do you eat in the morning?” “how much rice you eat?” “did you
eat that by yourself ? ” or all these kind of questions about how much food I eat
or you should eat. and even if I try my best every time to answer to all of you,
in my opinion, there is something more you need to understand. more than how
much you eat, this is basically why I’m doing this video. just, hopefully, to
make things clear and also this is not a video to tell you what you should do
or anything, it’s just.. I woke up this morning, and I just felt the pull to make
this video for you to understand my perception of eating. I would say I eat
intuitively. and maybe you can apply it to your food intake routine. as much as I
want you to eat your own way, I understand that you feel kind of inspired by people
on social media to eat a certain way. when I went to veganism and I think, for
everyone when you go to a new diet – let’s call it a diet even if it’s not a diet
but you know what I mean – you don’t know, you don’t know how to eat, you don’t know
what’s going to taste good, you don’t know how to cook things, you feel kind of
lost. when I was transitioning I was following so many people, to just get
inspiration about what I could eat to make full meals and to make me feel good,
and not to make any mistakes. because I was also scared to make any mistakes,
because of course it can be quite scary to kind of just like,
cut a whole food group that you’ve eaten your whole life before, you know. and so, I
was kind of replicating what they were eating, they were the first thing that I
saw into eating vegan. so I definitely know and understand your
concern. but, after almost two years of being vegan, I kind of made up my own
eating vegan pattern, or eating vegan way. and now I feel confident to tell you, maybe
not what you should do, but to give you tips of how I came to that place today. so the
first tip would be to drop any eating disorder that you might have. I know this
might not sound easy but for me, an eating disorder do not just mean anorexia or
bulimia or orthorexia, all these things that are very common or just have a name on
them. an eating disorder, for me, is when you can’t focus on anything else than
food. when your whole life is just a vicious cycle about food. you wake up and
you wonder what you’re going to eat and then you eat and then you wonder what you’re going to eat for lunch and how much you’re going to eat
and if you’re going to eat out for dinner, how many times this week are you
going to eat out, is it going to be okay, are you gonna gain weight or is
that too much rice or too little rice you’re eating right now, should you
snack should you not… like if you’re constantly constantly constantly thinking about
food or if you’re just like, majority of the time, thinking about food or how much of
food you should eat whether it is for your health that you’re concerned about or whether it is – except if you have like a really
specific condition of course – but if you’re just like concerned about your health all
the time or if you’re going to gain or lose weight. this, for me, is an eating
disorder. this is not how you should be. also another thing, for me, eating healthy
does not mean just eating whole foods. I mean, I just relatively eat clean all the
time because I enjoy it, not because.. anything else. not because I find it unhealthy, not because it’s going to make me fat to eat other
food. just because I like the way I eat. I think there’s also a big difference
between, for example, you’re having a good lunch, and then there’s dessert coming.
let’s say it’s vegan and it’s not healthy. if you’re just thinking about
eating it just for the purpose of having a balanced diet, if that makes sense, that is
not healthy. now, if you don’t eat it because you’re fearful of what’s inside the
cake is going to make you unhealthy or fat, this is not healthy for me, in my
opinion. what’s healthy for me, is being there, and just not wanting the cake for
no other reason than not wanting it. if you just had a good meal and you
feel full from your meal there is absolutely no reason for you to binge on
that cake. that’s what healthy for me means. my second tip is being more
mindful about the food that you eat. I absolutely encourage you to get
different type of inspiration to find out what you like best, what you
like to cook, but when you eat a certain food, you have to ask yourself ‘how does
that food make you feel?’ ‘do you like that food ?’ ‘does your body responds well to
this food? to that quantity?’. if you eat the way, I don’t know,
bonny Rebecca eats for example, and the quantity she eats, are you okay with that
quantity? do you need more? do you need less ? be really in tune with your
intuition, um yeah, that’s another point but, intuition, I mean, it’s like the most
powerful thing that is given to your body to know what is good for itself.
like nothing else, no one else will know. not your doctor, no one. my third tip
is when you’re eating, try to not have your phone like you know, just eating and
scrolling to Instagram or looking at anything you might want to look at or
just watching a video. I used to do that a lot, what this does is just it
distracts you from eating, from what you’re putting in your body.
and so if you’re just mindlessly absorbing a video you’re watching and
just like eating that way. you’re actually not.. your brain does not know
that you’re eating, because your brain is focused on something else. being more
present with your food will help you so much to reconnect and to not overeat.
because, in my opinion, you can definitely overeat. even if it’s rice or bananas,
if you’re just not mindful that you are eating at this moment, this is not
healthy. this is something I struggle with, but try to eat slowly and try to
enjoy every mouthful you eat. this is definitely not something I do,
but yeah, I’m trying to get there ! my fourth tip, maybe that should have been
the first one but, if you’re going to get some food, are you hungry
or is it a habit ? what state are you in ? are you in a stressed, like negative
state of mind? why are you reaching for food? is it breakfast time lunchtime
dinnertime? is it post-workout ? just ask yourself “am i hungry?”
or “do I want food?” and that’s a big difference! your body eventually will
know when it’s hungry and it will tell you and you will feel it because you’re
going to feel a little bit down, and you’re going to maybe have some tummy
little noises… when you’re eating really ask yourself “am i okay? am I ready to eat? am I ready to enjoy my meal peacefully?” allow like
20 minutes at least, 30 20 minutes if you can, to eat and just do that. I might
sound a little bit like psycho, but for me, I like to be very peaceful and have a
clear mind when I eat, so for me, that comes in the form of cleaning
all the kitchen. maybe not all the kitchen, but like doing all the dishes
before I eat. of course, not the plate I’m eating on. but let’s say, if I’m cooking
in a pan I will always make all the dishes before I eat, and then just let
them dry. that way, I know it’s weird but, I just feel more relaxed.
because I know I don’t have this huge pile of dishes waiting for me after I
eat. my next tip is eating the food that you like. that YOU like. so, I had a
question oncee, a long time ago, it was something like “shall I eat avocados
I don’t like them but everyone’s eating avocados ? ” you don’t need to eat a
particular ingredient just because you’ve seen someone eating that way! and you have to eat that way you love. if you don’t like banana ice creams, if don’t
like eating smoothies for meals don’t do that! after two years of being vegan, I know what my body wants and I know what food I like or not. so yea, find the food that
you like! then another tip, this might be kind of similar to my first tip,
is drop any bad relationship you have with food. whether it is like food is
calories. some people think calories make you fat, some people think carbs make you fat, or fat make you fat, or calories equals energy and you need energy so you need to eat that amount of rice to be certain to get that much
calories to thrive etc. I think that’s very unhealthy. I mean, of course eating
is going to nourish your body and what food have this minerals and this
nutrients, this is very interesting for you to know, as a general rule, but don’t
focus on it when you’re eating or when you’re prepping ingredients. focus on
preparing things that you enjoy eating, that are going to nourish your body,
going to nourish your soul, that you’re just happy about. don’t over think
like should I eat this amount ? or I have to eat that much because I have a
gym session, or I have to eat this much protein because I just had a gym session,
things like that. just eat whatever you feel like eating. one other thing
someone asked me about, when you cook how do you know how
much to cook. I never measure anything when I cook things, let’s say I cook
rice or quinoa, usually I cook a lot, I
don’t even know, 3 .. 4 cups at the same time, and then I just have leftovers and
then I just pick the amount that I feel good eating. the amount that I feel at this very
moment, and it’s not all always the same. for oats, in the morning, usually I have a
cup because a cup of oats is just easy for me to scoop out of my jar. I have a big jar of oats. so usually that’s like a cup of oats, so that’s easier for me to measure.
but I’m not, like, scooping out a cup of oats and measuring it’s exactly a cup of
oats, you know. and if I feel like this morning I want more then i put more, and
if I feel like I want less, I’ll put a cup – just to get the quantity right of
water and that – and then i’ll just pick the amount of oats I want.
simple as that. so yeah, these are all my tips, or things, that I could give
you and that I wanted to talk about. because yeah, I get asked this question
often and honestly, just eat whenever you feel hungry
and stop whenever you feel full. but be mindful. mindfulness is like this and
intuition is like this. I mean, I know it’s hard but you’ll get there. eat what
your body wants. I don’t even know if that video makes sense,
sorry if it doesn’t. but yeah, I just felt like I wanted to explain this to you
guys, what I feel about all these trends of eating, and how much you should eat,
etcetera how much I eat. if you have any other tips for people, leave them in the
comments below. but yeah, I think, just eat when you’re hungry stop when you’re full,
don’t distract yourself, be mindful about the food that you put in your body,
but don’t obsess over it, and just eat the food that makes
you feel good, that your body knows that are healthy, and yeah I think that’s a
good wrap-up ! hopefully I’ll see you in my next video, which is maybe going to be a
recipe video, I’m not sure when exactly I’ll upload it! but yeah, thank you
for watching and I’ll see you guys next time !


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