How to display healthy food and drinks at junior sports club canteens

You’re watching a Finish With The Right Stuff video. This is one of a series of videos to help sports canteens create
and promote simple healthier food to encourage kids to
finish with the right stuff. Hi I’m Angie from Lalor Park Kookas,
thank you for joining me today Today’s video is all about how to display healthier canteen options to improve their sales this will encourage healthier habits
in kids. By now you’ve watched the video on how to make you canteen menu
healthier so you could a good idea of what these
food and drink choices are one of the first and most important
points to remember when it comes to product placement is if it’s green make it seen. Move
unhealthy items such as confectionery cakes biscuits fried chips and crisp
packets to the back at the canteen display area and limit the variety you offer. Display healthy items more prominently than
unhealthy items display foods such as bowls of fresh
fruit or fruit salad cups fruit spiced English muffins. Bags of air-popped popcorn crackers and reduced
fat cheese packs and yogurt and muesli cups to
encourage healthy snack choices. When it comes to
the display of hot items your healthy pasta vegie soups rice and noodle dishes toasted
sandwiches and jaffles corn on the cob and burgers with extra
salad on the top shelf and at eye level. Next level down display
some lower fat and salt versions of your regular, less healthy
items such as low fat potato top pies, potato
wedges and crumbed chicken products. Full-fat pies
and hot dogs should be harder to view and limited in number. Using the Healthy
Kid’s buyers guide to select products that have already been classified will
make it so much easier you can find the guide at The way you stock your
fridge can encourage healthier purchases Water should fill the top few shelves of
the fridge making sure one of these is at eye level then you’ve got your reduced fat plain
milk followed by reduced fat flavoured milk on the next shelf down. The healthy food
in your fridge should also follow this layout pop your free based snacks such as fruit
cups low-fat yogurt cups sandwiches and wraps sushi and snack
packs such as veggie sticks and dip at eye level and right at the
bottom place unhealthy items try to limit they said two different
choices that only fill one shelf ideally you should aim for fifty percent
of healthy items in your fridge the same goes for your pie warmer. some top
tip from today’s video are display your fresh fruit and other
healthy items on your countertop instead of chips biscuits lollies and
chocolate. Your pie warmer and your fridge should be made up of
least 50 percent healthy food and drink these items should be at the front at
eye level. Remember water is the best choice for hydration
so it needs to be front and center. You can find today’s recipe and further
information on displaying your healthier canteen items on the finish with the right stuff
website at

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