How to do Square Pose (Hip Opener & Groin Stretch) | Yin Yoga

Square Pose in Yin Yoga. You want your left heel, and leg knee, in line from side to side. In one line from side to side. Then you stack the right heel on top of the left knee, and you drop that knee on top of the left heel. So your’e here. So this is Square Pose, you can also fold over. The key phrase I want you to think about for square pose is externally rotating the hip of the high knee. So if you externally rotate the hip of the high knee you’re going to drop the knee down on top of the heel. and you’re going to feel a deeper stretch. For some of us were going to feel a stretch already, right here. So if you feel a stretch, just hang out here, thinking about externally rotating from the hip and dropping that knee down. You may want to place a block, or something even softer then a block in-between the knee and the foot. Also fold over at the waist. So just like we’ve been doing, seated tall on the sit bones. Just reach straight up to the sky Maybe you drop onto a pillow or bolster out in front of you. You can hold on like this, Where you should be feeling the stretch is right around that right glute. So you’re going to feel a stretch in the right glute. You may feel a stretch on the outside of that leg as well. You may feel it on the inner thigh as well. There’s a variety of different places people are going to feel the stretch. Take advantage of all those places and just breathe through it.


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