How to organize health insurance paperwork

today’s project for organizing is health
insurance claims and claim forms medical paperwork it’s not that exciting but
hopefully this is going to be really helpful you’ll need a one hanging file a
few interior folders a red pen a Sharpie a pen and all your medical papers even
if there is this many just get them all let’s do it welcome to the exciting
world of health insurance claims and paperwork. blugh. it’s okay
the irony of all of this health care paperwork is that it comes at you
exactly when you can’t handle it you know what I mean if someone you love has
been in an accident and you are suddenly in charge of their medical forms or if
you have been diagnosed with something serious like some disorder or mental
thing going on or you have severe anxiety you’re gonna be getting doctor
bills and you’re not gonna have the mental space to deal with it so if that
is happening to you please try to look into getting some help from somebody if
your situation is is ongoing and really bad you could probably get a caseworker
from the state I want you to look into that so I know talking about health
insurance is one of the main reasons you’re excited to be an adult I know it
is for me we’re not gonna need the folders and file things yet so I’m gonna
set those aside and I just get your medical papers in front of you
okay first divide everything into a few piles one pile is going to be things
from the insurance company your health insurance if you have multiple insurance
companies probably you’re just have two or three so make two or three piles one
for each like affleck Aetna whatever you have Blue Shield something but put them
in each thing sometimes different family members have different things
different coverage different plans okay and then in another pile away over here
on the left side we’re going to put anything that’s from a doctor or a
provider lab work receipts from the doctor bills from the doctor that’s you
that are coming in the mail if any of this is still in the envelope no shame
girlfriend leave it in the envelope for now and just put it in the pile okay I
know it’s not the most exciting mail to open so it’s okay you haven’t opened it
let’s just put it in the pile for now an additional pile may be items from a
collection agency if you have that happening get those all in a pile and
keep that pile close by we’re not gonna start with that pile but you want to
keep it close by because you don’t want to lose those those are things that are
on fire and we’re going to try to get those handled I didn’t have very many
here so I want you to push pause on the video and separate everything into your
piles okay I’m gonna have a dance break and alright another another resource
that I didn’t mention hopefully you have new things divided up is if you do have
insurance through your employer through your job you are lucky you might also
have a pet unicorn you might want to buy a lottery ticket because that is so
lucky that you have that they a lot of times big companies like that will have
a liaison or kind of a go-between company or representative to go between
you the employee and the health insurance company so find out at work if
you have somebody like that you can get their email or their phone number I’ve
gone through people like that before with for some clients and it does help
if only to make sure you’re filling out the forms correctly so that you can get
paid okay all right now let’s get it just get it physically organized so that
you can start to tackle it you got them all separated most things from your
insurance are going to be either payments yes that’s what we’re going for
in the end or EOBs– that’s an explanation of benefits explanation of
benefits it’s just your insurance company telling you your doctor charge
to two thousand dollars for that procedure we are going to reverse you
five cents so you are still responsible for one thousand nine hundred ninety
nine dollars and ninety five cents that’s what is they’re explaining the
benefit the money that they’re giving you for the service that you got EOB
okay i’m gonna go through all the insurance paperwork now okay so yep
first we’re gonna start on the pile that is insurance open these bad boys find on
them flipped open where it has the name of the patient if you’re dealing with
multiple patients one patient and you don’t have to find
that find every red pen or a highlighter comes in handy find the date of service
when you have the procedure done Circle it it’s usually pretty easy to find and
also you want to find what’s the thing with find oh my gosh I’m blanking the
doctor’s name right yes the doctor’s name sorry about that okay done without
then find the doctor’s name easy so circled those because those are gonna
envelopes recycle go through all your insurance paperwork to find all the EOB
is they usually say it pretty big EOB date of service
doctor’s name if you want to go through all this but you don’t want to do it
with the video there’s a cheat sheet available on my website and I’ll make it pretty easy to find you can find a cheat sheet
to go along with this so you can have a checklist and do this at your own pace
later for now find all the EOB’s circle the date and the provider push pause and
come back when you’re done so once you have your piles separated then you can
take what you want to do is open the EOBs and play matchy-matchy with the
bills and receipts from your doctors and providers once you have found the doctor
bill that corresponds with the EOB from insurance then you can if it looks okay
to you if it matches up right date of service right everything you can recycle
the EOB before I do that I always write at the top of the bill because the bill
is the thing I want to keep paid and big red letters and the date it was paid and
how much they reimbursed me for this doctor’s visit it’s usually not very
much but it’s better than nothing so once you
than that you’re gonna end up with some doctor and provider bills that don’t
have a matching EOB there are a couple reasons for that either you just
went to the doctor that’s easy or maybe this was an out-of-network
provider or you had to pay the whole thing and now you need to get reimbursed
bummer here’s what we’re gonna do it’s not that
bad go online put in the Google search bar medical claim form and the name of
your insurance company and you’ll get results find the one that has PDF beside
it click that and print it out what you’re doing is printing out your
medical claim form to send to your insurance company I have one right here
this one there are so many things to fill it oh my goodness I could drive you
crazy when you are doing your google search to find that claim form make sure
if it’s a mental or behavioral health form that you put that instead of
medical or health insurance claim file okay something is on my teeth it’s bugging me
anyway print just print one then what I want you to do is fill in all the
information on this form that is never going to change no matter which doctor
you go to when so for example that’s gonna be your name your address your
telephone number your insured ID number whose insured when’s your
birthday all that stuff that’s never gonna change
fill that out and stop now I want you to make copies of this partially filled out
form like three or four and keep the original put a sticky note on there that
has the original so that you don’t have to fill in this every single time you
do a form isn’t that great you now all you have to do really is to fill
out the date of service and sign it and put the date so you’ve printed out your
claim forms you have found your doctor’s receipts now I’m going to tell you a
list of all the things that you’re going to need
doctor receipts to fill in on these forms it’s a lot of things here but I’m gonna
say them really fast because I’m gonna print them up procedure code diagnosis
code your doctors tax ID number NPI I have no idea what that means
and then of course the name of the patient your name and the doctor’s name
office phone number all the stuff on the doctor info alright once you have all
those things hopefully they’re on your bill sometimes they’re on the ones you
call a super bill and that doesn’t mean it’s super expensive it just means it
has all that information for your insurance so that you can submit it
yourself then you can completely fill out your health insurance claim and now
you’re gonna take the doctor bill and the claim for something you’re trying to get
reimbursed for scan these make a copy of them or use your phone scanner app on
your camera I love those and that way you just have an electronic copy you
might want to email the scan to your insurance or you might want to put it in
an envelope and mail it whatever you want to do is fine now let’s talk about
what to do with all this stuff while you’re waiting to get paid back right
we’re gonna get to the folder stuff get one hanging folder that means it has
these hanging things and put on the tab I have on mine insurance claims once you
have that then you can use these interior folders to separate the
categories at least three one for claims that need to be submitted and I’m
gonna write right on there with a sharpie to be submitted next one is
pending or waiting or whatever you want to say you already mailed them mailed in
whatever you want to say and then the last one is reconciled paid done
whatever you want to call it I call it paid because
the sound of that okay remember these EOBs that matched up over here with
the bills and then you got rid of the EOB all you’re left with this the bill
that is what can go in the paid folder because that is done you’re just
keeping this for your records in case you get so many medical bills during the
year over 7% of your income you can write off medical expenses that’s a big
number but anyway and you can just keep track of all the medical procedures
you’ve had with this so that’s why I keep the ones that are paid and done in
here on this one the mailed ones this is gonna be things
that you have sent in you’re waiting to get paid back it’s pretty obvious but
I’m kind of trying to go slow okay this one the ones that you want to be that
you want to submit this is when you just go to the doctor get a receipt we put it
in here until you have a chance to sit down and process it on this folder on
the actual folder I like to write the address to which you mail your claims
because maybe there are two different addresses if you have behavioral health
and medical health you might have two different addresses I write it right
here really big on the outside of the folder so that I don’t have to look that
look it up again and remember how to do this again every month when I sit down
just leave it there okay so write the address for your
insurance company the mailing address email address phone
number whatever you want write on the outside of here so you can’t lose it all
the ones that you need to submit right in there okay extra credit is remember
when I told you to make copies of the partially filled out claim forms if you
have those you can use another folder maybe and call it blank claim forms put
those but all together in one hanging folder
and hopefully that will help you feel a little more in control of your health
insurance paperwork sorry this isn’t very fun but but hopefully now you feel a
little bit like you have a plan right to tackle it thank you very much for
sticking with me please check out the website get organized already for the
cheat sheet that goes with this video so that you can do it all at your own pace
and now


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