How To: Perfect Plank

When in doubt, plank it out! Hey guys, this week I’m teaching you how to do the perfect plank. Now, a plank is an isometric exercise which means that you’re holding a position and working
your muscles without even moving. How do you like them apples? First we will start with a hand plank. When doing this plank you want to place your hands directly underneath your shoulders and you want them to stay underneath your shoulders. You’re going to press the backs of your knees towards the ceiling so that way your body is nice and tight and firm literally anywhere if you were to touch it. If you feel like this movement is getting harder. The tendency is to lift up your butt here and let your hands come in front of your shoulders. A little bit is okay if you’re having some lower back discomfort it’s okay to lift up your butt a little bit. But, if you’re feeling like it’s just too
much, drop your knees and keep your hips dropped and you’ll be in a modified plank position. Now the same goes when you are on your elbows. Your elbows are directly underneath your shoulders, backs of the knees pressed towards the sky. If you feel like you’re coming up a little bit too high here, never hesitate to protect your low back and drop your knees, drop your hips for a modified elbow plank. Alright, now you know how to do the perfect plank on your hands or on your elbows. There are many progressions to this plank variation. So, of course, no matter what
you’re doing you’re working your abs, you core and pretty much your entire body, like I said, isometrically. You learned a new word today! Be proud of yourself. Leave comments and let me know what you think and don’t forget to do your planks! Subscribe to the Runtastic Fitness Channel. And check out the video from last week, because it’s awesome.


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