How to Prep, Tape and Paint Game Lines on a Gym Floor | City Floor Supply

The Philadelphia Floor Store is a one-stop shop for hardwood flooring needs. This video shows how to prep gym wood floors, including buffering and vacuuming; how to accurately tape game lines; and how to paint game lines. Take it nice and slow, just walk one foot in front of the other. Push down on it. Now we’re going to show you how to mix paint in with the stain. One of the rules is, when you paint the floor, before you put finish on it, you need to abrade. So when you stain a floor, you don’t need to abrade. But right now we’re going to take the two and we’re going to mix them together. So the rule is, when you add more than two ounces of paint per quart of stain, you do not have to buffer. Two ounces of paint, a quart of stain, no need to buffer because when we do that, we’re still working with a stain. Once we get past that two ounces, now we’re working with more of a paint/stain combo that we’re going to need to abrade. Not aggressive, not heavy, but just with a maroon pad. So remember, the rule of thumb: two ounces of paint. The issue that you’re going to run into, though, is two ounces of paint sometimes does not give you what you’re looking for. What we’re going to do is, we’re going to pour the stain/paint mixture in the center, about the size of a big pancake. About that big. Just like I said before, we’re going to pour it in the middle. We’re not going to pour it all around. We’re going to pour it right near the middle, and we’ll just add to it as we need it. One of the good parts about working with the Bona stain is it will meld into itself. It will repair itself. So if it does start to get a little dry, you’re making a long pass– like when you’re doing the inside of the 3-point– if you go over that stain, it will meld right back into itself. To view our complete selection of wood flooring supplies and training materials, visit or call (610) 940-5757. The Philadelphia Floor Store is a one-stop shop for wood flooring, equipment, supplies, machine repairs, and educational resources.

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