How To Stay Consistent With Your Health & Fitness

hey guys so in today’s video I’m going
to reveal one of the most important things that’s worked for me for my
health and fitness and I’ve seen worked for my friends and people I’ve helped
train so you all have different habits that you want to implement into your
life one example could be meditation one could be to be more consistent with your
running at the gym in cardio or maybe you want to focus on lifting weights and
getting stronger and more muscular but it’s something you just struggle to stay
consistent with now I’m sure all of you have multiple things that you want to
get better at because clearly if you’re watching this channel then you’re
ambitious about your health and you want to become better so what I urge you to
do and what I recommend from years and years and years of experience is to
focus on one thing for a year now what I mean by that is you can do different
things right and I suggest you eat healthy and exercise and you do
intermittent fasting and you do meditation and you take cold shells and
you do journaling so I recommend you do all of them but I think that picking one
that has really profound effects if perfected and then focusing on that a
hundred percent is the best thing to do so what I mean is that you can do your
exercise you can eat healthy but let’s say that’s like intimate fasting is the
example intamin fasting becomes the thing that you do no matter what so
there may be certain circumstances where I didn’t eat healthy or I didn’t
exercise today but you say to yourself I’m gonna do intamin fasting every
single day from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. every single day no matter what and I’m
gonna keep my word and I’m gonna do that so you put all your effort into
perfecting that and you make sure 100% you hit that goal every single day and
you make all your actions to support and help sustain that one goal you have per
day and by doing that and by remaining disciplined on that one goal and having
it on a checklist every single day like you see that white board back up there
you write down one thing that you do every single day the most important
thing for your health and you write it down I’m gonna fast from 2 to 8 p.m. and
you do that no matter what and by doing that consistently and and cultivating a
certain discipline you develop your character and eating
healthier and exercising more consistently will come naturally as a
result of being consistent about one thing you’ve decided to do on a daily
basis but just trust me on this right it really does work and you have to pick
something it can’t be something like I’m gonna eat an apple a day I mean that can
work as well but you want to pick you want to pick something that has huge
implications for you and it’s quite difficult to do eating an apple the day
isn’t that difficult to do so 30 minutes of meditation in the morning every
single day right all four hours of eating and 20 hours of fasting every
single day no matter what pick one thing and commit to it for a year and make
sure you never miss a day and you will see that from that you will eat
healthier and all the other goals you have will come and then after you have
mastered that one thing whether it be intimate fasting it becomes a natural
thing that you do without thinking about it and once it’s become a permanent
habit then you can start to question what’s the next thing I’m gonna put all
my attention on and over the years doing one by one you’ll find that it becomes a
natural habit for you to eat healthy exercise fast meditate do cold showers
and by that time you’re in shape you’re healthy and it’s not even difficult for
you to do so that’s how long-term habits are developed so if you’re not looking
for a short-term reward in a short-term plan and you’re looking for the
long-term and what actually works success for your health long-term and
that’s the attitude and that’s the mindset you need to go in with so
hopefully this helped you hopefully this gave you an insight into what actually
works for human psychology and health and I hope you enjoyed the video I’ll
see you guys next time be sure to leave your video requests in the comment
section down below this you

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