Human-powered Gym

today we’re here the Berkeley energy and sustainable
technologies laboratory to talk about the Human-powered Gym so as the user is running on the
elliptical what happens is energy is being
generated through the generators in elliptical
machine itself and then power gets dumped through
these resistors Then we take the power being dumped by the resistors as heat and then we use a solar charged controller in order to recharge batteries in your system and then this system is connected to phone chargers where we can charge our
phones and electronic devices What we see here is basically in real time a graph of the total
energy outputted by the elliptical user at that
moment so too do the data acquisition we’re using a Arduino attached to a wifi shield so that we can
track the energy outputted by charge controller and via WiFi we can broadcast it to the
internet where we have a server that aggregates real time data of the power output This project started about five years ago with one undergraduate student, Maha Haji and one PhD student, Kimberly Lau who both worked out in the gym and as they were working out next to
each other they said where does all this energy go? and they looked into it and they did a survey of students on campus and their
energy and technology literacy and realized that there was a huge problem in terms of understanding energy in general and so they saw this as an opportunity
to educate about energy and energy
technology In a part of the Human-powered Gym project, we retrofitted this bicycle with electric generators so users able to
power his or her cell phone and interact with our iPad which links to our website where the user can find out more information about our project and learn interesting energy facts that
will allow the user to gain more energy
literacy knowledge So the next time you’re in the RSF lookout
for the HPG retrofitted machines charge your phone and learn more about
energy sustainability

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