I got into an altercation at the gym..

what’s up everybody how you guys doing
today hope everybody’s having an amazing day so far if you’re not hopefully this
vlog makes it a little bit better we just released the brand new
merchandise today unless you turn comm firstling a bio as always make sure to
get it over there you’re at least a muscle tank we got it in blue and we
also have it in red it didn’t tell you guys this before but we also released
some new drawstring bag that come in both red and blue as well these bags are
so dope guys can see them on the screen right now so if you guys do want any of
this murse let’s just drive to make sure to get it while you can
what’s up Cody oh I just got a truck this weather out here in Florida is so
beautiful I wish it was like this every day in Jersey where I’m from but
unfortunately it’s not it is definitely a nice change up though I’ve been really
lazy and just like Cody Drive the car yeah what’s going on right now so Rachel
closed the garage door and tried running out and ran right through the sensor so
I was like you got to jump over the sensor and I went right back oh yeah I
went right back up when she ran through it so if you just decide to come out the
front door we’re gonna hold right now I’m trying to figure out what we’re
gonna do for the day we’ve been sitting in this car for like 20 minutes now
trying to figure could help okay so now we’re driving we’re on the road I don’t
want to hear it Tony I don’t want to hear it because you know
yesterday I know Cody ended up for getting his SD card so we gonna go back
to the house but I was picking on my rental car the other day I want to go
record completely forgot my SD card at the house that the same exact thing and
we were like an hour away I was so mad at myself but you did the same thing
guys look at this sign it literally says missing child alert like no alert think
they missed it yeah we’re on how the traffic right now so good think Cody’s
driving because I am doing I’m not surprised Cody shuttle launch control in
this car yesterday and we couldn’t figure it out there’s actually an option
for launch control it says activate launch control when I push that button
and it said vehicle will launch at 2200 rpm you gonna increase it that I think I
guess no cancel launch control 2300 is now activate launch control to launch
press brake and quickly apply full throttle I’m gonna let the cars in front
of me go ahead a little I don’t know how crazy is still don’t
trust me it was better that was definitely better it was better
but it’s still I don’t know dude I’m just like we’ve launched like so many
times in your m4 we know what it’s like to be in a fast car know what it’s like
to like a ridiculous launch you know what I mean don’t ever take what it is
you know 300 horsepower it’s not bad you know you got a little extra weight in
the car it’s so quicker than what my Camaro I would not care in that car I
got to a point where literally I was flying over smoke bomb a parking garage
like going like 70 miles an hour flying over a speedo we’re clear water right now ooh as Sun
is beaming you guys want some ice cream or you want some bugs Wow
I know this is crazy they’re literally all up against the wall guys Wow
you know usually it was always like me having a friend with me that was
third-wheeling but now it’s just me all the time yeah you helped me find the
love of my life can you be the love of my life probably not
Wow this Sun is really coming down right now now is fine terrific brother that’s
pretty normal though you can take a bath right now Franklin I got some chips
hidden under there we are entering the beach area a little bit oh my gosh our
first beached whale it literally got like 20 degrees hotter the second we
walked onto this end yeah it’s like it’s white sand it’s real powdery and the Sun
just wax off of it and cooks you like a frank turkey in an oven Ellie’s just
almost happened all right you don’t want to be the third wheel I got you
Rachael’s all the way over there anyway sorry I stole your man now that we’ve walked down a little bit
more and we’re closer to the actual water it’s it’s a lot nicer I think it’s
actually nicer because the sunscreen people yeah you know I’m okay now if I
can handle my own I got you know bum I’m your boyfriend
hey I mean like you know when you go to a restaurant you get a cheeseburger
always get french fries on the side you’ve got the cheeseburger he’s the
fries on the side I’m the cheeseburger right what do you mean I’m the meathead
it’s like a big pack feels like a single cheeseburger from McDonald’s with no
cheese on it that stuff is way slimy or that thought
it was gonna be I don’t know what this is it looks like jellyfish could you be
my girlfriend she said no ain’t nobody want me out
here I’m rejected whoa what is this is it moving
yeah it’s moving is it like a sea slug or something oh it’s definitely alive
get off you pick it all right touching this thing me neither I’ve never seen this before as pirates
triplet here blue like a cannon now and it sounded so loud today is the day for
sunburn at least we’ll get a little bit of a tan we’re pasty right now I think
your pasty er than I am look boy he still got it on his neck
yeah it’s sticking there’s a wedding going on right now daddy amis Ronan he’s running he’s
running wait are they actually going for him
whoa fudge and ice cream Cody let’s take them we got two rooms
room I mean Imams Bob and me mom’s mom this
guy’s sick what is he doing Cody asked for a ride what do you do on this thing
that looks interesting Cody go in it why so when I get on
something says weight limit exceeded I’m good I’m gonna pass on that well now we
can have one really fat chicken there yes i exceed the weight limit what are
you 284 pull my finger oh my gosh oh my god there’s so much is both oh that’s
disgusting Oh bananas you’re a bad influence I know
I am that looks good oh I can’t here it is s peanut butter Wow that that looks
good well Cody left both of us because he doesn’t want to be around ice cream
we have no idea where he was this is amazing though like tons of peanut
butter chunks in it Badlands and bad guys there he is as he’s talking about
his diet on the phone Cody’s got bugs mating on his feet right now yeah in
other words I got Frank I thought this was a trash can I’m looking around and
Rachel just starts laughing at me because I’d realized that it wasn’t but
that was good now I want another Cody take this back brought in by this I
don’t want this Cody alright I can’t help you losing the diet out here it’s
going great guys I’m lose him maximum weight levels right now I’m exceeding
body fat percentages I’m enjoying myself a little bit oh yeah oh yeah that guy
looked genuinely upset that he was being recorded in that thing oh yeah but he’s
been on the business call all this time we’ve just been annoying him so much where does that go oh he took it off oh
yeah there’s like needles on it dude these love bugs needs to go somewhere
got you dog oh oh no he’s gonna always be stuck inside he got in the car bro oh there they go oh wow these clouds are
just yeah it’s definitely gonna start coming down oh my god that rainbow looks
awesome here comes the rain and everyone starts to drive like snails out here
this rain less of like a clean five seconds not even kidding I locked the
door Chloe good job good job you’re so cute
alright guys goal of the day we’re gonna try to get the lunk alarm to go off
today I’m gonna grunt and slam the window how are you gonna grow
gronckle how like Robo gyms about to get like get everyone’s reaction oh brother
that was so easy it was that was quick I didn’t think it’s gonna go off that day
though when I grunted I grunted pretty loud to try getting it to go off and it
no but bro I yelled yeah I literally yelled Hellmouth Park job is a one good
job Cody no problem Cody what are you doing right now bro are you on a diet we came to Walmart just for this just
for Twinkies and all these bad things Swiss rolls Twinkies zebra cakes oatmeal
cream pies she literally sits on her butt this is
hilarious hi yeah there’s no cute he loves playing in the fridge now and
pushing his bar but he’s trying to grab the whipped cream he’s closing himself
in there he got it Chloe wants it too all right guys that is gonna do it for
today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure to smash that thumbs
up button do not forget the brand new merchandise just came out at last you 10
that calm get it over there and other than I’ll see you guys next time


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