I Tried Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars Workout!

Hello and happy Sunday. I am back with another celebrity workout this week. [intro music] Another timely celebrity workout. Today, we’re gonna be trying Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars workout. You can see we’re at the park. I wanted a change of scenery, but because I am the most forgetful human, I don’t have a memory card with me. So we’re gonna use my phone. Sorry if the quality is [*ppbth* noise] Or if the street’s too noisy, but we’re trying something new today. We’re just gonna see how it goes. She did a handful of things to get ready for this movie, you guys probably saw her—or movies, I guess. You guys probably saw her videos, online: she’s deadlifting, bench-pressing, but she also does a plyometric workout three times a week. And so I thought maybe I would try that one, because it’s gonna be a lot easier for you guys to try this workout on your own than it would be for you to try a like, deadlift-benchpress workout? And I know that a lot of you guys like to try these celebrity workouts also. Uh, so that’s the workout I’m gonna do for you guys. It’s basically four different bodyweight movements. She performs them each for a minute, and in between each movement, she does 30 seconds of jump rope. I don’t have my jump rope with me, so I’m gonna do 30 seconds of burpees instead. Enough rambling, let’s just get into this workout, eh? [Electronic music] [breathing hard] So we’ve done the box jumps and the power jumps and my burpees and now I’m gonna do lateral jumps, but I just wanted to explain that usually Daisy will do this over a foam roller, and hop side to side over the foam roller. Um, I’m just gonna use my backpack so that’s what that’s for. Oh that’s so hard. I’m starting to sweat. That;s probably the point, right? One more move, one more set of burpees. Then we’re done. Whew! Ah, oh I need to sit down. So that’s it! That’s the Daisy Ridley plyometric Star Wars workout. It’s a mouthful. Uh, as you can see, it really got my cardio. This is such–this is a very, very good cardio burner, and it’s a lot of power movements, like a lot of jumping. It requires a lot of explosiveness. Practicing those, like, explosive bodyweight movements, um, is also gonna translate into a lot of your other stuff and just your general fitness. It’s a really good thing to work on. Uh so I really like this workout. So it’s a total of six minutes, um, and I only did one round. Depending on your capacity or how much time you have, you could go multiple rounds. You could rest a minute or two, do another round or go right into that next round. I think the program said Daisy worked up to doing three or four rounds back-to-back. Which is really tough! Um, but it’s really good for you. This stuff is so good for you, and I like this workout. For those of you that are probably gonna ask, I haven’t seen Star Wars yet, but I’m going tonight, and I’m really excited. I know some of the reviews are coming in a bit mixed, but I don’t care. I’m excited to see it Whoo, I’m tired, I can’t breathe. My quads are on fire. That’s all we got for you guys today! I hope you liked it, I hope this was fun! I hope you liked the change of scenery. Let me know if we should do this more often, and if you want to try this workout, definitely do, let me know how it goes! Use that hashtag #jackedlikejordan, so let me know how your workout goes. I want to see. But that’s it! That’s it for today. Thank you for watching. Be sure to like and subscribe! If you missed my last training vlog, you can go watch that now. Those folks are helping me pick out a new pair of glasses, so that’s kind of fun. And you can use this playlist to watch all my other celebrity workouts. I’ll see you later!


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