I Tried Demi Lovato’s Tour Workout

I think Demi Lovato’s trying to kill me My hair’s going crazy look at these baby hairs. They’ve got a mind of their own Do you guys like my double horn baby hairs? It’s cute right? Anyway, hello and happy Sunday. Today… Today we’ve got another workout for you. You guys seem to like when I try to do celebrity workouts Umm, so far I’ve done Gal Gadot and I’ve done JLO. Today, I’m going to do a Demi Lovato workout. Demi works super hard in the gym and does a lot of different things to stay in shape as do a lot of other celebrities, but this workout is a workout that she does while she’s on tour, so she’s traveling. She can’t necessarily get to a gym. It’s just her and her trainer and very minimal equipment if any and so this is what keeps her in shape while she’s traveling while she’s on tour A lot of you guys asked me about at home workouts, or workouts you can do while you’re traveling and this is going to be a super good option. She’s got a lot of full body movements, and she kind of targets every area including cardio. Anyway, I’m not going to sit here a ramble for forever. I did so much rambling last week. We’re just going to get right into the workout. Let’s go! (Jacob says lets go in background) For this first one we’re going to a lunge/kick combo. She normally will use dumbbells and hold them at her side. I don’t have dumbbells at home, so I’m not going to use any, but, if you feel like this is easy and you want to kick it up a notch, go ahead and hold on to some dumbbells. Okay here we go. Ten reps. Oh yeah. There’s that burn. Ooo, I cant even stand up straight. These require a lot of balance. Okay, other leg. Oh man, my quads are on fire. Oh yeah. Feel that one in the legs. This next one is a curtsy sidekick. Um, it’s a little confusing. I’m actually going to spin my mat this way so you guys can see this movement a little bit better. I should’ve stretched. My hamstrings are so tight. Okay, hands on the ground, do a little curtsy lunge kick. Oh my hammies! Oh man that’s a butt burner for sure. Okay, other leg. Here we go. Ouch. Oh man, my hamstrings and my butt are on fire. The next ones called a wood chop squat. So, for this wood chop squat, she uses a resistance band. You can also use a dumbbell or just anything moderately heavy in your house. So we’re just going to secure it underneath the couch leg. Oh this one might be too tight and then you’re going to hold a squat position so you’re not going to be at parallel or below in a full squat you’re going to be kind of just in a good quarter squat position. Hopefully the band’s not too tight. Oh yeah, there’s my obliques. Hello! Now I’m gonna have to turn around and uh you guys can just stare at my butt for ten reps I guess. Yup, that core is on fire. Um, for this one you may have noticed my hands are only coming up to like here. It’s because my resistance band is pretty tight. The goal is to come from your hip all the way up here. Alright the next one. I’m gonna rotate this back into a diagonal for you. She calls these plank push-up, but I call them inch worms This is not a… what’s the word? Unilateral? Jacob? (Yeah?) Is unilateral movement, is that when you’re only using one side your body. (Yeah.) Knew it. So this is not a unilateral movement like everything else. This is going to be both sides all at once. And she says to just do ten reps which is good because this are probably going to be hard. Thats the stuff. Oh! I’m only half way. On the push up, you want to make sure your arms are in close to your body. Your elbows aren’t way out here. Shoulders, core. That’s good for a lot of stuff. I’ll show you one modification really quick. If you can’t do a regular push-up, um, dropping onto your knees is a totally valid modification for push-ups. So you want to come out all the way to your plank, then drop to your knees, do your push-up, back to your plank. So if you want to try those at home but you can’t do a push-up, uh, that’s a good version for you. And then she does ten burpees. Of course she does. Burpees are so good for you, but they’re terrible, so I guess I’ll just get those over with. Oh Demi don’t you know I hate cardio?! Headband down! I think Demi Lovato’s trying to kill me. In case it got cut off, the top of your screen, at the top of the burpee… Oh my God I can’t breathe, and it was only ten! The top of your burpee you want to make sure you’re clapping above your head. Make sure you get that full extension through your whole body as you jump off the ground. Burpees like this don’t count. They don’t count unless your chest hits the floor and your reach full extension up to the top there. The other versions may count somewhere else but not when you’re working out with me. Let me put this headband back on while I catch my breath. Alright now we’re on to the last movement, which is just a set of 20 crunches. So this’ll be a good, low key way to end the round. Here we go So simple but man if you do those right they really get your upper abs burning. And so, she’ll do three rounds of that rep scheme. I’m only going to do one round because, ah, one it’s my rest day today and two I just don’t really feel like doing three rounds. But if you’re doing at home, I recommend you definitely do three rounds um, especially because all of the things are pretty low rep, only 10 reps, 10 reps on each side um so if you really want to get a good solid workout in, definitely do the 3 rounds like Demi does. Well, guys, that workout kicked my butt. I only did one round because I just wanted to test it out and get a feel for it. Uhhhh my verdict it’s a very good workout and three rounds will kick your ass and be very good for you. My dogs are playing they always play when I try and wrap up my videos. This is insane. Look at them go. You can’t really see them. Anyway… Um yes this workout targets so many different areas, it includes cardio. It is definitely a super good at home work out, on the road workout. I mean Demi works super hard. She is clearly in shape. Her and her trainer know what they’re doing. I liked this workout. I liked it a lot. Even though I hate burpees, but it’s only ten at a time! And you’re only 30 total like that’s fine. I don’t really have anything else to say. That’s that guys. Let me know if there are any other celebrity workouts that you want me to try. Not all of them give their secrets away online, but if I can find them I promise I will try them for you, and we will continue rating and reviewing all these celeb workouts but so far, 3 for 3. They’re all great workouts. Any questions ask away in the comments. As always I try my hardest to respond to as many of you as I can. Come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter Like I said before I’m on the internet all the days not just Sundays Anyway, that’s all I got for you guys for today at least so be sure to like and subscribe if you missed the JLO ab workout video, go watch it now. If you’re curious about other workouts and other strength exercises I have a whole playlist for you guys, so you can go check that out as well, and I will see you next week Mmm, which way is the subscribe button?

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