I Tried Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham’s Workout

Sounds like whining. I am whining. I’ll admit it I’m a grown woman, whining. Cause that’s what burpees do to people. Hello and happy Sunday. I am back this week with another celebrity workout video and this week I am doing Ashley Graham’s workout. If you don’t know who Ashley Graham is, she is a model, specifically a plus-size model, and she is very awesome and she also works very hard and I wanted to do her workout today because I talk a lot about my own personal journey on this channel and I have talked a lot about tips for you guys to lose weight, or what my process was like when I was cutting, and stuff like that, and um I just thought it would be good to do Ashley’s workout because I want to also showcase that these journeys are super individual so I just really wanted to emphasize this week that uh, being fit being healthy looks different and means different things for everybody despite whatever, uh, I’m doing for my own personal journey I still want this to be a body-positive channel and so I’m going to tackle her workout today. Let’s get to it. Right here we have the pre-workout routine, gotta get that ponytail moving Ponytails, very important for working out. Uh, in this article she also included a warmup, so I guess I gotta do that too. 20 squats, 20 speed skaters, and 20 burpees. Chest up! Try and get a little lower. I can’t, my legs are too tired! We should also mention this is after she’s already worked out today. Oh, I’ve only done ten, oh my god my legs are on fire. Favorite part! Here we go, 20 burpees. Oh, my god. Can I just do ten? Nope! Okay, I’m very warm. Now we’re on to legs, which mine are already burning from that warm up. And uh, we’ve thrown a little dumbbell in the mix, We’re gonna start out with 20 squats. We don’t do half squats or quarter squats on my channel. Alright, put this aside, next up is 20 lunges. Whoo! Next up we have 20 side lunges. One more leg exercise, and that is a sumo squat. So my normal squat stance is here, just right outside my shoulder width, but for a sumo squat, we’re gonna step each foot out a little bit extra wide, and its just gonna target some different muscles. Whoo! And that’s it for legs. So this next part is her cardio section. Uh, we’re gonna start out with 20 ball slams. This ball’s 20 pounds. Whoo! Those are exhausting. Her trainer says, “Do 20 tire slams,” I’m gonna do 10 on each side. Paul the Bunyon over here. Whoo! That’s a burner. More burpees! Not so happy with Ashley Graham or her trainer right now. I hate burpees. Sounds like whining. I am whining. I’ll admit it. I’m a grown woman, whining. Cause that’s what burpees do to people. And she’s making me do them with a med ball! That’s fucked up. I have three words as your coach: Hit the deck. That was ten. I need a minute. Cardio: done. Okay, next up we got abs. So, uh, at least I get to kinda lie down a little bit? So, ahem, first up is 30 plank ups. Which is a lot. And I’m gonna die. 25 jackknives. Ah! Oh man, that hit everything. That even has my hamstrings burning. Now 35 scissors. Which, is gonna burn. I [incomprehensible] Phew. Man, those burn the lower belly. So much. Alright, and now I’ve got a 30 second plank on each side. You don’t wanna sag down like this, or up here like this, you want a nice straight line. You can put the hand here, here, here, here, wherever you want. I like it here. Three… two… one… time. Oh, man. And that’s it for abs. Good job, Mom! Thanks, Bell. Okay, last but certainly not least, arms. There are, uh, a couple things, uh, on her workout that I am not gonna be able to do just because we don’t have the machines for it, but if you want to see what’s missing, you can check the link in the description. So we’re gonna start with 20 tricep extensions. Whoo! Pretty bees! Next we’re gonna do 20 tricep kickbacks, We don’t have any five-pound dumbbells at this gym so I’m using a five-pound plate. Alright, next on the docket we’ve got 20 bicep curls. And I’ve got the 10 pound dumbbells in my hands. Whoo! My biceps really started burning at the end there. So, a bent-over row, I showed you guys this movement in my How To Get Your First Pull-Up video, You can do this with a barbell, you can do it with a dumbbell, um, you can do it with two dumbbells, We’ve got lateral raises, and I’m gonna use these five pound plates again. And they get real hard real quick. Whoo! And that’s it. Wow, that’s close. So that’s it, that’s the Ashley Graham workout, everything on my body is on fire right now, I feel like I’m probably gonna be sore tomorrow. I’m definitely giving this workout a 10/10, she hits all the muscle groups, And uh I like that she’s incorporating body weight movements with weighted movements, So I like this workout a lot and I definitely recommend you guys try this one, it’s definitely something you can take to the gym with you, if you’ve got dumbbells at home you can do a lot of this at home If you guys do give it a try, please let me know, I’d love to hear what you think, but I really liked this workout, and props to Ashley Graham cause that girl works hard. But that’s all I have for you guys today, I hope you liked it, I hope it was interesting or helpful for you, Be sure to like and subscribe, you can watch, uh, my recent training vlog, where I answer some of your common training questions, and you can check this playlist if you want to catch up on all my other celebrity workout videos. See you Wednesday. My arms can’t move now. They’re dead. I have no arms left. Ashley, what the heck?


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