Increase testosterone with a 12 minute exercise program! New Life Chiropractic

What you want to focus on, what is the thing that you can do to naturally change these things? Exercise is one of them. When you guys first started today, we were doing the exercise. You felt like your heart rate went up, your breathing heavier, right? That’s Max T3. And so, when you’re doing these type of exercise, you’re actually increasing your testosterone. You’re like, “Oh?” If there’s something you can actually do just minutes a day to increase your testosterone, would you do it? Maybe. If you’re really committed, this is it. In just six to twelve minutes of exercise per day, you can get in the best shape of your life. You can increase growth hormone naturally. You can increase testosterone naturally. You can lower the cortisol naturally. You can help balance out your insulin naturally. Isn’t that awesome? How many can conditions do we fix right there? Diabetes, cancers, heart disease problems, pretty much everything you can think of corrected with that because now your body is moving. This isn’t run on the treadmill like this, talking on your phone, watching TV. I didn’t do anything. In fact, that’s increasing cortisol. So, our traditional exercise that we were taught that was good for us for weight loss and for health, is actually that. It increases the bad hormones. It doesn’t increase the good ones. And, here’s the coolest part. If you exercise, heart, for that twelve minutes, for that six minutes, you actually are burning fat and getting these positive benefits for upto 36 hours. Isn’t that awesome? So, we’re all busy, right? Who doesn’t have 12 minutes a day? Let me see some hands, honestly. Nobody. And so, the biggest barrier to that is you. I did it before and I fall off track with that stuff sometimes. But, if you start having this in, it makes a huge difference. And you don’t really get to change a lot of the stuff that you’re doing. The key is that you’re doing it at a high intensity. So, whether that’s you like to run, run faster. If you like to ride your bike, ride faster. Ride up the hill. Ride at intervals. If you like going to a Zumba class, or whatever that is, do it faster and better, for a short period of time. It would feel great. Because when you’re doing that high intensity, and you get your heart rate up, that’s the key, and you’re breathing heavy, your heart rate is going up to about eighty percent or more of your target heart age. So, you take your age, 220 minus your age, so say you’re 20 years old, 220 minus 20, that’s 200, you got to do 80% of that, which is what, 160? I’m not really good. Maybe 180, I don’t know. But, you got to get in that range and when you do, all these magic benefits start to happen. Pretty awesome, right? You can do this at home, you don’t have to get expensive gym membership to do this. You can do it anywhere. You can do it while you’re travelling. You can do it with no equipment at all. Or, you can add in equipment. We have Olympic athletes doing this. They are doing it with weight vest and weights and bands and everything else, same thing. It’s the exact same thing. We have people in their 80s and 90s doing this. We have little kids doing this. And, they are all getting the same benefits. They are just doing it differently.

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