Inside UTS Startups: Tech Gym

In 2017, my nan unfortunately had a stroke,
and watching my nan go through this journey, I learned about the struggles of both the
patient and also the therapist that helped them. For my nan, she was only receiving care three
times a week for 20 minutes each time, and that’s just not good enough for a patient
trying to reconnect their brain to the rest of their body. When I asked the therapist what was going
on and why she wasn’t getting that care, they just said it was understaffed and they
couldn’t hire more people to serve everybody. I thought well, what can I do as an engineer
and my experience in robotics? And I thought well, how about we have something
that physically gets in there and helps the patient through their rehabilitation process,
and that’s what Tech Gym’s doing. Being at UTS lets me access some of the best
facilities around, especially being deep tech and in robotics, it’s not every day that
I get experience to just play with a $30,000 robot or go and use hundreds of thousands
of dollars’ worth of equipment to manufacture a prototype. There’s lots of benefits to studying and
working on my startup. It de-risks it for me, but it also gives me
the benefits of learning at uni and then applying that straight into my startup. It also gives me the network that I need – there’s
so many great founders around me in the community, and having access to that is probably one
of the best parts. I think UTS Startups just provides the support
that I need to keep going. It’s the constant reminder that I’m not
alone in this journey – I can walk down here and look around and see 20, 30, 40 people
at a single instant at a time working really hard on their businesses and you just go,
‘Wow, like this is not just me.’ Out of the UTS Startup Awards we met our
product development company that’s working with us now. From their Find Your Co-founder event, I actually
found our business developer that we’re on-boarding at the moment and they’re going
to come on board, which is huge, because we’ve got investment from investors coming in on
the back of hiring that person, so that was a huge win for Tech Gym. When you really are passionate, you’ve got
to throw yourself into it. You’re not going to be an expert in everything
at the start; the point is to learn and upskill yourself and surround yourself with the people
who can actually teach you how to get into it. I don’t just want to run a business because
I want to be the founder of a company and the CEO of a company. I want to build a company that makes a real-world
impact – it’s one of the reasons why I became an engineer in the first place, and
this is one means of me completing that on my journey.

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