Instant Dosa Recipe For Weight Loss – Oil Free & Healthy – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

hey guys! i am nisa homey and welcome back to my channel. Today, i’m sharing an instant dosa recipe for weight loss. This instant dosa does not require any fermentation, all you need is some soaked rice and add the rest of the ingredients into a blender and blend and instant dosa batter is ready to prepare dosa’s. This is a great breakfast or dinner option especially for working women and bachelors. You don’t need any extra oil in this dosa hence it’s a perfect weight loss meal. This instant dosa is gluten-free, light on the stomach and packed with extra goodness so let’s get started. First you need to soak one and a half cups of rice, let me just show you the type of white rice I am using in this recipe. I’m using single polished white rice as you can see there is some bran left on the white rice. I f you are a regular on my channel you might have noticed that I also cook with this rice. This is ordinary white rice and this is fully refined and there is no bran left on the right and hence this right is white in color. So I hope you understood how the refined white rice on the left and the single polished white rice on the right looks like. So for weight loss try to avoid refined white rice and use single polished or semi polished white rice which has some brand left on the rice. I have already washed and rinse the rice and soaked it for about 30 to 40 minutes if you are making this for breakfast just remember to soak the rise in water at night. Moving on to the other ingredients: 1 cup of red variety poha or you can use any variety of poha which you can get at the place you live in. Instead of poha you can also use half cup cooked rice, half cup grated coconut, half tsp jeera or cumin seeds. Now the next main ingredient is one whole cucumber, I will be peeling off the skin of the cucumber and then roughly chopping them. Two to three shallots which is also known as cheriya ulli in malayalam. The curry leaves, the half onion, and the green chillies will be used later in the recipe. Into my blender first I am adding in the roughly chopped cucumber pieces the moisture from the cucumber will help the ingredients to grind. Add in shallots or cheriya ulli, add in the soaked rice, one cup of poha, half cup of grated coconut, three fourth teaspoon pink Himalayan salt and to balance all the flavors I’m adding in 1 teaspoon of melted thick jaggery, half tsp jeera, and one-fourth cup water remember cucumber has some water content so add very less water and now grind all this together. So this is the consistency of the batter. The batter should be somewhat like idli batter, pour the thick batter into another bowl. Chop half of the onion, green chillies, and curry leaves really fine. If you are making for kids use only one green chili, since you don’t need any side dish with this dosa I like to keep it little spicy so I just green chili according to your taste. Now add in the finely chopped onion green chillies and curry leaves into the dosa batter, mix the dosa batter very well and now let’s make the dosa. Heat a dosa tawa and drizzle in a few drops of sesame seed oil which is also known as gingelly oil or nallenna in malayalam. With a tissue paper grease the hot tawa and then reduce the flame to the medium. Pour one and a half to two ladle full of dosa batter and generally spread it out now covered with a lid for about a minute or two and after about a minute or two open the lid and turn the door to the other side since there is fresh coconut in the batter you don’t need to add any extra oil because the coconut in the batter has some oil content and you can see the dosa is not even sticking to the tawa now carefully flip it to the other side coconut plays a vital role in weight loss so please check my video on coconut oil to know more the links will be updated in the description box below and now if you are making this for kids this is the right time to drizzle in some desi ghee. Remember to put the flame on medium all through the cooking after about one and a half to two minutes flip the dosa one more time and then transfer it to a plate repeat the same with the rest of the batter and my easy and quick instant healthy cucumber dosa is ready to serve this This dosa is an excellent breakfast, lunch, or dinner option and light on the stomach it will keep you fuller for a longer period. It’s a perfect meal if you’re on a weight loss journey since this dosa does not require any fermentation it will definitely make your life easy on those busy mornings and you can also make ahead a batch of this batter and keep it in the fridge. Do try this instant dosa recipe and let me know how this turned out thank you for watching and until next time take care


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