Insurance Information : How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

My name’s Seann McWhorter, I’m agency principal
of Insure Right Insurance Agency, located in Lehi, Utah. We’re here to talk about insurance
ins and outs, and specifically how to choose a health insurance plan. Well, I think that
there are several different things that you need to consider when choosing a health insurance
plan. And price isn’t necessarily the most important thing, although it is an important
determining factor. Some of the things you need to consider is your current health situation.
If you or your family members have had any health problems in the past, it may be difficult
for you to qualify for an individual health insurance policy. So you want to consider
that before ever leaving your current health insurance program. Some of the things that
you’ll want to consider when you’re purchasing a health insurance company is to find–make
sure the companies that you’re applying with are companies that are financially stable.
That aren’t going to be pulling in and out of the state that you live in, which can put
you in a really tough situation. It’s also important to determine whether you want an
HMO type of a policy, or a PPO type of a policy, or a high deductible health savings account
type of policy. There are differences between all them. An HMO policy will–you basically
have to choose a primary care provider, and any time that you want to visit a doctor you’ll
need to go to that primary care provider and discuss the situation with them, and then
they will give you a referral to go to a specialist in whatever you need to specialist that you’ll
need to see. Whereas in a PPO, you are able to go to whatever doctor you want as long
as that person is in the network in order to get his services paid at the preferred
rate–or preferred schedule.


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