Jay Cutler – UNDERDOG TO MR. OLYMPIA TRANSFORMATION – Ultimate Gym Motivation

I look through all the years of training and a lot of flashes go through my mind every day. Because I’ve been on stage winning the ultimate title.. I’ve been at the bottom.. I’ve been in the middle.. I’ve won every championship there is. There’s nothing like winning the best of the best achievement and being the champion at what you do. For me it was doing things at the fulllest which I learned throughout my whole life. If you’re gonna do something you’re gonna do it all the way. I thought okay.. I’m gonna be a bodybuilder and I’m gonna take it as far as I can take it. Going into the Olympia I had huge expectations. My first Mr. Olympia, ’99. I finished 15th out of 16 … You know I can be one of the most conditioned guys at this contest for sure. I’m sure Ronnie Coleman will be very dry.. But I don’t see anyone else being in better condition than I will be for sure. We’ll see, you know.. Hopefully I’ll be on the money. I knew than that I had something that I could battle Ronnie with and that was really what drove me into 2001. Where I was a much better athlete coming into the Mr. Olympia I took the whole year to prepare. Finding himself in the usual predicament of having to knock out the champion Ronnie Coleman. One year ago Jay Cutler was in 8th place.. ’99 he found himself not even making the top 15 of this contest. And is now in the auspicious position of possibly winning the Mr. Olympia for the first time in his 28 years on planet earth. Now I have the fans behind me because I was an underdog.. I was happy to be second place.. That was almost as great as winning to me because I was really competitive and a lot of people thought Jay should win this competition. So Jay was always finishing second apart from 2002 when he didn’t compete in the Olympia. I wonder if Ronnie feels the heat. Fighting through the goods and the bads, I mean listen.. The bad times always are better for the good times. I believe that you have to fail in order to succeed. And every time I lost it feels like I came back stronger.. Sometimes we need to get knocked down before we get back up. So I was back in the gym The show was saturday, I had photoshoots untill Wednesday and I was back in the gym training full intensity on thursday. Here we are again the two best bodybuilders in the world.. JAY CUTLER AND RONNIE COLEMAN I think the audience even agreed with the decision this year.. That’s very unusual. Jay Cutler was very very close. In 2005 it was very very close. Jay was absolutely devastated by it. He’s finished second here last year. He’s FIRED UP this year.. To TAKE DOWN Ronnie Coleman! In 2006 he finally beat Ronnie. We were building up for the competition and ofcourse it became a Ronnie and Jay show after all these years. After being second you know 4 times in a row. It was almost like a Ronnie Coleman Jay Cutler Mr Olympia. I gotta know.. Can you literally take the crown off of Ronnie Coleman’s head? We’ll see here in a few minutes, I think so. Please welcome originally from Massachusetts But now living here in Las Vegas IRON JAY CUTLER IT’S ON. Once you win the Olympia I always tell people.. It’s not about how many times you win, it’s about the fashion you win it in.


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