Karl Kani Reviews Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Gym Red” At BETX! | Colorways & Toeboxes

– Let me here you say yeeer! Now, I told y’all to book your tickets because we were coming to you
live from the BET experience in LA. This is Colorways and Toe
Boxes live, clap it up. Clap it up, clap it up! (rap beat playing) So now, you beautiful people,
y’all look so good live. I look so good live. But also my cohost,
Wuzgood, you look so live. How are you? – I’m well, how are you? – I’m good. Now, we would not be here
without leaving our guy back at home, KS, our resident plug. The man who gets his hands on
all your sneaker needs, KS. Jersey city’s finest, what’s good? – LA, what’s up man?
Appreciate the invite. – Now, this is a very special
episode for us for two reasons Number one, we got a little money. Why? Because this episode is powered by Sprite. So that means the Sprite
Kickspierence booth made sure that you stopped by. They got some major
heat over there with the Soul of Fame wall curated
with a partnership with Stadium Goods. So pull up over there and
find out how you can win a pair of sneakers from the wall. Also, we have the Colorways
popup shop curated by Wuzgood. So, tell us about the popup shop. – Um, yeah I mean this popup
shop is super special to me. Um, it’s my first time
doing anything like this. There are a bunch of brands in the shop that are representative
of just brands that I wear on a daily basis. I wanted people to go into
the shop and feel like they were shopping my closet almost. So definitely check it out,
there’s a lot of good ****. It’s unisex so yeah. – Alright, well make sure
y’all check that out after. And then I told you it’s super special, the second reason this
episode is so special is because we have a legend
in this fashion game. We have a true OG and pioneer of fashion. This man made sure street
wear got to the masses, and he literally put hip
hop on the backs of people. Make some noise for the legend, Karl Kani. (crowd cheering) – Woo, stunting. – Hello. – Wassup, wassup. – Y’all make some noise
for the legend Karl Kani one more time. (crowd cheering) If you know anything about fashion, then you know this man right here. So, as you guys know if you
watch the show on YouTube, then you know I start the
show the same way every time with something I like
to call the heat check. So we gonna go around the room, see what everybody’s wearing on they feet, and because we have the
legend, the man of the, the man of the hour. Mr Karl Kani, what’s on the feet today? – Today I’ve got some
Yamonto Y3’s on right now. – [Mouse] Light flex,
light flex, light flex, very light flex. – Very light flex. Something calm. – [Mouse] Now, speaking
of flexes, Wuzgood. What’s on the feet! Ah ha! – Um, so these are the CDG Nike Shocks. They originally come with a silver chain and the gold is with the black, but I bought both and just
swapped them. You know. – [Mouse] Light flex, right? – Light flex. – KS, what you got on the feet? – Uh, LA the Chicago 1’s. Figured we in LA, might
as well unbox them, you know what I’m saying. – [Mouse] Nice little un BS. – [KS] Yeah. – [Mouse] Nice little
double age job over there. – [Karl] I like that. – So. – I mean, I didn’t wanna, listen. – We, we know what you have on your feet. – I mean, talking about a flex. – I mean, you know,
just a little something. Uh, I got on the Jerry
Lorenzo Fear of God uh Nike’s. The for sale colorway.
Super comfortable shoe. Just goes with everything. – You like those over the neons? – Hell yeah! – [Mouse] Yes. We got, you
know me, I got to keep it calm. Those neons is too loud, I
leave those for the other – As I’m literally in a full neon suit. – [Mouse] Look, I leave it for Wuzgood. I can’t do that neon. – Who got some fire on they
feet in the crowd though, who got some fire on they feet? What you got on? Kick them up, let me see, take them off! – We got to see those! – [Mouse] Take it off! – Take them off! We need to see those! – [Group] Ohhh! – That’s flexing. – [Mouse] That’s B work. – [KS] That’s flexing. Anybody else? Anybody got heat on they feet? – Whatchu got? Okay, okay! – [Wuzgood] That’s different! – We got some Vans! All right! If I smell something, I
know where it came from. (laughter) Now, now since we got all the good feet, now we have a super super unreleased shoe that we’re unboxing. (paper rustling) Amanda, can you bring
that sneaker up here? So as you guys know we unbox things here. (announcer speaking) So as you guys know, we unbox sneakers before they come out, give you guys the first
chance to take a look at it, whether you wanna cop it or drop it. So, KS, what’re we unboxing today? – Today we’re gonna be unboxing the Jordan One High Gym Red 2019. These come out June 29th,
these are not out yet. Pass one over. Uh, yo, one thing I love about these 1’s. It got the vintage look to it. Kind of reminds me of the not for resells. Karl, what you think about these? – [Karl] I like those, it’s
pretty hot. I mess with those. – Nah yeah, I like the, I
like the finish on them. I like the actual finish on
the leather, it’s not that dull – [KS] It got that – finish that we’ve gotten used to. – It got a shoe polish look to them. – But it also doesn’t look like,
it looks like a new sneaker Right, like it doesn’t look
like a vintage colorway, which is my only problem. So I probably won’t uh pick these up. These will probably sit
on the shelf for me. What about you Wuzgood, I know
they’re not neon or anything. – I mean nah, I mean I think they’re fire. They’re a good red colorway. Um, I do like that finish on them, it makes the shoe look
uh really good, so, yeah. I’m cool with them, I don’t know if I would like
come out of pocket for them but – Oh but if somebody sent them? – But if somebody sends
them, I’ll wear them. – What about you guys, you guys copping these
when they drop on Saturday? Make some noise if you
gonna cop these on Saturday? (crowd cheers) Alright, alright. So let me ask you, let me ask you Karl. Uh, you’ve you’ve seen a lot of the one’s since they’ve been dropping. You’ve seen them even
before they were retro, when they were just
dropping for the first time. – Yeah. – So when you see a sneaker like this, do you still get that same
feeling you were getting back then when you
would see sneakers drop? – Yeah I do actually cause
I like the leather on it, I like the polish on it,
I think it’s different. They kind of just
reinvented something that’s classic and basic. And sometimes that’s not
the easiest thing to do, is recreate something that’s classic, so they did a good job on this one. I’d rock this, for sure. – [Mouse] Alright bet. So we know Mr Kani is copping a few pairs cause I know you not just copping one. I know you cop, see I know how it goes. – Need one for everyday of the week. – Ooohh. – Did you, did you see the um who said men can’t fly
tribute? The Jordan ones? – Yes, yes. – [Wuzgood] These kind of look like those and on those they kind of like, cause the Air Jordan is
monotoned out into the black, I kind of like that better. I feel like it makes the
shoe look a little more OG. – Right. – Yeah. I don’t know, they
look very very similar. I feel like out of these two
I would prefer the other ones. – Like I said I do enjoy the finish. It just looks a little too new
for me, if that makes sense. – [Wuzgood] Yeah, yeah. – [KS] That shoe polish – Yeah, the shoe polish
is what what I do like. So like I said, if
somebody were to gift them (laughter) – You’d take them. – Mess them up a little. – You ain’t buying them but
you’ll take a free pair. – But if it’s on me,I’m going
to save the 180 on these right So KS, tell the people when they drop and how much they’ll be dropping for. – Uh retail on these is 160
dollars, they drop June 29th. I believe that’s next Saturday. My personal opinion,
they’re gonna sell out. All Jordan 1’s do for some reason. Uh, I’m not copping them
for the foot though. I’m gonna pass on them. – Now if you did, or if just
speaking in for the resellers, what do you think the
price will go up on these? – Roughly 275. – Nah, I think that’s too high. – Roughly. – I think that’s too high. – 275 for these, oh my god. – No. – What do say, Wuzgood? – I don’t know, I feel
like 210 max. I don’t know. I don’t know, I feel like I
almost feel like these might sit I don’t think people are gonna
run to the store for them but I mean personal opinion. – Yeah, like I said, I think they’ll be, they’ll find a home on some
sneaker shelves for a while. – Whatever. – Now Amanda, can you come
get, can you come grab Y’all make some noise for
Amanda uh helping us out! (crowd cheers) On the count of three, everybody
say “Thank you Amanda.” 1, 2, 3! – [Crowd] Thank you Amanda! – Alright so as you guys
know we have the legendary fashion pioneer, who we wouldn’t be here
today discussing street wear and enjoying ourselves if
it wasn’t for this man. So I need one more time for
y’all to show some love for Mr Karl Kani. (crowd cheering) – Thank you, thank you, thank you. – So Mr Kani, your clothes have been worn, you’ve seen your clothes
on Biggie, Aliyah, Pac, countless R&B videos, countless R&B stars. What’s, what is your mindset
now when you think about, when you think about
the impact you had then? And then where you see where
you see streetwear come to now? – I mean you know the impact is real. You know when we started
there was no blueprint on how to be successful in this business. We just basically took
the knowledge that we had growing up in the streets
to turn into business. Um you know, growing up in Brooklyn, we used to wear a lot
of other designers like Tommy Hilifiger and Ralph Lauren, we felt like us as black people, we weren’t represented in
no clothing advertisements, we were just consumers. So as opposed to complaining about it, we wanted to go out there
and change the game, start making our own clothes and making something fit us
the way we want it to fit. And the hip hop industry and
us just kinda work together to help us build us into a phenomenon that’s 30 years strong right now. – Now, now, when you
think about that right, and when I hear you say that. Sometimes people, you’ll
see these startup brands, and they’ll start as streetwear
and they’ll go into highend. You didn’t do that. – [Karl] Yeah. – Especially when it
would’ve been probably easier to do that cause you were the first. So why was that so
important to stay literally in the culture and of the culture? – I just thought it was
important to stay true to what we are, stay true to the game, and not try to be who we’re not. And I know that the power
of the streets will never be will never go anywhere, cause today our biggest
markets is like Germany, Switzerland, and Amsterdam. And only because those kids
out there wanna emulate what we’re doing on the streets. So when we try to be what we’re not, we’re going to lose our integrity,
what we are, as a brand. So when we stay true to the culture, we’ll always be here from day one. – Now when you did the, I seen
the Capsule launch last year, with Urban Outfitters. And that was a moment for me, cause growing up seeing
my dad in Karl Kani, getting the Karl Kani pieces
from Jamaica Ave and all that, so to see it in Urban Outfitters, it was like a moment, it
was like “Oh, that’s fire.” – Yeah. – But was it ever
bittersweet because it like, it’s almost like, like
I said, it’s a capsule, it’s not people asking for new pieces. So what, was there like a
little bittersweet moment there? – Nah, I thought it
was a great thing to do because it’s all about brand expansion. You know, you gotta be
able to expand your brand other than in the city streets cause if you don’t do that you
can kind of get cornerstoned into just being one thing. Cause you know hip hop has
no color boundaries nowadays. Hip hop is big in Japan,
it’s big in Germany, it’s big in Italy. So as a brand we gotta be
able to touch all consumers to have longevity in this business. Otherwise you’re gonna
have a short term game. – Mhmm. – Yeah. – Now, like I said, you’ve
seen Biggie, Pac, Aaliyah, every R&B artist from the
90’s you can think of. Who is the most memorable
artist you worked with? And what made them stand out? – I would say it has to be
Tupac for many many reasons. Because like he used to wear
my clothing all the time, even before I met him. And like I really wanted to meet him. So I met him at the Hotel
Nikko which is the SLS Hotel on La Siennica and I went to his room to, just to meet him and talk to him. And when I went to his room he was uh, writing a script to a movie and he never made eye contact with me. So I was like trying to
like get a feel of him but he wouldn’t look me in the eye. And I was trying to like feel him out and I wanted to like ask him
to do a clothing ad for me. So finally room service came to the room and I found a break in the conversation, I finally got enough courage to ask him. So I asked him like, “Yo Pac, how much would
you charge me to do an ad?” And he got real quiet,
he ain’t say nothing. For like, it felt like an hour,
it was a couple of minutes. And I was thinking to
myself man I messed up, I shouldn’t have even asked him that. And then he just looked at me, he’s like, “Yo”, he says, “You black. I don’t charge
my peoples for nothing.” (group murmurs) And the man kept his word and 2 weeks later he was in
New York we did a photo shoot, and it was the best iconic
photo shoot ever did in my life. Yeah. – Y’all make some noise for that! – That’s crazy. (crowd cheers) – So out of everybody, I
would say Pac stands out because he was really real
about what he talked about and I seen it firsthand how
he gets down for black people in this business. – That’s dope. So KS, you
know we usually throw it back, we open a vault. And it’s only right that we do it, we got Karl Kani the legend. He’s seen many of these
sneakers over and over again. So Amanda, bring out the next pair, (paper rustling) cause we bout to go back. Not way way back, but
we bought to go back. We gonna go back. – Dope the dope part about
this sneaker right here is, if it wasn’t for people
as such like Karl Kani, this young lady probably wouldn’t have a chance to collab
with the Jordan brand. So today we’ll be unboxing a flashback. Jordan 6, the Aleali May 6’s. This was a real limited sneaker. Uh, Aleali May, this is her third sneaker
collabing with Jordan. And uh, Mr Kani, I’m telling
you, if nobody else tells you, if it wasn’t for a person like yourself, she may not have the opportunity
to kick that door in. So one more time give it up for Karl Kani. (crowd cheering) – Thank you, that’s really
dope. That’s really cool. – Now when you see that
sneaker what do you think? Especially knowing that, knowing that it came from a
woman collaborating with Jordan where that’s usually
a male dominated area, knowing she’s into streetwear, you’re the pioneer of streetwear. So looking at this
sneaker like what does it, what does it mean? – This sneaker is dope right
here. I like the detail. It has a little satin tongue in there. The colors the iridescent
colors , um, it’s really dope. I like it. – What about you, Wuzgood, because you were always talking
about a woman’s presence in streetwear. This is her third collab,
so what about you? What do you think when you see the shoe? – Yeah, I mean I have
these and I love them. I think what’s so special about them, you know aside from her being a woman like and her accurately
putting on for women, um it is a truly unisex shoe. Like the blush pink on them
is not so so aggressive where like a guy would feel
uncomfortable wearing them. And I mean, the blush pink
on this infrared is fire. Um yeah and I just love
the meaning behind the shoe cause for her this shoe meant
the present and the future. Like currently in her life
and I mean it is, you know, like this is the present, like women are now truly in the industry, more than they ever have been, and of course it’s
monumental in the future and it’s paving the way for
other women to do things with other brands, so. I mean and the the shoe is
fire, like it’s so fire. – Ladies, where y’all at ladies! If y’all getting fly out
here make some noise ladies! (crowd cheering) Alright so, let’s get
these sneakers out of here cause we got, let’s get these out of here. Amanda, can you come get these? Look at Amanda, go for it Amanda, work it with the scood on! (Wuzgood laughs) – So Mr Kani we all here
have a very special personal relationship with sneakers, like with me, it’s the Jordan 1’s, I’m
a super huge Jordan 1 fan, always have been. Wuzgood loves dad shoes. (Wuzgood laughs) KS loves the Air Jordan’s 6. Do you have a, do you have
a special sneaker story or connection to a sneaker? (heavy sound) Well I remember growing
up in Brooklyn, uh, when we first moved to the projects, I came outside I was like 12
years old, I went to hangout and I thought we was gonna
go play in the sandbox or just chillout. And I got, I had some Skips on. My mother used to buy
my clothes back then. – [Mouse] Right, right. – So I thought I was chilling. So I went outside and the kids, they just looked at me
straight up and was like, “Yo what kind of sneakers you got on?” I was like “Uh, these are Skips.” They was like, “Man, get out
of here. Them sneakers is wack you ain’t trynna, get
out of here with that.” Cause they sneaker game was
kind of tight back then. They had the Pumas with
the fat laces in it. They used to iron their shoelace. – Right right right. My pops always talked
about ironing shoelaces. – Iron shoelaces. I didn’t know nothing about
that at the time, so I went home I told my mom I need some
money to buy some clothing. She told me you better get out of here and go find yourself a job. So I got me a newspaper route and I used to get up at
five thirty in the morning to buy sneakers and that’s when I started getting my fashion game on. That’s when I bought my first
pair of Pumas and Adidas. And it’s been game on since then. So I just respect the
game and the culture now. In terms of fashion and the hood, that’s what make you stand out. – Which Pumas was your favorite? – Oh the white on white ones. And I had the green suede
with the white stripe. – [Mouse] With the fat laces? – With the fat laces. I
used to iron the laces out. Need to bring that back. – So now we know you been collaborating and you been busy lately, and like Sprite said “Thirst for Yours.” So what do you have on the way and what should the people be expecting? – Yeah I think it’s really cool right now, we did our first
collaboration with Etudes, which is a brand out of France, and it’s stuff is available at
Saks, Beamer’s and Barney’s, and the line sold out in
like a matter of two weeks. So we have another big
collaboration with them coming up. And we also did a collaboration
with this company called Pretty Little Thing, which is cool. So we have another part
three coming up next year. So we’re looking forward to that. And just really brand expansion and opening up more
stores, flash up stores, throughout the United States as well. – So like, Wuzgood is super into fashion. I, I I love dressing. What what advice would you
have for like a young upcoming fashion mogul or somebody who wanted to be a fashion pioneer in
streetwear themselves? – I would say that, you know, it’s a very very interesting business. You got to live it everyday. You know, we, our hustle never stops. You know the last thing
we think about at night is focus on our business and the first thing we
think about every morning is focusing on our business. So the hustle don’t stop. And don’t be complacent,
don’t act like you’ve made it. Always try to keep searching for that next thing that’s gonna
happen, stay ahead of the game. That’s what it’s all about. It’s gotta become more of
a game to you than a job. If you look at it that way, you’ll have more
longevity in the business. – Y’all make some noise for
the legend dropping gems! (crowd cheering) So we’ve had so much
fun today. We’re in LA. We had a streetwear pioneer
talk sneakers with us, Mr Karl Kani. And now we’re about to go turn up at the rest of the BET experience. So if you missed anything
from this episode, that’s sad for you. But you can rewatch on
BET’s YouTube Channel. We wanna thank you guys
for joining us live. Thanks Sprite for rocking with us and as they would say, “Thirst for Yours.” As always, I’m Mouse Jones. – I’m Wuzgood. – I’m KS. – Karl Kani. – Peaceeee! – Peace out y’all. (rap beat playing)


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