Killer HIIT CARDIO Workout // No Equipment

okay guys it’s time to get that heart
rate up and get your sweat on with today’s killer hiit cardio workout we
have six different moves that we’re gonna be performing at 30 seconds at a
time with just a quick 10 second rest in between we’re gonna get through the
whole circuit three times today guys it’s gonna be killer you don’t need any
equipment for this one so all you need to do is follow along my timer is set
and I’m starting it right now oh man you did it guys nice work. I
told you that one was going to be killer I hope you’re feeling amazing comment
below let me know how it went for you and guys don’t forget to take some time
to stretch and cool down I’m gonna post a link to a video right here that you
can do right after this workout for a nice little cooldown have an awesome day
guys and I will see you at the next workout

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