Laughter Yoga | Liliana DeLeo | TEDxMontrealWomen

Translator: Hélène Vernet
Reviewer: Katya Huici Laugh for health. Laugh for healing. It’s about time we let go and laugh more. Now, there was a time I looked
for something or someone to make me laugh, but when I depended
on those external factors, I went days without laughing, until I found laughter yoga. Laughter yoga gave me a safe space
to connect with others and laugh, and I was so impassioned by it that I became a laughter teacher. I’m going to invite you now,
in this session of laughter yoga. I want you all to stand in your glory. (Applause) Alright. Now I have to say something. When we start laughing,
it always feels slightly uncomfortable. So to help us with that,
I want you to do this. What you’re doing
right now is shooing away all the judges that sit on your shoulders
day in and day out judging you. They’re gone. The next thing we’re going to do … Take your hands, spread them wide and … (Rhythmic clapping) Let’s go with the beats:
One. Two. One, two, three. Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha! Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha! Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha! Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha! Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha! Very good. Alright, let’s bring it back. (Laughter) Are your hands tingling?
(Audience) Yes. We’re alive, alright. Now, we have a saying in laughter yoga. “Fake it, fake it, till you make it.” But even if you don’t make it,
it doesn’t matter because science proves that regardless
of whether the laughter is real or fake, the body makes no distinction. So, when you engage
in this action called “laughter,” the body follows suit, and you start
feeling the emotion connected to laughter. This is how we actually help
decrease the cortisol in our body and increase endorphins. So let’s do it. Now, we’ve got to get out of our heads. So we’re going to do this laughter
exercise called “the brain wash.” So, follow me. Put your hands like this and we’re going
to unzip with the sound “Eh.” (Audience) Eh! We’re going to open it up, eh!
(Audience) Eh! Take your brains, eh!
(Audience) Eh! You see it? Now wash! Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! (Audience) Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! … (Claping with the audience)
Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha! Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha! Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha!
Ho! Ho! Ha, ha, ha! Very good. Okay, let’s do another one. We’re going to get into the nooks
and crannies of the brain, so we got something called
“the Mental Floss.” You’re going to take your floss
and Ugh! put it over your heads, and guess what? Start flossing. (Laughing with the audience)
Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! (Clapping) Very good, very good, yeah! Say with me, “Very good, very good, yeah!” Take a deep breath. Ooh! These “I am” statements
are so important and so powerful. We’re going to catch our breath. We’re going to take a deep breath in
and we’re going to say “I am strong.” I am strong.
(Audience) I am strong. Exhale, “I am healthy.”
(Audience) I am healthy. Inhale, “I am strong.”
(Audience) I am strong. Exhale, “I am healthy.”
(Audience) I am healthy. One more time. (With the audience)
I’m strong, and I am healthy.” Bring your hands together on the heart. Thank you. (Cheers) (Applause)


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