Le Comptoir du Gym – Wylan Cyprien

Fabien, how do you explain the success of the Gym Bar? Success is a big word, we aren’t getting too caught up in it We have our heart set on the happiness of the clients We just take the orders one after the other and the most important thing is the three pints The Gym Bar How are you doing Wylan? All good thanks – there’s a lot of people here.. You saw that? Things are going well here! Not bad, not bad! What can I get you? A nice big cocktail please Here you go, the speciality of the day! You know that you aren’t the first player from the Gym to come here? Yeah I know, it was Jaja that recommended it to me and he said had a great coffee here I was in the area and it seems that I didn’t come in for no reason, given the size of this cocktail. You know that he didn’t only drink a coffee…we also got him singing… He even sang some Celine Dion! I think that is in my range! Really? It has been known for me to listen to it. My source was right then! It’s not Nolan then! I will explain that straight away, because otherwise you won’t understand You know at the bar, we have lots of people that come in Customers talk, even without wanting to, I learn tons of information about people And it just so happens, I have a load of info about you! The only thing is that I have an issue What’s that? I often get mixed up between you and my friend Nolan. It’s true that there is a little resemblance And with your first names too.. So I would like you to help me to work out the true from the false I will read the info that I have got, if it is about you, you say Wylan And if it isn’t, I say Nolan. Exactly! First example, born on 28 January 1995 in Guadeloupe Wylan Second example, he redid the CMA Nolan Yes, it’s him! Wylan or Nolan Arrived in France at 9 years of age? Wylan One brother, one sister Wylan Grew up at Porte d’Orléans Nolan Where did you grow up? I was at Porte de Bagnolet I think I have also written down that you started playing football at 11 years old? That’s Wylan You started late! Very late. I had always played football, but for a club, I started very late Did you play any other sports? Handball and basketball I’ve also got tennis too… When I was very small back in Guadeloupe You need to say it… Wylan I’ve got judo written down too? Nolan! Wait, for the game to work, you need to be honest with me Judo, I am sure of it. I have even got a photo… I would like to see it! There you go… Is that not you? Nope, it’s someone else, maybe Dylan? The third… Dimitri Dragin, former member of the French Judo team It’s true that once again there is a slight resemblance… Came through the academy in a beautiful town… That’s me, Wylan Where was that? In Lens, for me it’s a pretty town What’s beautiful about Lens? The heart of the people How long did you stay there? From 12 years old until I signed for Nice, so quite a long time! Pretty much half of your life then? At 20 years old, I have written down that you were already captain of Racing That’s true, particularly towards the end I took the armband because I was one of the most experienced at the club It was my team, my city, my fans I really took it to heart when the coach gave me the armband 21 years old, he was an idol for women That must be Nolan He’s a good looking guy! That’s why I said it was Nolan Favourite meal: Leg of lamb Wylan! We’ve got some good information Not bad, you’ve done some good research Completely impassioned by Harry Potter… I like Harry Potter but impassioned… I would say Nolan… So you don’t take responsibility! They are good films but to say it’s a passion, no.. If you had to choose a house? I’d go for Slytherin They’re not too nice right? Yes, but they were good at… What’s it called again? Quidditch! A final piece of information We have dug deep with this one. First girlfriend was called Valentine… That’s Wylan… How old were you? Eleven and a half Can you imagine that more than ten years later… Little Valentine has really grown up and she is here today… Were you scared there? No I would have been happy to see her, we split up on good terms How old were you when you split up? When I left for Lens, I think At 12 years old… Personally, at what percentage of your potential would you say that you are currently at? It’s difficult to judge myself, but 70/80 But I think with experience and more and more game time, I am capable of even more What are you missing that is stopping you from getting to that 100%? The day when I no longer give the ball away, then I would be at 100% of my potential I have read a lot of articles and have seen lots of videos where you explain that you have met a lot of people who have helped you along your career As we knew that you were coming to the Gym Bar, they have sent you a little message… Valentin Giraud-Moine, French Alpine Skier Just to say hello from Canada we are beginning the season today and I have been following your return to the side and it hasn’t been bad I hope that when we catch up in Nice, I will thrash you on FIFA again because I remember thrashing you on several occasions I hope that you are doing well and your little one is doing well too and that you are working well my friend Alaeddine Yahia, ex-footballer, Tunisian international Hi Wylan, I wanted to say hi I am really happy, I am calling you just after the match that you won and that you scored in Cherry on the cake I watch the game and you score I hope it will continue and that you will have a very good season Keep working because that’s the only things that pays in life. Work, work, work. Take care little one! Ciao… Didier McStone, Double World Champion of Rock, Paper, Scissors So Wyl, you don’t get in touch anymore. Do you remember me, we were together when you were in recovery for your knee, and I was in for my wrist I wanted to thank you because it’s thanks to you that I was able to become World Champion for Rock, Paper, Scissors for the second time My wrist has become even more powerful, my rock even stronger, my paper even lighter, and my scissors even sharper So thank you Wyl, you are the best! I don’t know the third guy… You don’t know Didier? So the skier you knew, the former footballer you knew, but Rock, Paper, Scissors guy, not at all I can’t remember that Who are you close to in the dressing room? Adri Tameze, Christophe Herelle, JV Makengo, Patrick Burner… If you carry on like that you will name the whole team! No, but we have a good little group I will give them a little shout out now! And in the dressing rooms, who is the boss? The boss? You’ve got Dante, Mario, Adri, Pierre, Jaja, me and Malang, even though he is only young But he has a strong character and he needs to develop his leadership because it’s a quality that he has and needs to work on Do you see yourself in him at the same age – captain at Lens? Yeah, it’s a bit like that I think that if he continues like that, he has a very big career ahead of him He is a very good player and he has everything he needs to succeed In his life, in his club Everyone will push him as much as possible so that he goes as far as possible When Jaja shaves, this is what he does in order to reach every hair This is what we do with the Jalette razor A razor that maintains contact with the contours of the head in order to reach every hair Jalette, shampoo, I no longer need it Wylan, time is against us… Is there a problem? There’s a slight issue, yes I was saying to you earlier that I hear a lot of things Well I also have eyes and some of the things I am seeing on the internet are starting to get to me I get the feeling that everybody can post anything and everything, without ever being punished Sometimes, I begin to dream and I think that we should create a court that we could use to punish things on the internet What do you think? That could work… Judge Cyprien Judge Cyprien, you have six punishments at your disposal but you can only use each punishment once… Noted… The first crime takes place in the concert hall, quite recently… Well Jaja, I know his musical talent, so it doesn’t bother me, but Le Bihan is beginning to annoy me Community service for you Le Bihan. You will have to listen to six songs by Kaaris Second case, some words have been said, but it’s not really the words that have been said but rather the recurrence of the reoffending that is bothering us We really had our heart set on… Match by match… The most important thing is to get the three points… On this occasion, Judge Cyprien is going to be slightly indulgent because you cannot lie that it’s a montage of videos that you have created Of course, every weekend, we have our hearts set on winning, our hearts are set on getting the three points So I will acquit my friends Pierre Lees-Melou, Christophe Herelle and Allan Saint-Maximin Because you also have your heart set on saving your friends… Set on helping our teammates… Acquitted. The third case dates back to 30 September 1995. Judge Cyprien, you weren’t even one year old at that point Cannes – Nice, 30 September 1995 He crosses for Ipoua who doesn’t miss his chance and knocks the men from Cannes out 3-1 Unable to make the difference, captain, Patrick Vieira took things into his own hands and he picked up a deserved yellow card for this action Is it something that he encourages you to work on, this smash? No, but he was still quite a way off his best, so for that reason, we will give him a fine A fine for how much? With the great career that he had, this kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable so €10,000 I am not sure that you will be keeping your starting spot Today, I am the one deciding… €10,000 The next case took place at the training ground A 6 months suspended sentence if he produces a dive like this again… 6 months. Judge Cyprien, you have almost finished your day’s work, you still have two cases to consider and just two punishments remain A special punishment and a life sentence Very good… Knowing him, I would give him life in prison because his hair is really beginning to annoy me Life in prison for Mr Saint-Maximin… I hope I have kept the special punishment for the right person For the special punishment, what are you thinking of? My car is in a real sorry state, so to clean it from top to bottom and inside and out And maybe the dishes at home? Things like that? Tidying the dishes, that’s a sure way to annoy me… We will keep that for the special punishment then? I would like to see the images first Of course… I might need to change the special punishment… I am going to punish my wife for this crime, because I think she is the one who has provided these videos We can’t reveal our sources… All we can say is that we are sorry… Wylan, have you behaved well this year? Very well behaved What do children that behave well get at this time of the year? They get presents… And who brings the presents? Pierre Noël… Hello Pierre Noël… Hello chaps How are you Pierre Noël? Wait I am going to go behind you… Here you go, this is for you… Oh, that’s very kind! It would seem that you serve very good coffee here… Thank you! Oh, you are very thirsty… He made me a very big cocktail… I have something for you, but have you been well behaved? Very well behaved Father Christmas Does that make you laugh? He has been well behaved with me, but I am not with him every day There you go Wylan, this is for you Thank you! Would you like a coffee? Yes, please! Ah it’s a set of bowls… It would seem that you are talented… I am not sure who said that, but apparently you are good I play, but am I good? That’s not the same thing… We will have to check that! One day you can invite me and we will play a match I can’t drink because of my beard That’s a problem for life… It looks good! Thank you for the presents Pierre Noël! Good luck for the rest of the holiday season! It’s going to be busy for you… I need to get going, I am on a double yellow with my sleigh… so I will make a move because I have lots of presents to give. Stop laughing please… Thank you Pierre Noël! And thank you for the goal… that you scored! No problem at all! Pierre Noël watches the matches I almost forgot, because you have been well behaved and you made me a great cocktail I brought you a little shirt. It’s not bad… Not bad at all! Thank you very much, it’s very kind. I am not going to be able to keep it for me, so let’s put it up for grabs amongst the supporters. Can we admit that it wasn’t the real Father Christmas and ask them who was hidden behind the costume? Send your answer by email to [email protected] The winner will be announced during the next episode I think that if they can work out who Father Christmas is, there will be a little present, with my shirt in a prize draw Can we give a clue maybe? He is very technical… Can we ask him to take off the beard? Let’s take off his glasses I can see better now Shall we take a quick photo? Let’s do it.


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