Le Zap’Gym de Noël

11 December – Children’s
Christmas Party Have you seen Father Christmas?
Not yet. Not yet? Do you think he’s going to come?
Yes! Ok, we’ll wait! Who did you see? Father Christmas!
Are you happy? Yes! And who do you think will comme now?
I don’t know! A player? Players!
Players from Nice, from Nice! Looking good guys! Thank you!
Of course! How are you Walter? All good! You look good
with the Christmas hat! Not bad, hey?
Mine’s too small! Hello! I can’t put the hat on, it will ruin my hair. Dante,
can you get the hat on? Not at all. Stop filming! Put it on, Dante! Never!
Look good? Is Pierre Lees-Melou nice? He’s Very nice,
Pierre Lees-Melou is very, very nice. Will you bring him some presents?
Normally, if he keeps being good until the end of December, I bring
him presents, that’s for sure. He’s doing well for us,
so we’re going to give gifts. Are you happy Pierre?
What do you want for Christmas? Smiles and good health. I don’t get presents anymore,
that’s finished. You weren’t a good boy?
I’m a naughty boy. No, Gauthier, you are a good boy!
I’ve already asked for my gifts. Did you write a letter?
No, I just told him. I was good this year, well behaved.
So you’ll get a gift? Yes, I think I deserve…
hang on, we scored! We scored!!! This team can do the job without me. The girls are really good! The future
looks bright! Hello, my name is Alya! Hello, my name is Jenna!
Hello, my name is Ninon! Hello, my name is Philipine! Hello,
my name is Elisa and I have a cast! Happy Christmas everyone…
Look at me! No, we’re losing. Come on guys, come on! You were
distracting me during the match and there was a lot of pressure on us,
a lot of expectation. We lost 7-5 and I’m very disappointed because we
had the team to get a result here. 11 December – Special
partner event at Duncan We share a moment with the
club partner, Duncan, and we enjoy a moment with them as well
as with fans of Nice. It’s very comfortable and
they are very nice suits, and we’ll see if we can continue
to wear the brand’s clothes. Who wears a suit the
best in the locker room? I’ll say me, but… 13 December – Departure for Brest Gauthier, did you sleep well? OK, but
there was a lot of wind in the room. Actually in the room?
Yes, and ghost noises. Look at the plate! No, I didn’t sleep too well
because the shutters were banging. 13 December – Tribute to Le
Berger at the Place Garibaldi A figure, a character in the French footballing landscape,
Paul Capietto, known as Le Berger, it was this historic supporter from
Nice who was watching the match, perched in his tree at Stade du Ray. He came to see us last season.
He passed away this week. We spent many years following his
club on his tree or on his bike. Sometimes on the road.
It’s simple, it was a solidarity art auction organized by OGC Nice.
It was at the city opera house. The goal was to raise money
for the endowment fund and for charity. It was a beautiful moment
that allowed us to mix football and art. 48 artists participated.
The works then counted on the involvement of Jean-Pierre Rivère
to sell them at a very good price. You will indeed, I’m sure,
be very generous. I am confiscating the gavel
until we get the right price. He must be good on the mercato.
We could also count on coach Patrick Vieira, who didn’t hesitate
at all when it came to bidding. Great party! The OGC Nice endowment fund
associated with the Lenval hospital fund. They managed to collect
€130,000 thanks to fine gestures
like the one from Patrick Vieira. I think that it is also our
responsibility when this club, shines the spotlight on the City
of Nice and our companies, to say: We business bosses, must also
support this club, the OGC Nice. What better time than
this holiday season to do it? So I’m very
happy to offer you these tickets. There are 500
tickets available today. Benjamin, who is part of the
endowment fund that is actually the initiator of the operation that
brought back €130,000 on Monday for the children of Lenval Hospital and
all the actions supported by the endowment fund and everything that
is done on the ground by people like you, it’s people like this
who make us have these results and who make us so effective.
So this is really a way of saying thank you to Aymeric and Benjamin,
on behalf of OGC Nice, Jean-Pierre Rivère for
everything we do for our fellow citizens. It is a way to thank all
these volunteers who work daily for these charities, and we wanted
to mix the two points by offering tickets for the charities and also
by filling this beautiful stadium. We really have some very generous
business leaders in the area. What is needed is to federate them, motivate
them and bring them to a project. I’m sure that as early as tomorrow,
OGC Nice will receive calls from many business leaders who
will have the same idea as me. We you filming a close up of me? A close up on my beard?
I was waiting for you… 19 December – Club
employees Christmas party I hope that the years to
come will be filled with much happiness and that we continue
to work together, to progress. I think we are on the
right track now… Now, we need to move forward as one,
together, that means the club employees, the players, the staff,
myself, all looking to the future. And I think the future is really
going to be something special! We are counting on you, every day,
to keep working, keeping progressing and improving so that the club
will get back to where it belongs, because our goals have been set… Today, OGC Nice is an important
club and a club that will continue
to be important in the future. She was spoiled, but she was
just happy to see Santa Claus. It’s good and she’s been spoiled. She
got a little gift and she’s happy. My kids are happy about it.
For the last week they’ve been telling
me about this party. They couldn’t wait and now they
are here. They’re having a good time, so we’re having a good time. It’s a way to get together, to
celebrate the year we spent together. It’s important for all the
people that work at the club. We can spend some time together, take
photos with their kids if they want. I think it’s important
to spend this time, all together and see what
we each do for the club. We know it’s not easy every day, but I hope we’ll have a good
time and have a good Christmas. Tonight, we didn’t come empty-handed
when we brought invitations for
Saturday’s match against Toulouse. We hope you’ll come.
Enjoy your meal! Enjoy! Tonight, we celebrate Christmas
for people who are on their own and who need some kindness. It is important to let
everyone enjoy Christmas, because I think Christmas
is a time for sharing, so you have to know how to share
with people who have a little less. Each player is assigned to a table
and we serve them their dinner. If they need something to drink
or bread, we are there for them. With the help of volunteers, we’re
doing very well and everything is well so it’s great. It’s great that
the younger ones are also involved. That way, they see from the start
that even if we play football, there’s something else in
life besides football. It’s important to me.
They are really happy. They thank us. And honestly, that’s heartwarming. What have you got planned for
the holidays? Nothing at all. I just wanted to get back walking
again, that’s enough for me. Me, I’m going on holidays
with my wife and son and recharge my batteries for
the second half of the season. We take turns, so I’m doing the
shirt and then I’ll do the hair. Are you doing it well?
You’re not sure… We have gone a bit
outside the lines… Well, Bella shook the black marker
because there wasn’t any more ink and when she took the lid off
it went everywhere. It exploded! It’s true? It’s your fault? It’s ok. Do you think Lees-Melou
will still be happy with it? Yes, why not? Did you do your best?
I see adding the final touches, guys. Did it go well? Yes! Too cool!
What’s left to do? Just the lips! It’s really good! I couldn’t even
do this! Honestly, well done kids! Are you proud of them? I’m very
proud, it’s a really nice drawing! And this one if for you. Have a happy holiday. They have done a great job.
It’s magnificent! You have really done a fantastic job. I think you guys
must’ve been the best. He said ours was the best.
We managed to get rid of the marks by letting it dry
and going over it again. Did it take a long time? Yes?
You have really done a great job! Just you four did this?
It’s really good! It’s really, really good!
I’m going to give them a second gift because it’s so good.
Don’t say anything. The young people of Nice have
been moderately well behaved, but for once, we’re letting them off.
But beware, next year. Contrary to popular belief,
lobster feeds exclusively on seafood, which does not prevent it
from remaining very human. I’m here to leave a little word
for our dear friend Le Berger, who sadly left us too soon… Paul had a great energy, a joie de
vivre. And he was always,
always smiling. It’s a great character
that has left us. Now he will cry ‘Issa Nissa’
from the sky! He will lighten our path with a
thousand lights
and we will never forget him. Wylan, what can you tell us about
Hicham’s goal because Hicham
doesn’t want to say anything… He made a great call
at the back post. Pierre gave him a great
ball and we know that he’s very good with his head.
He shut his eyes and scored. With his great aerial game,
I really like his leap. Super goal.
Right into the top corner.  
He’s a real bonus, a phenomonen we can play him
anywhere. Just phenomonal. What you need to know about PLM
is that shot, he masters it, he is control and it is
something he repeats very often. That means that as soon as he
controlled the ball, I could feel it. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Happy Christmas,
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas to all the fans.
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!
  Merry Christmas to all and
see you all next year.


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