Le Zap’Gym n°157

Filming of the awards 1, 2. And again.
1,2. And again. 1, 3.
Adam, your turn. 1,2. Could one
of you please give me a clap?
Go on Walter! Excellent! The first one is the Baky Koné
trophy. What could that be for? For speed? It’s for the smallest? It’s for the quickest!
Well the quickest is the fastest!
So you can say bravo Yoan! You can’t come in again.
Otherwise, I can’t say his name! Don’t worry, his name
has already been said… M. Sarr: I heard that you have
done things, you will see! What do you think, who is it? I don’t know! Yannick, stop…
I haven’t stopped speaking! The stingiest…
yes! It’s all in there! If you carry on like that,
we will stop and do it tomorrow! All of Le Gym’s goals in 2019 29/12-The first team returns
after the winter break Shoot. 05/01 – Nice – Fréjus
in the Coupe de France François Clerc,
Aiglon from 2010-2012:
So I am here to commentate on the match for Eurosport.
I am very happy to back in Nice. It’s been eight years now,
so a fair while. We were still
at the Stade du Ray back then. I have very fond memories
of my time here. The left-footer into the box…
GOOOOOOAAALLLL for OGC Nice! The goal from the former Lyon man,
François Clerc! I remember the atmosphere, I think
that every, and I mean every player that ever played at the Ray, even from
the opposition would remember it. The Niçois also remember a
certain celebration where you
slid on your front at Lille… Lille yes, what a match.
I think it might have been 4-4. If I am not mistaken it was 4-4. I had scored the last goal,
just before the break. It’s a club that deserves to be at
the top of the league table and to
win trophies. So I brought my little
part to the story in my two years here. And it really is a delight for
me to come back here to see everyone. The hommage to Nathaël Julan,
the Guingamp player who passed away A word or two on your shot that hit the
post. It’s going to become your special.
But this one didn’t go in… A special, no!
Two months ago it would have
ended up in the spectators. Now it’s more often on target. That’s
football for you. It’s true that
I am doing well at the moment, But it’s a shame
that it didn’t go in. Go on Nabil, interview him for us…
No, no, no! I saw Pat with the ball and
that the defender was slightly
higher up the pitch than me. So I called for the ball in deep,
he plays a great ball and I finished. There we go,
I am happy with my first goal. Thank you to all the supporters
who continue to to get behind us! Lionel Letizi’s last match with
the first team. From tomorrow, you won’t be with us
anymore. On behalf of the whole squad, I want to thank you for
everything you have done for us. We will miss you, that’s for sure! So I just want to thank you
and wish you the very best
for the future! Rémy Garcia, Physio, OGC Nice:
My dear Lionel, we have worked together for eight years now,
we already knew each other before because I even knew you as a player.
It was a real pleasure and a fantastic opportunity to work
alongside you, and to speak with you. I thank you for all you have done for
us and for me more than everything. He has helped me to progress a lot.
Thank you for the time you
have spent with us! He never hesitated to speak
to us too, the midfielders, attackers,
or defenders. So thank you for bringing your
experience, your kindness and manners.
We will miss you! Even though we know
that you won’t be far away. I am not very talkative
but I thank you all. It was my eighth season
but I am changing path. Although I won’t be far at the
Academy. In any case, the eight
years I spent with the different
players and different staff. I have progressed an awful lot thanks
to him and the work
we have put in together. Thank you once again
and my best wishes for the future. He helped me to reach the top, so I
could never forget him and
I could never thank him enough. It’s weird not to see
him with us on the pitch. I have known him for eleven years.
I started to train when
he was still playing. So we have a rather
special relationship. Thank you very much coach
for all you have done for me. I hope that you will
enjoy your new adventure. We are happy that he isn’t going far
and will be just next to us! We are in the process of building
something great for the club,
for the players. Make the most of it and do all you
need to do in order to get there. And we will see each other in
the corridors every day so… 03/01 – Press Conference:
The Academy was looking
for a goalkeeping coach and Lionel was
very interested in this role. From the moment that his position
became available, we needed to find a replacement for him and
that’s what we have done. We have appointed Nico and
we are happy that
he has come to the club, because of his experience,
his personality
and what he is able to bring us. 07/01 – Nicolas
Dehon’s first training session


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