Le Zap’Gym n°158

Les Aiglons at work Hello! Excellent! It’s because he anticipates it…
If he didn’t anticipate it,
he is dead… The coach becomes patron
of the Association Adrien: It’s an honour to be stood
alongside Mr Patrick Vieira. Why? First of all,
because he is a great man. The important thing is the man, the
man who is here alongside us today… …who has indeed decided to join
us on this beautiful adventure. René Molines,
President of Association Adrien: The Association Adrien was created in
2005, after the death of my son Adrien,
who’d developed an incurable illness. So for almost 15 years now, the charity
organises outings, activities and trips to bring happiness to children
with serious illnesses. I have really come to understand the
link between yourself and OGC Nice. For me, it really wasn’t
something that I could let go. It’s something that I want to be a part of
because it represents the values that I
want to represent and share. I was lucky enough to have a
daughter a few years ago now. And now I know what
being a parent is about now. Thank you for thinking of me
because it has really made me happy. And I am really happy to
represent the charity. Thank you! The most important thing is to the
see the eyes of the children
with this glimmer of hope and healing. This unconditional happiness
and this love that OGC Nice,
the players and the coach give. And this home, let’s say
that it is the fulfilment of a life, it’s a life. One, two, three. Benitez in-form
before Angers… Departure for Angers What are you watching? It’s a Nigerian film on Netflix. Hide and seek with Christophe! You see him… you see him not…
you see him… you see him not… That was hide and
seek with Christophe! Are you going to sing? Noah Crétier, Defender, OGC Nice:
Sing? I don’t know about that…
You don’t know? Have you prepared?
For the moment,
I haven’t prepared at all… Adam Ounas: Put Deezer on,
put Deezer on! And you, are you going to sing? Balthazar Pierret: Yeah, you have to…!
What have you got planned? I am not sure yet, we are still
thinking about it… On Balthazar’s playlist… Nicolas Dehon, Goalkeeper Coach,
OGC Nice Matchday Can you stop filming me please?… I am not filming. I can see you…
Can I eat in peace please? [OGC Nice fans chant] Wylan Cyprien, Midfielder,
OGC Nice: It’s starting to become a decent number of goals, but as I said,
that’s by the by. I would rather not score
and for us to win 2 or 3 – nil. You put in another incredible
performance this evening… Walter Benitez, Goalkeeper, OGC Nice:
Yes, it’s important to
play like that for the team. I am happy with my performance. When the ball left his foot,
I could see that it was going wide…
At the last minute the ball moved. I was constantly following the
trajectory of the ball so that I
could get behind it and stop the shot. The U19s get through the
Round of 64 of the
Gambardella! Feature on Telefoot: Welcome to Nice,
to one of the most modern
training grounds in France. What really strikes me is that it’s big.
It’s where the club wants to go, to be
very, very big. And it starts with this. Is Nice now equipped in the same
way as the biggest European clubs? Of course. When you see what we have
today, it’s a club that in the future should
constantly be in the Champions League. So what can we wish you for 2020,
both for you Patrick,
and for OGC Nice? A better second half of the season,
with less injuries.
That would be very good. And then, it would be good to
finish in the top six to better
our performance last season. The inauguration of the Parc du Ray Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice:
I didn’t want to leave what was
the Stade du Ray become abandoned. We have retained a level of character,
in a space where there is also a football
pitch for the teams in the area. Andy Pelmard and Gauthier Lloris,
Defenders, OGC Nice: It’s good
for Chambrun. It’s a beautiful place. Manu Pirès, Academy Director:
You need to look back at the past at times and to show them what the club
used to be, how it has grown and
from where it came. The Stade du Ray was
a huge part of the club’s history. There is still a football stadium,
so there will always be a little
part of the stand. That’s a nice touch And we will come down here from
time to time to see the youngsters from
Saint-Sylvestre here. Nicolas Sarkozy: How are you doing
Gauthier? How is your brother doing? Not too bad, he is back in training,
so all is good… I saw that, he did an
excellent interview. It’s the job that demands that.
It’s not a problem as long as he comes
back well, it’s all good! Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France
from 2007 to 2012: You have a
remarkable President at the club. And I would like to add how happy
I am about the club’s situation. The club has moved to the
district of Saint-Maurice, where there is a smart stadium with
small stands and fences, but very little grass because it
didn’t have the chance to grow. We are on a site where the people of
Nice have been coming for generations… to share moments that only
dreams are made of. Coupe
de France wins, league wins. On the final day of
this season in 1951, five sides could still take home the
title. Winner of Stade de Français, Nice led Lille,
who were equal on points de points. The cup heads to the Côte d’Azur,
where it will be met by choruses
of Nissa La Bella for the next year. And they hold on and despite
a goal ruled out for offside, the Niçois win by 3-1 and are headed
toward the title of French Champions. Daniel Sanchez, Aiglon from 1972
to 1981: My best memory. It’s tough… because there are so many in this
stadium, but it’s a combination. It’s the atmosphere in the stadium.
And then those special matches. Always against Monaco and the derby,
Marseille, Saint-Etienne, they always stayed in your memory.
Bastia too for other reasons. It’s only the latest episode of this
battle between Nice and Bastia
in recent months. It was on Saturday, in
the 60th minute of the game
between Nice and Bastia. Look at what happened. Between these two sides,
everything began on 6 April 1976 in Nice… during the first leg of the
Round of 16 of the Coupe de France. Janick Tamazout,
Aiglon from 2001 to 2003: A great memory was the promotion
to Ligue 1 with Cédric Varrault. Cédric Varrault,
Aiglon from 1996 to 2007: We shared some superb moments
together and since then,
we haven’t been relegated. That’s the best memory. Nice cheered on by more than
10,000 people yesterday at the Stade du Ray and who took one
further step towards promotion. Christophe Meslin, Aiglon from 2001
to 2005: It will remain the
greatest footballing memory
of my career. The Stade du Ray with a Mexican Wave.
An incredible evening in a packed stadium looking to cheer the
Niçois on to victory. From this corner from Rodriguez,
it’s Romain Pitau
who scores the second Nice goal. The goal that saved his side from
this young father, who is awaiting the return of Christophe Mellin,
the club’s top goalscorer,
on 6 April against Le Havre. So it is in fact two defenders
who save OGC Nice 2-1. Les Aiglons battled like
lions and can now enjoy the plaudits of the Stade du Ray
that they have delighted. The best memory is my
brother’s first match in the
Coupe de la Ligue. For me, it was the last game.
I was there as a ballboy.
For me, it was that one.


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