Le Zap’Gym n°159

I am very happy to be here on behalf
of the club and the supporters to present you with this cheque that
I hope will benefit those in need. The club has been associated with
the Food Bank and other charities for over ten years now and we are very
happy with everything we do with
you and we are going to continue! You’re a defender? Perfect,
you’re defending a good cause! Would like to become coach
of a professional football
team in the future? Not bad!
You’re a future journalist! I’d love that! Here we go guys!
Ready to make you’re entrance!
There are lots of kids! The kids can’t wait! Are your ready?
Youcef, you go first! Not bad, hey? The pressure’s on you Malang! I have a question for Youcef Atal?
Have you pain? Or no pain more? Have I pain? Or no pain more?
Have you pain? Or no pain more? She just wants to say hello! I’m here today to talk to you about
the problem of discrimination. We have been living in a
multicultural society for a long time now, and we’ll see in the film
that it was long before the World Cup in 1998 that France’s sporting
community was very multicultural… They laid the foundations for
future generations of players, such as Basile Boli,
Jean Tigana, José Touré, Patrick Vieira and many more to
play football all over the world. I don’t care! The club cameraman at
that precise moment… Did you rehearse your goal
celebration? It’s something I like to do and
since I hadn’t prepared anything,
I improvised. Did you hear the fans behind
the goal? Yes, I heard! Who do you want in the next round?
  Honestly, I don’t want Paris!
I don’t mind who we get,
but I want to play at home. You mustn’t film this…
This doesn’t mean anything! That’s just not fair.
Really… not fair!


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