Le Zap’Gym n°160

The aim is to work on reflexes,
but also on anticipation, because the glases work on eight
different speeds and your sight gets blocked every one or two seconds,
so that allows you to work on the anticipation and where
the ball is going to end up. We try and recreate
stressful situations, because they need to perform under
stress in a match, so it’s important. We are going to do what we need to
succeed, and what we need is you! Honestly, you have to believe
in the future of this club. We have the right people in the right
place, we are working all together, and we all want to succeed together. It’s magnificent for the
city of Nice and the club. The chairman said that people are
always impatient, but it’s like any business, you lay the foundations and
then you build your way to the top, I’m certain of that.
But you need to be patient. We have to take it step by step.
Move forward slowly but surely. This is the club’s DNA and we have
to protect that, it’s a family club. It’s true that the club is growing,
but you can’t forget where you come from, it’s important to remember your
roots and above all, stay humble. Did you see the waves? I’m dead! Hey mate! Where are you? I’m in the Garibaldi stand!
We’ll catch up after! Then straight after the break,
you can see Nyamsi was injured and Lees-Melou
crossed for Dolberg to score. He is overwhelmed by happiness,
Dolberg! Overwhelmed! How are you? All good? It’s my first time here
in the changing room. For the photo, I choose the No.21,
because I was married on 21 June 2001, my first daughter was born
on the 5th and my second the 16th, 5+16=21, my wife and I were born
one year and 21 days apart… always 21… it’s my lucky number! Pure joy! The whole stadium is magic!
I had been to the training centre but never been here before,
the press conference room, magic! I wasn’t expecting all this,
it’s incredible… and it’s only just beginning! To celebrate Nice’s 100 years,
I did the Grand Slam, I went to every single match,
38 Ligue one matches as well as every match in the Coupe de
France and the Coupe de la Ligue. Chairman Cohen invited me to take the
celebrity kick-off against Auxerre, 23 May 2004. Laslandes passed me
the ball and I dribbled Boumsong and
Mexes and scored against Fabien Cool. I was there on the sidelines, watching and you can imagine
how I was when I saw him! No, no, no!!!! I’d only been
at the club for six months! It ended in a draw, but we took four
points out of six against Rennes, so that’s positive. Thank you so much to
the club and Issa Nissa, as we say! Lyon in the Coupe de France
looks like a tough draw, but maybe not for you who are
used to scoring against them…


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