Le Zap’Gym n°161

Does it get cold here normally?
No! Am I wearing a big jacket? It looks ok… Is there a picture of every player?
Yes, the kids drew them. You’re going to sleep well! For sure! Allianz Riviera, Nice versus Lyon.
It’s not about revenge because the first game was in the Coupe
de France and today is Ligue 1, so we’re expecting a good game,
an entertaining game. It’s my first time to this stadium so
I hope it all goes well so you don’t say I brought bad luck. OGC Nice
have a few players that you like… Well, you recruited the
best players of Africa, so obviously I’m happy you
have Youcef, Adam and Hicham. I’m a little disappointed
that I won’t get to see Youcef this afternoon but
I hope he gets well soon. And I think it will still be
very spectacular in attack with Adam Ounas and Hicham Boudaoui,
who has big wraps in Algeria. We hope to see the Nice that
took on Rennes because it was very attacking and, speaking on
behalf of myself and Elie Baup, we’re very happy to come here
and see Patrick Vieira because we are both big fans of his
coaching and management. We’re here to watch Nice vs Lyon
and the atmosphere will be great. I think it’s going to be a
big win for Nice. You agree? Why do you support OGC Nice? Because this is where I’m from!
  I’m from here. I was born here,
I played for Nice and
it’s my favourite club. ISSA NISSA!!!! Salvioni can rest assured,
Wasquehal didn’t threaten again as Nice recorded their
fifth win in seven matches. The Nice players fought like
Lyons and can celebrate with their fans at the Stade du Ray,
delighted with the win. The players still talk
remind me of that match. Rodriguez, Cinetti, Cobos… It’s
very emotional, I could almost cry… I’m very happy. I think there’s
something about Nice that means I will always have a home here. Karma is the sum total of everything
an individual is doing, has done and will do. The law of Karma decrees
that you will reap what you sow. Hicham! Bravo! Hicham Boudaoui with
the assist for the second goal. Look what’s happening! We’re with the stadium
announcer Fabrice Mauro… Fabrice a very difficult win! What?? It was easy! We dominated from
start to finish! A great, great win! I love you, Kasper! It was a very turbulent match…
Like in an aeroplane… A metaphore is very similar to a
comparison. But what distinguishes them, is that a metaphor does
not compare two elements. But it was a good landing. There was a lot of turbulence,
but a smooth landing. So now we can take off again soon…
reach cruising altitude… Is it your assist? I’m very happy with
my first match. The fans were great. They gave me a great welcome and it
was a great win and I’m very happy. You want him to introduce himself? Alexis Trouillet,
new signing for OGC Nice. He signed from Rennes.
another young star at OGC Nice.
  He’s a good guy, and we need
good guys in the squad
to achieve good things and we’re very happy to have him and we’ll do
our best to help him feel at home. I received a warm welcome and
I’m very happy to be here. Who do you get along with already?
With everyone! Everyone is very nice, I hang out and chat to everyone!
It’s very easy to settle in here!


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