Le Zap’Gym n°162

We’re delighted to welcome a
former Ivory Coast international, a Nations Cup finalist in 2006, and
today he’s the OGC Nice U19 coach. Good evening Emerse Faé.
Good evening! Coach Antonetti didn’t stop talking
about Emerse Faé when he met him, and so he came here.
We were very happy. He’s a great guy, a great footballer
who has that ability to burst through from midfield with the ball at his
feet. It was the club that suited me, because I’ve always been a
player that loves an atmosphere, the warmth of the fans,
I only have good memories. He’s adapted really well,
and a big thank you to OGC Nice for helping him make this change, because it’s not necessarily easy to
trust a player that has just arrived. The partnership between OGC Nice and
RC Abidjan has been very beneficial, because OGC Nice now contributes
financially to the sporting
and social project of the RCA. They do tremendous work.
They take kids at seven, eight years old, and they coach them
like we coach players in Europe. When you’re helped along
the way by OGC Nice, you’re in the eye of recruiters.
They’re working hard to try and get into a top European football club,
which is OGC Nice. Come on boys!
Come on, come on, come on! If they’d told me I’d be
carrying a 10kg flag.. Is there training today? We played,
with Dante and Dani…so it’s bike, and recovery.
Are you filming my thigh? What is it? No, it’s studs.
Did he get a yellow card? I don’t know. I can’t even tell you
when it happened. How are you boys? What are you here for?
To watch the Nice game. Are you for Nîmes?
Who are you for then? Nice. That’s logical, enjoy the game.
Why? Are you for Paris? Last week, they told me you were
going somewhere. Where are you going? To Toulouse. Really? How come?
With the Méfi Club? Yes. Populaire Sud leader: The players, it’s just like in a marriage
with you, for better or worse. Our guest didn’t score this weekend,
but it has usually been his trademark at Nice and at Ajax
where he was before. Please give a warm welcome to the Denmark
international foward Kasper Dolberg. Pierre always says that when you
score a goal, you’re not happy. He’s been smiling a lot since he got
here. That’s what I said backstage: he’s smiled a lot more
here than on the pitch. That’s good, because we are more
often backstage than on the pitch. The Nice player we invited is Danish,
so we had simultaneous translation. It’s not something we do often, because we don’t often have foreign
players. But we do it happily so we could learn about this player who we
don’t know too much about in France. That’s the penultimate goal you
scored against Lyon last weekend. Then there is another
which is magnificent. Is the best one you’ve scored?
The hardest one to score? Have a good trip back!
Have a good season! You look great!
OK, let’s go, I’m ready. I don’t feel good. He has a certain
confidence, he has his way of talking, his analysis, his arguments.
You feel he is happy at Nice, you feel that he’s got to a
stage where he feels he’s good. He’s one of the rare Ligue
one players to be consistent. And we know what it means right now
to be consistent and inconsistent. It was cool, wasn’t it? They welcomed me, they made me
feel at ease, it was a nice show. Luis Fernandez has a present to give
you for reaching 100 games with Nice. I’m really happy to give it to you. You’ve now got to get to 200,
300, 400, 500, the maximum… I was pleasantly surprised. 100
matches, it’s not bad. It’s not bad. I knew I wasn’t far away,
but I didn’t know I was there… My question for him is regarding his
curlers. I’d like him to teach me. Every time I see him do it in
training, he scores, so teach me please. It’s your speciality,
curling it into the far corner. I’ve always done that,
ever since I was little. I curled it, curled it and curled it.
It’s become my thing. What’s next then? We’re going back to
the hotel because we have to get up very early tomorrow morning and there
is training too, so I need to rest. Hello, we’re in the
offices of Bein Sport. I’m preparing my
programme for tonight. It’s my new job, and it gives me the
chance to meet some ex-Nice players. I remember the fans, we were at
the Stade du Ray…it was super. There was Loïc Rémy,
Anthony Mounier, Didier Digard, Lionel Letizi and David Ospina in
goal, we had a good team. Emerse Faé, Julien Sablé…the medical staff,
the doc…it was more the atmophere of a family that I got there that was
great. I only have good memories of that. I’m always happy to go
down to the Côte, I love it.


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