Le Zap’Gym n°163

Do you know the Zap Gym?
Yes! I watch it!
What do you like about it? The players! And when you
put pictures on the players, like when Clementia had
Thug Life sunglasses! What should we put in
the next Zap Gym, then? Put Dolberg with a ponytail! Dolberg in his underpants! Dolberg with red hair! Walter Benitez making an
incredible save! Are you happy to be
going to Toulouse? How are you settling in at Nice? Really well, honestly, everything is going
perfectly, the sun is shining! It’s not like in Brittany! It’s great, really good. The squad is excellent, there are
a lot of young players, but also experienced players like Dante and
we learn a lot from them! It’s great. Since 2012, the club has been
working with us, every year, enthusiastically helping us collect
coins to help children with illness. The club is really committed
to the cause and that makes us very happy and very proud! How to make a good Maté? Place the Yerba in the Gourd Fill with hot water Drink
the Maté through the Bambilla What is it?
A book about Lilian Thuram’s life. I don’t know much about him so
I’m trying to learn something. Happy Birthday Myziane! How is it spending
Valentine’s Day with them? I’m not into Valentine’s Day.
Careful, the Missus won’t be happy! She already complains that
I’m not very romantic. We’re coming so you better win!
Allez Le Gym! We hope we can make them happy.
Let’s hope we come back with the win. It’s great to see the littluns
making this six-hour trip so we’ll also try and win for them. We’ll do out best to win for the
kids and all the fans in general. It’s great to see! See you later! I hope they managed to sleep a bit
because six hours is a long ride, but it’s really great.
Thank you, thank you! I’m going to be on TV!
I love you mum! Tonight was a special match for you…
Do you know why? No, tell me! It was my 100th Ligue 1
match and we did the job and I’ve come a long way here,
I’m very proud to have played
100 matches with the OGC Nice. And as captain tonight with Dante
and Wylan missing it was my turn to be captain and it’s a nice
gesture from the coach that shows that he counts on me and my role
within the squad and it went well. How old are you? 21. It’s nice to score in this match,
nice for the team. It was my fifth goal,
but I felt a bit bad for my friend and Toulouse goalkeeper Baptiste
Reynet – he’s my lucky charm because I scored against him in the first
game – but it was good for the team. We’re supporting our team. The Toulouse fans are a bit
dissapointed and we’re very happy! Put Walter Benitez
making a great save! Benitez… I haven’t seen a Great
Wall like that since China… I stayed on my feet as long as
possible to not show the attacker which way I was going and I made
the save and I’m very happy. Pierre, you’ll get
what’s coming to you! Thanks for coming kids! Thanks a lot! Jean-Pierre Rivere,
the Nice chairman who we saw earlier with the Mefi Club! A first ever away trip in France
for kids under 12 years of age. Congratulations OGC Nice for
organising this away trip for their young fans under 12 years
of age to Toulouse! Well done! Jean-Pierre Rivere enjoying the
first ever away trip in France for kids under 12 years of age, the Mefi Club! A great day for these
apprentice fans of tomorrow! A great idea and well done Nice! Our partnership with OGC
Nice is very important. As well as here, we organise other
days to give blood, for example, twice a year at the Place Massena
where around 800 people give blood so it’s very important for us. Are you an OGC Nice fan? I am. I work for a charity
that OGC Nice supports, and given how good the club is, I
offer my support to the club as well! Blood is precious because there
is no artificial replacement. It’s very quick and
easy to donate blood, between 45 minutes and one hour to
do it and you can save three lives! It’s not too painful, coach?
It’s not painful at all. And it’s so well done,
they make it very easy for us. It’s painless and you have
confidence in what they’re doing. It’s true that we need a lot of blood
to help those in need so this is a
very important partnership for us. The fact that you can give
blood where you work also
encourages you to do it. Today I am not in need.
But the day when I may need it, I’ll be very grateful to those who give
blood because only they can help.


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