Le Zap’Gym n°165

It’s so charming today because it’s
even snowing! It’s really cool! Everyone’s here, the president,
the communications team, even the Mefi Club!
It’s cool It’s a big family! We are very happy to have the club
back this year. They are always welcome here in Auron and we
support them with all our hearts! I’ve met a lot of people that told
me they came up here just for this and it shows just how much they love
the club and I think it’s fabulous! I scored, top corner,
first time, so it’s not too bad! I honestly want to thank all the
people that made this possible. Especially those that arrived
very early this morning, and who will be working
hard until late tonight. It’s thanks to them that we are able
to have such great events as these. It’s just fantastic for a
ski resort here in Auron. Now I’m going to
visit Kasper’s house! Three players came, Castellani,
Dolberg and Dante and we got to get
autographs and photos. It’s cool. It’s been a long time since I’d
seen the snow. Kasper is very happy and feels right at home and I think
he wants to stay until tomorrow! We can see that the
fans just love OGC Nice. Whether your in the
mountains or on the coast. They love spending a bit
of time with the players. The current players especially!  
It’s always a pleasure to come to events like these,
where we can stay a little while with the fans to sign autographs
and there are a lot of kids. The aim of this video is to determine
your current linguistic level to see how many hours of lessons
you need to reach your objective. The aim is to
understand the language, the sounds and some basic phrases. It’s always nice to be called up,
to be named in the squad, to take on other countries.
It’s always a great experience. It’s nice to be here,
but also for your club, to find out that
you’ve been called up. All good? I won’t shake your hand…
we never know… I’d like to shake your hand,
but we’re not allowed! How’s your new jacket?
It’s not bad at all. It’s quite light and
still keeps you warm. It’s half tracksuit,
half windcheater, it’s sweet. The Bordeaux player got his head
on the ball close to the goal line and I did my best to get
across and down and save it. REST IN PEACE, MISTER GINER  
Yvon Giner was honoured
before the match against Reims. Tell us a bit about your goal…  
I saw Alexis cut inside and play it out to Moussa. I saw he was
looking to cross so I raised my arm. He crossed well, a bit behind me,
and I just tried to get it on target and it went in so I was very happy.
It was also nice to see my old teammates and the staff at Bordeaux,
so it was good. Did you hurt yourself? No, I got a
knock on the calf when I was hitting the ball, but it’s ok, I can train
and that’s the most important thing. I would have prefered
that we got the win.


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