Le Zap’Gym n°166

You’ve got Atal who has an
incredible set of stats. They have put him as a striker,
but personally I see him more as a right winger.
We know about all his qualities. There we can see his pace,
he can finish and is very physical. You can see him dropping back
to left back, to right back. You can’t forget that he’s got
five stars on his weaker foot, 4 stars for his technical ability.
So you can see a complete player. We know him in real life.
Unfortunately he is injured. But there we go, he is a very
talented player who can
play in almost any position. Hello everybody,
we are here live with Kasper Dolberg. Hey Kasper! Hey!
We have a question
from Pierre. Pierre Lees-Melou. Look, I am not lying. Pierre is asking:
Do you prefer your French teacher
or me, Pierre, to teach you French? It would seem that he is
teaching you some words in French. French. A question about hair care,
I am sorry, but we have received a lot of them. So I have to ask you
one, we have a question from Julien. What shampoo do you use? This morning, a little visit around
the training ground. Looking at how
things work etc. It’s a nice set up. An excellent tool to work in. And then
I watched training, where there was
plenty of intensity just before the derby. They look fired up, so I hope to bring
them luck and that they will
win this derby. Are you off to Chile now?
No to Colombia, for the first stage! Colombie, Chile on 20 March,
for the first World Cup. We are trying to get ourselves ready…
Good luck.
Thank you! You can show me around the
hinterland on a bike, chilled! These aren’t walks in the park!
We can put a rope between his
bike and mine. I am Nice born, I used to go to Le
Ray and now go down to the Allianz. Whenever I have the time,
I go to the stadium. If not, I try to watch a stream. When I am
in Colombia, or Chile, it’s tough, but I wake up at whatever time I
need to in order to watch the match. So we put a call out to everyone
at the club, the former players, collectors and supporters alike, who
all played their part and helped us to create this. Today, once again,
everyone played their part. The beauty of this museum is that
it brings together the past and the present, so that the legacy
of the club features within
the National Sports Museum here. The most important thing for me,
and I think for the supporters too, is having kept the armband of the BSN
which marked my history, which has meant that this club and all of its
supporters have always been with us, and they always have been. I gave
my shirt from the European Cup. There are some souvenirs that
I remember and others no. It made me happy to see
my shirt in the museum. Some really nice pieces that have
lasted from the 1950s up until more
recent times, with the Europa League. It’s a little bit more about
the history of the club,
so it’s really nice. As the President so often says, we
need to know where we are going, but
we must remember where we came from. We haven’t forgotten that in Nice
and you can see that in every match with the meet and greet with
former players, so a big thank you. I hope that we will continue
to grow the collection in time. Hey, it’s Baby J, we will see you
on the stage for this showcase! I am neighbour as I come from Antibes
and I really wanted to come to see this derby, so I thank Crédit
Agricole for their invitation. This evening, it’s a huge match,
with lots at stake too. I think that if Nice win,
they will go above Monaco and
climb several places in the league, so they need to be cheered
on and supported. I reckon a 2-0, or a 2-1. What’s
your prediction for this evening? A draw. You’re not
being positive enough… He reckons it will be a draw.
Yoyr friend thinks it will be a draw. I thought it would be a draw but
we can score in the final second…
In the 93rd minute, there we go… Look into the crystal ball… He has more than deserved it, it is
a pleasure to see him on the pitch of the
Allianz Riviera, ladies and gentlemen. Good evening everyone,
I have something to say… I hope this will be a great derby,
worthy of it’s name… And I want to say: Come on Nice! Lots of time since he
made his debut at 17 years old. Yeah he started at 17 years old,
it’s been four years now. Little by little, he has picked
up his appearances and now he has reached the 100-mark, it’s fantastic.
Of course, we are proud… At 21 years old! For the 100th game,
I came with my little sweetheart! When you look back, lots of
things have happened and today… there are new plans in place and
it’s good to see that they have built it around a solid base.
I hope that we will continue to build something even
bigger in the coming years… Our dear supporters,
the match this evening is dedicated to Mr Yvon Giner,
a shining star in Le Gym’s history, who sadly passed away on
Tuesday at 83 years old. This match is also dedicated to
the memory of Mr Cyril Roccia. And we also think about another
supporter who sadly died this week. Finally, the whole of the INEOS family is
grieving this week following the death of Nicolas Portal,
Sporting Director of Team INEOS and former athlete at the age
of just 40 years old. The club sends
its condolences to his family and friends. The players will wear a black armband
this evening in his memory. How are you doing? Claude-Maurice passes into Wagué. DOLBERG! Goal….It’s incredible!!! Dolberg with just the
slightest of touches! Claude-Maurice, oh the skill, he
breaks through the middle, he has an
option in the box with Wagué. Oh yes, Goooooooallllll! Kasper Dolbeeeeerg! A win for OGC NICE! The usual
treatment It’s for our neighbours.
3 points for you. 0 for them! Thank so you and safe journey
home. It’s for our fans…It’s perfect!
We will leave
you to make the most of it. Well for done this performance
and carry on like this Who won the derby? It’s us! Only the three points, only the win! What more could you want?
We won the derby at home! That’s all! They beat us at their place…
We needed to win this one! We don’t need to speak,
we just do that… there you go… We are delighted to welcome,
OGC Nice’s Brazilian defender
Bonfim Costa Santos… In any case, you haven’t changed
between these photos from your
various appearances. My final dream for my career is to play
in the Champions League once again. But the club isn’t going to go crazy, you can’t expect us to compete with
Paris Saint-Germain, for example. When you look at the investment this
summer. It was very interesting. Especially with Dolberg,
Alexis Claude-Maurice, Boudaoui is a great find. So these are the
players of the future for the club, that will help the club to progress
and finish as high as possible. We discussed this and for us, there
is no question that it is better to play the matches behind closed doors.
We took this decision unanimously, given these very
special circumstances. We must not doubt our
best intentions on this subject. But football is
still a game and, today, there are much more important things
at stake than club treasuries. There’s a health problem.
We have to adapt. It’s a shame to play without an
audience, and for the players it’s very special. But it would also be
a shame not to play these matches, because there are very few free
dates in the calendar. If we were to postpone matches, we don’t know
when we could reschedule them. It would become extremely
complicated for the fairness of the competition and especially
to finish the championship.


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