Le Zap’Gym n°82

“Well Ladies and G…….” Nice Attacks: Paul Baysse meets the Scooter hero. “It’s a rather strange feeling to meet somebody that has been through what you have.” “I think we have a responsibility to make people happy.” “So that people like you can come to the stadium. And even if less pleasant things happen in life, they have the stadium to visit and to escape from their thoughts.” Artist, Chinese fan sends her best wishes “I wish you all a happy new year…” “With happiness for your families” “That Nice will be champions of Ligue 1” “Come on Nice!” “Come on Dante” “And especially the youngsters, there are a lot of young players there and others that have just arrived.” “Like for example, if Ancelotti calls you tomorrow and asks which Nice player he should sign for Bayern.” “Who would you recommend? The player with the most potential…” Mathieu Bodmer : “Wylan [Cyprien] I think. Then there is also Alassane in attack…” “Yes, Plea or Cyprien, I think the two are both hard working and have the desire.” Arnaud Souquet hasn’t hung about INTERVIEW CONDUCTED IN JULY 2014
“I signed as a pro when I was 17 years old, then I was sent on loan for a year with the national set-up…” “Then the year after I was on loan at Mouscron and then this year, I have come to the end of my contract with Lille.” “What could we wish you for the end of this contract?” “To be able to find a club and to have the best season possible” “I think if you had told me at that point that I would be at Nice now, I wouldn’t have believed you.” CFA: Mickaël Le Bihan back on the pitch Vincent Koziello (Midfielder, OGC Nice) : Press Conference before Nice-Metz (Azur TV) “We mustn’t underestimate this Metz side. We beat them 4-2 at their place and I remember at one point, we were at 2-2 and that we scored at the end of the match.” Fabrice Mauro (OGC Nice Announcer) : “Hello and welcome to the Allianz Riviera, and welcome to the village of the Allianz Riviera where today we focus on the little kings and queens of the Reds and Blacks.” “Around 3,000 slices of galette will be distributed and up for grabs are many prizes including posters, signed footballs and shirts.” Winners of the magic fèves, certain kings and queens won some extra special prizes. “Come on Nice” Olivier (Winner of the Credit Agricole Aiglon of the month competition) : “I was drawn out of the hat for Credit Agricole Aiglon of the month competition, to win the opportunity to present the Aiglon of the month award to Wylan Cyprien. It was great and a really nice moment for me.” Winner of the top prize, Slim finds out he will be going onto the pitch to the centre circle. Christophe Pignol (BeIN Sports Correspondent) : “In order to fill out this magnificent Allianz Riviera, entertainment has been put on here…” “…as it had been before Christmas, when kids under-12 gain free entry to the stadium. And today’s theme is the Galette des Rois.” “I have to decided to make Elie my king…” “His name is Slim and he, along with Virginie, will present the trophy to Poussin.” “Give him a kiss.” “Poussin, do the airplane!” SLIM
INTERVIEW OF TRUTH “So you went onto the pitch
– Yeah” “Happy ?
– Yeah !” “How was that?
– Really good” “Have you had a good time then?
– Yeah” Nampalys Mendy (Midfielder, LFC, ex-OGC Nice) : “I am doing well, it’s been a month now…” “Yesterday, we played and it didn’t go too well and we lost. But bit by bit, I am getting there and it is getting better.” “Are you still in contact with your former teammates?” “Yeah, of course, I am still in touch with them. I am still close with a few of them like Alass and Vincent and that will always be the case.” “Also I wanted to take the opportunity to speak to them because my departure was fairly rushed and so I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to the players nor the fans.” “And to tell them that I had enjoyed my time with them and have only good memories of that time. It is a great club with an exciting future and I wish them all the best for that. “ “Come on Nice” Lucien Favre (Coach, OGC Nice) : “Of course, we needed more impact against a team like that, more solutions in those tight areas. And to break down their defence once we had beaten their midfield.” Walter Benitez (Goalkeeper, OGC Nice) : “I am really happy to be in Nice and it’s a great club.” “Come on Nice. I am happy to be at the Club that I am and I hope we can work together to achieve our objectives.” 5 Aiglons live on the Facebook page of Orange’s 12th Man. Thibaud Vezirian (Journalist for Orange’s 12th Man) : “Today, we are with all the teams of Orange’s 12th Man and we are delighted to be at the Allianz Riviera to discover inside this stadium.” “What do we have? Well, we have the Press Conference room where I am at the moment.” “We will be welcoming 5 Nice players to ask the questions of our viewers online on the Facebook page of Orange’s 12th Man.” “I am going to follow it live on tablet and ask the questions in the form of “truth or lie”.” “First question for Remi Walter, the rumours are that you argue with Mario Balotelli in Italian, which makes you bilingual…is it true or false? Rémi Walter : “It’s true. 100% true. Lie “It was really nice, a nice atmosphere. I enjoyed it.” “Did you manage to place the word in conversation that you needed to?” “I was supposed to use the word ‘somersault’” Word to place: Somersault “And I was meant to use the word ‘saxophone’” Word to place: Saxophone “But concerning his activities outside of football, I know he likes to play the Saxophone.” “As for Vincent, he likes to do loads of somersaults” “Mission accomplished?” “Yes, but I was the one to get the word in first” “But there was no mention of doing it first, we had twenty minutes to do it.” “How did it go?” “Why are you on tiptoes? I am not embarrassed about my height.” “Me neither” “And again you’re on tiptoes” “He’s cheating!”


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