– What’s up? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of Official Thenx. Today my fellow Thenx athletes, we’re gonna be doing a workout
from the Thenx program, intermediate program part five, day three and that’s a leg day. No equipment needed, you
could do it anywhere. So all you Thenx members
sign on right now, let’s do this workout together and let’s get those legs pumped. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) All right, so let’s get
this workout started. So for the warm up we have
switching lunges for one minute, jump squats, 22 times, leg raises laying down, 22 times, leg flutters laying down, 20 seconds. We’re gonna supposed to
repeat that three times for the warm up but we’re
just gonna go straight into the workout and get
this leg routine started. So all you guys make sure you
had the warm up already done before moving on to this. So here we go, the first
move is broad jumps across 20 feet, six times. Then we’re gonna move
into squats, 25 times. Bulgarian split squats,
12 times on each leg. Squat lunge for 40 seconds. Assisted pistol squat, eight times each. Side squat, 12 times each. Crab walks across 20 feet, five times. Jumping jacks, 40 seconds. Calf raises plus the hold at
the top, 15 times for each leg. And lastly, we have tiptoe wall sit and we’re gonna hold that
for as long as we can. So this is actually a pretty long workout. We’re gonna repeat this routine
for a total of three times to complete the workout. So let’s get started. If we were to skip the warm up we would go straight into the first move. So we would rest one minute, get ready, work out, start. So the first move is broad
jumps across 20 feet. So if you guys don’t
know what that looks like always click the video
and you’ll see exactly what every single move
looks like in perfect form. So broad jumps across 20 feet, perfect. Now we know what they look like, how many do we got to go for? Six, let’s do it. (techno music) All right. Let’s see what the next ones are. Okay, squats, 25 times. It says rest for 30 seconds but I think we can keep it going. Whew. Here we go, 25 squats. (techno music) Whew. 25. All right, let’s see what move is next. So as you can see, as
soon as you finish a move you wait 30 seconds but
use that 30 seconds to see what the next move is gonna be. And that is Bulgarian split squats, 12 times each. (techno music) All right, step forward, 12 on each side. (techno music) Whew. All right, next move. Rest 30 seconds. Squat lunge for 40 seconds. This is tough. All right, so here we
go with the 40 seconds. Remember, if you guys are
confused about the form, how well you’re doing it,
just click on the little video it shows you exactly how to do it. Here we go. If you feel tired, you
don’t have to go crazy. Pace yourself, don’t push yourself. 40 seconds. (techno music) Whew. 45 seconds. All right, moving on. Okay, now we have assisted pistol squats, eight times each. (techno music) Okay, finished. Next ones, side squats, 12 times each. Let’s do it. (techno music) Whew, last one. All right. All right, so next move. Men, this is a tough leg workout. Crab walks across 20 feet. Five times. Let’s do it. (techno music) Man, I’m starting to feel it now. (techno music) Whew, last one. Oh men. (techno music) Whew, let’s see the next one. All right, oh this is like a break, jumping jacks, 40 seconds. Let’s do it. All right, here we go. Let’s do it. There we go. (techno music) Whew. All right. Next move. Calf raises, 15 each. Let’s do it. So I like to do them
like this, standing here. Up, one. (techno music) Other side. (techno music) Whew, all right. So now, think we’re at the end are we. Yes, last move. Tip toe wall sit, and we just max out. Let’s see, I’ll use this bench right here. (techno music) All right, I think that’s good enough. So that’s the first round, you wanna complete this
for a total of three rounds to finish the workout. Thank you guys so much for
doing this routine with me. As you can see the routines on
these programs on Thenx.com, they’re hard. They’re definitely no joke and they’re definitely not
the normal run around things that you see everyone else
trying to make online programs and every cycle the same garbage, telling you to do the same stuff that you could easily find on
any other website like YouTube or bodybuilding.com. These are definitely specific, customized, smart workouts that
obviously take your training to the next level. And the best part is
you can do it anywhere. So we’re gonna keep doing this, taking more days out of the programs and doing them live
for you guys on YouTube so we can do them together. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video and being a part of this. If you’re not already
a member on Thenx.com, sign up now. I don’t know what you’re waiting for because we do this together
all the time online. We got workout sending
straight to your email daily, every single day for all fitness levels: beginner, intermediate, advance. These programs are for all fitness levels: beginner, and intermediate, advance. Now I’m coming out with
calisthenics and weights workout programs and
brand new workout programs that’s gonna push everybody
to the next level. I also have a whole bunch
of new technique guides coming out so you guys
can get those skills up and take your training up a notch and show the world what a
true Thenx elite athlete is all about. So guys thank you so much. Subscribe, like, comment, share. Definitely let me know what
the next video should be about. Until next time, see ya. Peace. (techno music)


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