Let’s Make Healthy Happen (Manifesto) – Anytime Fitness

Healthy. It doesn’t happen on its own. There’s no magic potion. Or silver bullet. And despite what Insta
influencers and celebrity trainers may tell you. No detox tea. 14 day detox. Fad diet or superfood will
transport you from here to healthy. The truth is it’s tough. It’s so frustrating. Just frustrated. I’m frustrated. To get started. To stay committed. And it’s even harder
to do it on your own. But together we can
make healthy happen. So let’s forget all the noise
and go all in on our goals because healthy doesn’t
happen by accident. Healthy happens
with the right help that comes at the right
times in the right ways. Help that gets you going,
flowing, learning, laughing, lifting and lunging. That gets you motivated,
keeps you moving and making healthier choices that makes
every rep and every step really count, whether you’re
at the gym, on the go, or off the grid. Healthy happens when you have
an ally who truly listens to you and takes the time
to help you succeed and develops a program
based on your goals and your personality. Who knows what sets you off,
gets you down and fires you up. Who will stay in touch
so you can stay on track. Because whether it
arrives by coach or by team by app or by
inbox, at 2:00 PM or 2:00 AM. On New Year’s Day
or every Tuesday. The right help is a
real life changer. So let’s do this thing,
whatever that thing is to you. That thing that feels good. That brings you joy. Whether you want to
tone up, slim down stress less or
lift more let’s get to doing let’s get
to moving and let’s get you to your
healthier place together. Together. Together. Because at Anytime, we’re not in
the business of making claims. We’re in the business
of changing lives because at Anytime we can
make healthy happen for you.


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