Lilian Aguilar’s Fitness and Health Journey – Excerpt From the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate

– Hi, my name is Lilian Aguilar, and I would like to share
with you my plant-based story. I grew up in a traditional
Mexican household eating a lot of the traditional dishes which are very high in animal products. They’re very high in dairy products. They’re very high in fat overall. My family was not financially stable, my parents had to work a lot. I grew up eating a lot of fast food just because it was the
cheapest thing available and it was the easiest thing for my parents to provide
for us to a family of nine. So I was eating a lot of
pizza, a lot of fried tacos, a lot of hamburgers, just
anything that my parents would find easy to feed us. Because of this, I grew
up pretty overweight. I had a lot of acne, I had
both face and body acne. I was constantly getting sick. I had very low energy levels, and due to all this I also ended up suffering from deep depression. At the age of 14, everything changed. I started volunteering
in an animal shelter, and that’s how I found out
all of the terrible things that happen to animals
in the factory farms, the dairy farm, the fur trade, and how we’re basically exploiting animals for our own benefits, and immediately I decided to eliminate all animal products out of my diet. I lost approximately 50 pounds. My acne completely went away. My hair started growing really fast, my nails started growing really fast. My energy levels improved, I
felt so much better overall that my depression ended
up going away as well. And throughout a few years, I stayed with my diet and I was really healthy. Now at the age of 18, that’s
when I moved out on my own. I started college, and
I started incorporating a lot of other types
of foods into my diet. I started discovering new vegan foods that were not available to me before, a lot of vegan pizza, vegan
ice cream, vegan hamburgers, vegan imitation chicken,
vegan imitation cheese, and my body started changing the more I started
consuming these products. I started gaining a lot of
weight, my acne came back. My energy levels were going down. I just was not feeling good overall. I started getting sick constantly, and it wasn’t until I was 28 years old that I was just not happy with my body and I finally decided to make a change. And I decided to become a personal trainer so that I would be able to learn how to get my body into shape. But even though I was a personal trainer, I was still not seeing
the results that I wanted, and at the age of 29 I
took a nutrition course which happens to be the
Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate that Cornell University offers. It was then that I decided
to go back to consuming a whole foods plant-based diet, and my body just transformed. I lost all of the weight again. I started feeling so much better. I noticed that my recovery in
the gym was so much better. Overall, my health just improved. I haven’t been sick in over four years, and people started noticing these changes, especially in the gym, and
they would come up to me and make comments like,
oh you should compete in a body-building competition. Oh, but you’re vegan. Oh you should compete in this federation, oh but you don’t eat meat. And a lot of people
started making comments saying that I would not be ale to compete in a body-building competition
because I was vegan and because I was not eating
the high amounts of protein that everybody was consuming. So to prove a point, I decided to compete in my very first
body-building competition, the NPC Las Vegas Classic, and I actually ended up placing
top five in that federation, which I think proves an even bigger point, not only that you can build
muscle on a vegan diet but you can also be competitive as a vegan whole-foods plant-based
and supplement-free. So I’m here to show you
that you can absolutely reach the body of your dreams. You can build muscle, and
you can reach optimum health on a whole-foods plant-based
diet without any supplements.

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