Lose 10 kgs in 30 days | RAMADAN DIET PLAN 2019 | Full day diet for weight loss

I am Anwesha. My Youtube comment section was flooded to make diet plan for Ramadan/Ramzan As it is about to start.30 days of fasting for my Muslim sisters & brothers. on a pious spiritual journey. It is easy to start focusing on ur health is easier & best time to start. Its a journey on self discipline. Happy Ramadan to all of u Follow these basic fitness tips first since ur body is calorie deficit so dont lift heavy at gym do simple cardio alternate day workout is okay Dont keep idealistic fitness goals of boy building now coz its not possible. Ofcourse fat loss weight loss is easily possible Check this workout in my description box below U can do this at home for 20 mins When u break fast, be aware of what u eat Continue watching this video for the nutritious snack option When u break fast, sip one bottle of water. when u go into fast, before that, 1-2 bottles of water since entire fasting time, u will be without food & water, so drink water when not on fast, but sipping. These nutritious healthy food items need to be consumed by you every day in Ramadan. curd, roasted chana, bananas, dates & coconut water. Do not have coffee/tea in morning since it makes u more dehydrated. Take right proportion of carbs, dont sit down to calculate calories in food. 14-16 hours of fasting when u r not on fast, u r going to have 3 wholesome meals Water & coconut water I have added 1 tsp of honey to this. I, anyway, have this item everyday in summer I just dont add chivda to it. But u need to add chivda(carbs) since u r calorie deficit. U should eat this 30 days only The time when u break the fast, u tend to eat all oily junk food Pls avoid oily food, have this snack Dinner should be done early since u wake up very early. u need 8 hours of sleep Wake up 30 mins before sehri dont wake up 10 mins before and gulp food One bottle of water (with or without lemon in it) Take any fruit juice and add 1 tsp of flax seeds to it as flax seeds has fibre, it keeps u full for a longer time Do like, share & subscribe Do comment down below


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