Lose Cheek Fat And Firm Cheeks With Facial Exercises

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pardpardeftab720ri720 f0fs24 cf0 Face Yoga Method. Have you ever
wondered how to lift up your cheeks as gravity works against them? When you learn how to
isolate the muscles in your face you can easily tone and firm your cheeks. In this video Fumiko
Takatsu, Face yoga expert, shows you how to exercise, lift up and firm your cheek muscles.Hi
I am fumiko from the Face yoga method. Jane asked me how to lift up the cheeks with face
yoga exercise. This is a great question because as you know gravity is working against us
and everything is going down. In this video I want to show you a very simple face yoga
exercise you can do any time anywhere. I love to do this one when I am jogging or running
so my cheeks don’92t go down. First slightly move your chin forward. Then slightly move
your lips up and over your teeth. Smile and lift up the corners of your mouth. Push your
tongue against the roof of the mouth and hold for ten seconds. Let’92s do it again. Chin
forward, curl your lower lip, smile, lift up the corners of your mouth. Chin up. Make
sure and do the tongue push up. By adding the tongue to the pose it really helps to
lift up your cheeks and tone your neckline. Don’92t you love it.? If you like this video.
If you do not have my free face yoga ebook come on over to face yoga method.com and get
it now.
Please go to cf2 ul ulc2 http://faceyogamethod.com/webinarcf0 ulnone to watch a special webinar for face
The face yoga method works for all areas of the face not just the cheeks. You can use
face yoga to firm and tighten the muscles in your jawline, around your eyes, around
your mouth and on your forehead. Try the face yoga method and you will see results but please
be sure and stay consistent with your practice.
For a free ebook go to http://faceyogamethod.com


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