Lower Body Workout | Level 2- BeFit in 30 Extreme

welcome back BeFitters we have got a really great routine for you today. It is going to focus on your butt, legs, and back are you ready BeFitters? BeFit Team? Awesome we have a warm-up for you guys that consists of 5 exercises, 20 seconds per exercise, let’s let’s start with jumping
jacks now remember we are working on our butt legs and back so we want to get everything warmed up we have 3 circuits of 3 exercises sixty seconds per exercise, a 30 second rest period and then we have a finishing move that’s going to target pretty much everything at the end so, let,s go into the next warm-up which is butt kicks try to kick your butt with your heels awesome guys warm up those quads, warm up those glutes breath regularly it’s going to be a tough workout, so we have got to make sure that the warm-up is real good now side to side lateral hops warm up those ankles when you do the lateral hops, try to keep your core in one place and just move side to side with your feet looking good guys keep going keep going now we’re going to do a squat to knee
pull so i want you guys to squat and then pull your knee in squat pull your knee in get low loosen up those quads loosen up your glute. nice good to see you guys all in synch right now. This is great and then we are going to loosen up our lower backs in a minute with a fold forward sky reach let’s get your feet about shoulder width apart roll up, reach the ceiling come back down touch the ground roll up touch the ceiling come back down touch the ground you guys feel nice and loose? Awesome so after this we are going to prep for the first circuit couple more seconds of these. Awesome you guys feeling warmed up? alright why don’t you grab your dumbbells and we will go over the first couple of moves the first thing you are going to do is going to be a front squat press, so grab your dumbbells and hold them up in front of you like this squat down and then extend up this is going to be the first exercise you are going to do for sixty seconds the next one you are going to do is a single-leg dead lift with one dumbbell, so drop one dumbbell hold the dumbbell in the opposite hand of the leg that you are going to have on the ground reach the ground like this. Keep your leg straight and then come back up so extend your back leg come back up. I will give you 30 seconds per side then the last exercise that you are going to do is going to be your renegade row and you are going to alternate sides throughout the exercise, so why don’t you get down on the ground for me and you are going to pull the dumbbell up drop it on the ground, roll it to the other hand pull it up, drop it to the ground, boom awesome guys are you ready to get started? all right let’s do it! so those front squat presses, and go! now try to get really deep on these. We are working our butt today our lower back, and we are hitting shoulders too right now so you want challenge yourself
especially on the first exercise by going as low as you can and as high as you can with the dumbbells if it’s too easy grab heavier weights awesome how are you guys doing so far? just awaiting the pain that’s gonna come in about 2 minutes when we get to the next circuit alright we got about 25 seconds left pick a nice steady pace breath regularly as you do it the key is to not stop if you guys can, keep track of your reps alright we got 10 seconds then we have a 30 second break keep it going. 3, 2, 1. relax let’s get rid of 1 dumbbell guys how are you feeling? what are you feeling so far? shoulders are burning, how are your quads feeling? and the glutes are good too right? Alright guys, now remember try to keep track of your weight you want to challenge yourself. The next exercise is going to be that dead lift single-leg dead lift. We are going to do 30 seconds per side and then switch we need 1 dumbbell. Are you guys ready? let’s get started try keep your shoulders back as you do this exercise keep a stiff leg looking good back there guys 30 seconds per side oh, I can see you i can see the viewers at home they just don’t know it couple seconds alright let’s switch legs really extend down beginning to feel some stretching in your hamstrings especially if you’re tight that’s okay 20 seconds of these then we are going to rest and go into our renegade rows keep those shoulders back engaging a lot of glutes right now especially as you come up to the top. Make sure that you are flexing and relax how did you like it? Wes is doing a great job, so is Tara Tara is not even sweating. I am going to push her a little harder on circuit 2 just to make sure that you guys know at home that this is a tough workout alright so we have 18 seconds left on the
rest the next exercise that you are going to do is renegade rows. Once again, you need 1 dumbbell tMake sure that you have enough space to go into a plank position and keep your core tight during that plank if you have a hard time with balance, just spread your feet a little wider. Are you guys ready? Alright let’s do it switch every time you go to the ground with the
dumbbell if you can try to drop the dumbbell down in front of your body in the center 60 seconds straight keep it going that back should be on fire and those shoulders are going to be on fire because you are holding yourself in the air if you need to challenge yourself more, just grab a heavier dumbbell alright guys 20 seconds. Burn it up burn right through looking good back there guys count your reps at home 5 seconds push it to the end. 2, 1.. awesome! let’s get set up for the next circuit. Circuit 2, once again, 3 exercises, 60 seconds per exercise 30 seconds of rest so Tara is going to set up the Bulgarian split squat. Put 1 leg on the chair go down as far as you can and don’t let your front knee track too far over your toe if you don;t have a chair at home, just find something about that height that you can stand on. good second exercise that you are going to do is going to be a bridge with a pull-over get your hips nice and high pull the dumbbell over and touch your waist come back down to the ground and repeat and last exercise that you are going to do is going to be a plank with a row so plank, row, and then a fly, awesome. row it up then fly it out we are going to do 30 seconds per side you guys ready let’s do it put your legs up, good let’s start the circuit awesome now you notice how deep their going. If you are having a hard time going super low on these you might not be sitting back far enough, so I want you to bring your chest up check out Wes over here, he has his chest up nice and high and as he comes down, he is forming 90 degree angles angles with his front knee and his back knee good Tara, those look really good keep pushing, keep pushing alright we’re gonna switch sides in
about 5 seconds, 3, 2, 1 switch sides now you also notice that they are holding the dumbbell on the opposite side of the front leg so if you have your front leg your front left leg forward, the dumbbell is in your right hand good try and stay on your toe on the bench looking awesome and once again if this is too easy for
you, you can try holding 2 dumbbells or, just get a heavier dumbbell to hold in that inside hand keep pushing guys looking great there you go, if you can, try getting this foot a little bit more forward, nice you really want to pay attention to that knee. Make sure it is not tracking too far. Alright relax guys How did that feel? Where did you feel it the most? off leg of yeah alright, so want to get back down to the ground we are going to do the with the pull-overs now for this exercise it’s extremely important that you get some
hip hypertension so it might not look like it but this is a butt workout so you are going to flex your glutes as hard as you can so that you can get your hips extremely
high you want to try to get 90 degree angles with your knees once again, so bring your feet back a little bit, and go keep your core super tight bring the dumbbell all the way back and dig your heels into that chair flex your butt Tara, get it really high. We can see the difference the viewers at home can see the difference those look good wes. You can see how high Wes is right now. This is how you are supposed to look so keep pushing keep track of your repetitions. Awesome dig those heels in and once again guys if it is too easy just grab heavier dumbbells where are you feeling this the most guys? that glutes you are going to feel it in your core as well. You are going to feel it in your shoulders but if you are flexing those glutes they are going to be on fire. Your hamstrings are going to start to burn right about now too but don’t worry guys there is only 15 seconds
left keep it going, good keep it going dig those heels in, get that butt up ten seconds I want you guys at home to really push yourself
these last ten seconds squeeze your glutes as hard as you can and 3, 2, 1 relax great job guys Are you ready for the next exercise? Let’s wrap up circuit 2 with a plank row and fly just want you guys to get into position now remember you are doing 30 seconds per side I am going to get out of your way real quick when you are in the plank position, you
want to make sure your body is straight so get your tummy nice and tight lower your butt a little bit, good same thing over here. Stomach tight, lower your butt you guys are going to start in 3, 2, 1, and go now if you have a hard time with this
exercise and balance just make your feet a bit wider . Be sure to stay on your toes as well this really going to burn your core and shoulders remember we are isolating that back too don’t let your butt go high, Tara sit that butt down a little bit looking good… you guys feeling it? Ok, you got about 8 seconds before we switch sides keep going don’t stop once again if it’s too easy , just grab a heavier dumbbell. 2, 1 switch sides 30 more seconds. Let’s see it, let’s wrap it up get right into it guys. good row it in, now when you are doing the row, you want to make sure you are keeping your elbow close to your rib cage and then you are extending back down and then doing the row when you do both of these movements you want to make sure that your shoulders are
parallel to the ground. You don’t want to be lifting your body to far up off the ground good keep going tighten the core, lower the butt tighten your core Wes, lower your butt a little bit, and relax thirty second break that was awesome let’s get rid of these chairs so, for the next 3 exercises, the first thing you are going to do is a reverse lunge with a front raise. So, you are going to hold the dumbbell in front of you, you are going to reverse lunge, come to the top, and then alternate for sixty seconds the next exercise you are going to do is an alternating lateral lunge keeping your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart put the dumbbell in front of you and then go side to side and the last exercise you are going to do is an alternating squat with a high pull and you are going to do it with a single arm thirty seconds before per side feet about shoulder width apart, you are going to squat down, bringing your arm to the opposite ankle and as you come up, bring your arm over your head keep your arm straight as you come up thirty seconds per side let’s go to the first exercise, you guys ready? alright dumbbells out in front, arms straight and go reverse lunge, now remember just like the lunges last time you want to step back far enough so that front knee stays over your ankle your quads and glutes should be on fire at this point you are going to feel this thoughout you’re back and shoulders too let’s see how my tea, is doing. How are you guys doing back there? remember guys if it is too easy up that weight alright team let’s burn this out. 30 seconds breath regularly keep track of those reps if you are having a hard time with balance try tightening your core and squeezing your glutes five seconds and relax awesome that wasn’t hard that wasn’t hard, right guys? how are you guys doing at home, good? you have got another 20 seconds of rest then we are doing that alternating lateral lunge you guys ready for this okay let’s rest it up just shake out a little side to side. Stay nice and loose and with that dumbbell in front of your body remember the setup is going to be just having your feet just outside shoulder width let’s get into position, and go. Back and forth now you might not be able to go as low as us, but you can certainly worked towards it go back and forth nice and slow keep your toes pointed forward and try to dip a little lower and lower as the seconds count down you guys are doing great with 40 seconds left really feeling this in your butt your legs keep the chest up and you are going to feel this in your lower back, oh yeah twenty five seconds how we doing back there nice, you guys are getting pretty low if you can Tara, try to get your chest a little higher and sit that butt down. You are going to feel it more in your glutes eight seconds keep it going, nice and steady the key is not to stop and relax. thirty second break now remember, for the next exercise we are doing thirty seconds per side you are going to squat touch your inside ankle with the outside
arm and come up to a high pull okay keep your arm straight as you raise your
arm. You ready? these high fly’s are going to be tough but we’re gonna make it through 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 squat touch your ankle high fly, squat, high fly. keep it going just like that you can choose to put your opposite arm on your hip, let it hang by your side and if the weight is too easy, just bump it up keep it going guys, we got eight seconds now switch sides but you’re not done after this remember we have that finishing move coming up which is going to be renegade freaks i hope you ready for it it is going to be sixty seconds of non-stop action so whatever energy you have left, you are going to empty out your tank right there and then we are going to finish up with some abs and go into a cool down nine seconds guys and relax fifteen seconds on the clock for the renegade freaks the same thing as a renegade rows
except you are lifting with your opposite leg and your opposite arm let’s get down on the ground let’s get into it in five seconds, 4, 3, 2, and 1 sixty seconds straight guys so we are going to hit these hard you should really feel some glute activation
here you are going to feel it in your back too shoulders should be getting fatigued keep that core nice and tight keep your butt down you got thirty seconds left keep it going fifteen seconds push it hard empty that tank five seconds two, one awesome so let’s demonstrate the ab exercises real quick Wes, why don’t you get on your back you are going to do a static ninety-three hold with your legs and then just touch your toes get your shoulders up off of the ground as you do it and then we do thirty seconds of this and go into a swivel so knees bent touch your heels ready to go in about 8 seconds, so why don’t you save that energy get the dumbbells out of the way you guys ready let’s finish it up strong. 3, 2, 1and go keep your legs straight and really get those shoulders up off
the ground squeeze those abs ten seconds left guys and then we are going to swivel to success and finish up this workout. 3, 2 and 1 right into the swivels back-and-forth your abs are going to be on fire mine as well make the obliques match I see some swiveling. How are you guys feeling? If you can talk to me, you’re not working hard enough I am supposed to be the only guy talking laughs doing great guys doing great. 4, 3, 2, and 1 relax let’s get right up and get into that cool down great job guys high five awesome job Tara so let’s cool down together you guys
ready? we are going to do a standing quad stretch into a figure 4 one leg up maintain your balance we are going to hold those for ten seconds go to a figure four same leg just sit back as far as you can ten seconds then we are going to quad stretch the other leg switch if you need some help stabilizing, pick something that doesn’t move to stare at put your arm out in front of you let’s go into that figure four sit as low as you can now we are going to loosen up that lower back go into some cat cow and switch feet shoulder width shoulders rolled forward extend your back up suck it in, extend it out, suck it in. oh yeah how do your lower backs feel guys? alright guys let’s go into a lat stretch grab your wrist pull over feel that stretch, arms straight core tight let’s switch sides, alright now let’s give ourselves a hug reach as far across as you can really try to grab your shoulders tight hold this for about ten seconds it is kind of like you are congratulating yourself. You just did a hardcore workout do you guys feel good? Let’s switch sides if you are having a hard time holding this, that means you are dripping sweat which means you did a good job are you guys slipping and sliding all over the place too? alright guys so you finished today’s workout. We are really proud of you keep track of your results and we’ll see you next week What’s up BeFitters let me know what you think about level 2 of the Befit in 30 Extreme challenge upload a response, hit the like button, or leave a comment below. Remember there are three 30 Day Extreme
Program levels available: one two and three. Check out the complete workout
plan with the link in the description below. See you next time for the next day of the BeFit in 30 Day Extreme Challenge


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