You have to do a lot more then just show up.. You have to expect it, you have to already have practiced it in your mind. You have to imagine what the bar is gonna feel like in your hands or on your back. You have to have this kind of mental rehearsal to get any kind of results. You just can’t go there on gym day and go ”OK… I’m here, I showed up, I’m gonna do a few of these and a few of those..” .. And take your preworkout thing and all that stuff. You’ve already done thinking about how you gonna bring it into reality. On the way to the gym You’ve to start getting those sweaty palms You just can’t show up and pretend.. You have to demand from the workout that you’re gonna get results. You have to have workouts in your brain already before, you have to have the results already in your brain before you even get there. The nice thing about bodybuilding is you’re not just competing with another human. You’re not trying to dominate another human being, you’re dominating yourself. To dominate yourself you gotta promise yourself that you will go the distance each and every single time. In the face of failure, you get 5 more reps.. You’ll figure out a way to get more. In the eyes of failure you’re ready to start. If you don’t think you can do this, don’t. If you are doing it, and you wonder why you’re not getting the kind of results. This is what you gotta do!! This is what you have to do. It’s all about dreams. And dreams cost nothing, they are free The hard part is just keeping them going.. And please keep them going.. Because we’re here for one simple reason. He believed in the dream, I believe in the dream and our dreams come true.. And there’s no reason everyone of yours can’t either!! You have to be at this point in your life where you go there’s no question. This is what I gotta do, and I’m gonna do it and I’m gonna get results. .. Or I’m not gonna do it and I’m gonna do something else. You decide.


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