Maria Helena – Alimentos Saudáveis para o Cérebro

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I hope you like this video Make like and subscribe to receive more videos like this Today I’ll tell you about food that are good for the brain To keep the brain young so for longer should provide you every day but every day even essential nutrients that is for everything to work well Look at them are the omega 3 the folic acid vitamins C, E and K And the brain also needs mineral salts like the Zinc selenium and the phosphorus So where does this nutrient come from? Where do they meet? Very easy I’ve got everything on the table Look I got the broccoli right here that do very well! We have spinach here We have here curcuma My dear Curcuma, every day goes Curcuma! I’ll just scoop it out I pick it up here like this Look how I do it I’ll drain the turmeric And then I put it in the milkshakes That’s what I do Curcuma does very well It is a natural anti-inflammatory If you put a pinch of pepper It increases very much I think it’s a hundred times the power of the turmeric So it’s an extraordinary anti-inflammatory, I take it every day like I said we have here the turnip that is very good we have here the beet It’s such good taste of beets, it’s so good You can cut even raw no need to bake and put it on the shake we also have here These I’ve got goji berries, You follow me on instagram, Then see her I have goji berries on the farm, which I plant Not in Portugal?
Gives In Portugal gives everything is a blessed land The nuts Have you ever seen when you break a nut It has the shape of the brain ‘Cause then that means it’s good for the brain, that’s right We have lentils here Have you seen the lentils here, they’re so good You’ve never made lentil soup, have you? You have to try I’ll give you a prescription of mine on instagram for you to make a delicious soup of lentils, you will love it! Then we got here too the linseed The flax pays attention, it won’t eat like this Because this does you no good, this does you harm You have to grind it This is not how you eat it, okay? It is ground or then purchase already ground, which is much easier And then we got here too I’ve got it on my farm too! I got all this stuff I’ve got blueberries I’ve got some raspberries I’ve got some blueberries I got all this stuff and I put it in the milkshakes So Maria Helena here is all done And so are you! The walnut, I have spoken and I speak again that is very good Does the nut know what it’s good for? It’s for the brain like I said, it’s shaped like the brain, so it’s all said What are you waiting for? How wonderful it is! Look the nut is rich in Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vitamins B1, B2 and B3, that are essential to your mental health Eating a few nuts a day helps improve memory You forget where you put things Go nuts Besides the food I have here There are others who should also eat regularly what are Look at sardine once the sardine was bad Do you remember it? That kind of time? So have I “It’s not reimosa, it’s bad for children” Now the sardine has what? Omega 3 The mackerel to soya So you know now We are what we eat Feed well and keep your brain always young

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