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hi everybody my name is Alex Napoli
welcome to health by Napoli where we only do fun stuff that doesn’t suck check out
my box today what we were doing is unboxing the super fun box from Marley
spoon this is Martha Stewart’s meal delivery kit system I love Martha
Stewart anything that Martha Stewart does I like need to check out if it’s
budget-friendly which this was so I’m gonna unbox this and make some dinners
let’s check it out oh it’s pretty cute though
there’s some nice writing and then we go in these are gonna be our recipe
cards so I got a roasted sweet potato and kale salad steak with black pepper
butter veggie sushi and rice bibimbap I think that’s how you say it that’s how I
say it when I order it and nobody’s corrected me so so when I was making my
order selections I was trying to choose things that were like a little
bit on the healthier spectrum like low carb and things like that there were
quite a few options there were quite a few options to that we’re also like not
gluten-free or paleo friendly so you kind of just have to like pick and
choose Oh a bag of things okay so I think this is our bag of like veggies so it we’ve got some
spinach some green onion I forgot what that was for a second carrot mushroom rice wine
vinegar random unlabeled packet cami noriko my Japanese low another
nondescript sauce ohhhhhhhh oh I just discovered something there’s
two more bags so each bag must be for one meal so this is the roasted sweet
potato bag this is the steak bag and the one that I just unpacked is the bibimbap
bag you guys thought about this when you were putting it together I wasn’t
thinking about it when I pulled it apart though well now I need to put it back in
the bag so things don’t get mixed up okay bag number two this is for the steak
with black pepper butter we’ve got radishes whoo green beans some more
white wine vinegar green onion and parsley
the other one was much more veggie heavy and final one this is for the kale a
whole lot of kale three-dates two sweet potato some almonds mmm okay so those
were our fresh ingredients and now I think that we have some bags of things
that need to be refrigerated boo there was also a whole cloves of garlic so
there’s a layer that keeps your cool stuff away from your warm stuff peas
butter and a little sick of parmesan and then also of course the steak now I’m
wondering technically this is supposed to be a meal for two so this looks like
a pretty small portion of meat if you’re gonna be serving two people although
technically speaking a portion of meat should be the size of your palm which
technically speaking this is the right portion size for me
but I’m a pretty small person so if you’re a bigger person it might not seem
like a lot of meat but I did basically only get vegetarian options except for
the steak so that was all the stuff in my cold section here’s the deal with
marlane spoon it’s a weekly meal delivery service you can pick the day of
the week that you want it delivered I got this whole thing for $31 the regular
price is $60 so I got a 50% off coupon just searching the Internet
I’ll have a link below to where you can get that but so basically what you do
you sign up week by week automatically in enrolling you’re enrolled in every
single week after that which is they think how they catch some people
sometimes because you’ll forget that you have something coming and then it
automatically charges your credit card so you’re not just getting one week
you’re getting every week thereafter so you can go in and you can cancel and you
can update any time so now that you’ve seen me unbox it be sure to check the
links below because I’m gonna have a couple of videos of me actually making
this food and letting you know how it turns out and how it tastes so be sure to
check that out below and let me know if you guys try marley and spoon in the
comments below what did you guys think about it did you
love it did you keep going do you do it every week what’s your experience with
it I would love to hear thank you guys so much for watching be sure to LIKE
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