Massive Arm Workout (INCLUDES FINISHER!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we are working out those arms. I’m going
to show you a way that you can do this as a complete arm workout if you do what I show
you about three times through, or you can add as a nice arm workout finisher after you’ve
done your normal arm workout. The bottom line is: get ready for some pain.
See, we’re taking two common exercises. Bicep cable curl and a tricep cable pushdown. If
you don’t have access to a machine like this guys, don’t tell me you can’t do the
workout because all you have to do is take an inexpensive band that you can wrap over
a pullup bar in your own house. You can do your pushdowns with them and of
course, you can do the same thing down below. Wrap a band and you can do your curls. Here’s
the idea though; it’s not just about the exercises you do. Most of all it’s about how you do
the exercises. Today, because of the way we’re going to do
the dueling stacked setup, we’re going to make sure you’re getting the best of both
worlds. High reps and low reps. The high reps are done so that you can ensure that you’re
feeling the mind-muscle connection; making the muscle contract the way it should. Too many guys just do workouts and never really,
actually try to place as much tension on the muscle they’re trying to work. That’s going
to change here today. Of course, some guys fear the heavy weights and they don’t even
work on anything that’s even remotely heavy. You’re not going to build bigger arm size
if you avoid that all the time. So, what we’re going to do is setup this one
stack, okay? What we’re going to do is try to make sure – again, with the bands you’ve
got to make sure and adjust the tension. You’re going to stand a little closer, or a little
further away. You adjust the tension accordingly. Here we’re going to load up a stack and start
at the very bottom here. For me – whatever it is you can do, you
want to try to max out about six reps on your bicep curl. You’re going to curl as much as
you can. I’m going to do this real time in a second. You then jump all the way to the
top; the lighter rep, and now you do your tricep pushdowns. From there you’re going
to jump back to the bottom, but up two plates, then back up to the top a little heavier two
plates. A little lighter two plates, a little heavier
two plates. A little lighter two plates, a little heavier two plates. You’re going to
pass your way all the way down. You go until you’re doing the same thing all the way, or
at least as far as you can get. I happen to be able to do the same weight on pushdowns
as I can on a curl. All right, let’s get this thing going. Here we go. So I’m starting at the bottom, all the way
and I’m going to try to stack this bitch, and we’re going to curl up. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Then I’ll make these things heavy enough – for
my biceps at least – then you go back to the top now. You’ve just got to slide this
up, my only rest is however long it takes me to transition back to the top. Form here, I’m really squeezing my triceps,
okay? Really hard. Again, this weight is not that challenging, but because I’m really trying
to contract my triceps at the bottom I can make it challenging. Right back down, all
the way to the bottom and now up two on the biceps. Here we go. Again, up. That’s 16.
Back up to the top. Again, a little more challenging, but still
really trying to go for the contraction. Back down, 16. Whew! All right, so you get the
picture. All the way down, but I’m going to go heavy now. Go right in the middle for the
biceps and then I’ll come all the way out again. I’ll go light on biceps and I come
all the way up heavy on the triceps. So again, now the biceps have done all that
heavy work. At this point it’s really about contracting as hard as you possibly can through
here so you can feel it, especially as they fatigue. You’re going to want to quit, but
that’s when you really need to focus on contracting as hard as you can. They want to pop. Now
all the way down to the bottom. Stack them for triceps. There we have it. So guys, if you want you can repeat this a
few times here and take a rest in between completed stacks and then do it as a complete
arm workout. You get a lot of that – and I promise you because you’re hitting those
two ends of the spectrum, the two most overlooked items of the spectrum, hitting it heavy and
really trying to focus on the contraction. If you want, use it as an arm workout finisher.
Guys, this is just a real small taste of what it’s like to train like an athlete. You’ve
got to push yourself. You’ve got to bring the intensity. We have so many different ways
that we train arms. As a matter of fact, we have a complete Ultimate
Arms program that’s literally everything I know about training arms and how to get the
best arms results possible in just six weeks. That program is over at In the meantime, if you’ve found this helpful,
if you liked the fact that I put myself through the torture this time make sure you let me
know below and maybe I’ll do it a little bit more often. All right guys, I’ll be back here again in
just a couple days. See you!

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