Medical Bills with No Health Insurance 👨‍⚕️😷

– [Dana] Hi, happy girl. You ready to go out
just with you and mama? I think you’re the only
baby that has gotten this much alone time with me. It’s pretty special, huh? With all of our kids,
I have been so excited to go to their healthy check-ups and see how big they are
and how they’re progressing and kind of brag about how
they’re doing and everything and I think this is the first one that I’ve been a little hesitant to go … Not hesitant, but just
like, not as excited to go and see how things are going, but I know Livia’s been growing and I can just feel it. I am just absolutely
loving watching her grow and get older and develop and the fact that she was able to start grabbing ahold of her rings this past week has just been encouraging because part of my worrisome with
finding out about her cataract in this journey has been, how is it gonna affect her development
and is she gonna be able to do things at the same
age that our other kids did? Or is it gonna hold her back any at all? (baby cries) Aw, this isn’t even the bad part. Are you getting hungry? She’s missing nap time and it’s almost time for another milk. She skipped a whole nap. I forgot to ask the nurse exactly what her measurements were. I’ll have to ask the doctor them. But she was around 24 inches long and just over 13 pounds. (baby cries) What are you doing, you stiff legs? You got some strong abs there, girly. Say, we’re doing good. We’re on track with everything, we’re just gonna watch …
‘Cause she doesn’t roll over yet. I got her to roll to her side earlier ’cause she was hungry
and so she came with me. I was feeding her my
finger and she was rolling, wanting to get closer and closer. But now you don’t care
’cause your tummy’s full. Say, I don’t need your
finger anymore, yeah. Chubby cheeks, chubby cheeks. The only thing that I
was worried about earlier about her development has been she hasn’t rolled over yet. But then at the doctor’s office
she was showing signs of it, so I just thought that
that was really cool to see a glimpse of encouragement that, you know what, she’s
pretty much right on track with where she should be. Your first time to roll
today onto your side. Are you gonna do it? Where are you going? I think you’re gonna
be rolling pretty soon. There’s no worries about that, huh? That’s encouraging and I
think it’s pretty awesome. Squishy, squishy, squishy, squishy. (mumbles) my squishy. Should I call you my squishy? Love you. (makes baby noises) You gonna eat that? I was thinking on the way home, like how many four month olds
are already rolling over? But how many four month
olds can re-situate their contact in their
eye and get it back on? That happened earlier. I was helping Livia try to
get her contact back up, so I was rubbing under her eye and she brought her hand up there and so I just stopped and
she continued to rub it and the next thing I knew,
it was centered on her eye. She got it. I didn’t do it. She’s the one that did it and
that was so exciting to watch. Let’s see, you were in the
30th percentile for weight and 50th for height. Oh, looky there, you’re doing
tricks at the doctor’s office. We are all better after immunizations. We got little Band-Aids. Little Strawberry Shortcake Band-Aids, one on each leg. You are such a trooper, you know that? You were upset for just a little bit and then you’re totally fine. Say, life is good. I’ve been through worse. (chuckles) I had to stop by the
post office real quick since we were over near there and I am collecting our
Samaritan Ministries shares that people have been sending us. Some of you may know that
we use Samaritan Ministries instead of health insurance and it was really nerveracking switching from regular healthcare
to trusting the church to help provide, to pay for medical bills and it has been the best
switch we have ever done because it’s just been
… It’s been amazing to see the church body
as a whole come together and help care for each other’s needs and it’s so fun, like
what health insurance sends you a card for
your need and for like, oh you had surgery, I’m gonna send you a nice, little card for that. And it’s just really cool
to see all the people that are praying for Livia and (sighs) I don’t know, you couldn’t ask for a better health insurance than that. If you haven’t heard
of Samaritan Ministries and you’re looking for a new
way for health insurance, for us it was … The
cost of health insurance was gonna be ridiculous and this was just a very big blessing to our family. Honestly we were really nervous about it. We got on before the twins were born, or before I was pregnant with the twins and we were nervous the first
time we had bills to submit, like are we really gonna
get help with our bills? Like is this actually gonna work? And it really has. It’s been a huge blessing to us. I didn’t realize like … We had been sending shares before and they encourage you to send a card, but I didn’t realize how encouraging those cards are for people until you’re somebody that has
a need and you’re like, wow, they took the time to send me a card, to write a little note. Even if it’s just something short, just the fact that they
were thinking of us. I wanted to show you all the other letters and cards that we have gotten for Livia. Just from her cataract
surgery, these are some. They’re not even all in. We’re still expecting more to be coming. Just the people that are praying for her from Samaritan Ministries. That’s just really awesome. We have family and friends
and all of you guys have been praying for her. It’s really cool just
to know her healthcare isn’t just covering her bills, but it’s also covering
her in prayer as well. It has been really fun and exciting to just watch Livia grow with everything that’s been going on and
still learning and seeing what’s to come with
her eye and everything. I’m just really enjoying the journey and I’m really enjoying being able to get to share that with you guys. If you’re not following us
along already, please do. We are learning so much and I think everybody has a story
that is worthy of sharing and being able to learn
from and teach others with. We make videos every
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and we would love to have
you join us and follow along. We’ll see you later.

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