MILLIONS Of Americans Will Lose Their Health Insurance with GOP Tax Plan

This past week and actually for the last few
weeks, Republicans in DC have been working on a tax reform package that they say is going
to revolutionize taxes here in the United States. Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan keep telling us our
taxes are going to be so simple, you’ll be able to fill them out on a postcard, as if
anybody in this country has ever even asked for that to happen. But, as we all know, this tax reform plan
is really just to give away to the wealthy elite. Well, this week, we got a congressional budget
office score of this legislation that already passed the house, is sitting in the senate
waiting one way or another, and as it turns out, this tax reform plan is actually going
to cost 4 million people in this country their health insurance. Now, before we get into how that works, let’s
take a moment to realize that the Republican party in the United States, those in power,
are so incompetent, and corrupt, and inept, that they somehow turned a tax cut package
into an anti-healthcare thing. They created a tax package that strips people
of health insurance. That is a level of corruption and just pure
evil that I don’t think a lot of people in this country are even capable of wrapping
their heads around. But, anyway, here’s the specifics. Here’s how this works. The majority of people who will lose their
health insurance under the Republican tax plan will lose it because they want to repeal
the subsidies that go along with the Affordable Care Act in order to give that money instead
to the wealthy elite. They’re literally going to take money away
from people who cannot afford to survive in this country and give it to people who fly
around on private jets as some sort of subsidy or tax write-off for doing greedy, selfish
things that most Americans could only dream of. They’re doing it at the expense of 4 million
Americans’ lives. We have said many times before and there’s
plenty of studies to back this up. Having health insurance or not having health
insurance is often the difference between life and death. A family that does not have health insurance
cannot afford medicine. They cannot afford preventative care. They cannot afford to even go to the doctor
to get their kids the proper vaccines that they need to continue into school. Yet, we’re going to take that money away because
Republicans think that it’s just too darn selfish of people to spend that money on health
insurance and instead we’re going to give it to millionaires and billionaires. That is the current state of the United States
of America, folks. That is what the Republican party wants to
do. Even if this particular version of the tax
reform package doesn’t pass, they’re not going to give up. Tax reform is the new repeal and replace. If they fail here, they’re going to rewrite
it, tweak it slightly, and try it again. If that fails, they’re going to do the same
thing. We have seen this too many times to know what
these idiots want to do. All they want to do is give more money to
wealthy people and make sure that those who actually need help, the downtrodden, the underclass,
the working class, they want to make sure that those people stay in their place for
the rest of their lives and don’t even attempt to make their way up to the top 1%.


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