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This activity will provide an introduction to mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is a skill that will enable you to be successful in living your healthiest life. For this activity, you will need to choose a food. I’ll be leading this activity using a raisin. So start by taking your food and looking at it. What do you see? Notice the shape and the color of the food. Touch it. What does it feel like? Smell it. What do you smell? This part seems silly. Bring it to your ear. Move it around, what do you hear? What’s happening in your mouth right now? Now go ahead and put the food into your mouth but don’t bite it, just move it around in your mouth. Now take one bite. Notice what’s happening. Take another. And another. Slowly chew the food but don’t swallow it. When you think you’re done chewing, chew it five more times. Then swallow it. Sit. Breathe. Notice how you feel now. Here’s your takeaway. You can try a mindful eating experiment this week. Try eating a snack or a meal mindfully. Sit at a table without watching TV or texting. Just eat. And be aware of the experience of eating. You may notice how this changes your experience with eating. Even more powerfully, you may discover how mindful eating changes your relationship with food.

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