Mitt Romney: Nobody Dies from Lack of Health Insurance

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individual memberships mit romney is doubling down
on this claim that uninsured americans can get the care they need in emergency
rooms is that we don’t have people who died because they don’t have insurance now of course we know that people do die
because they don’t have insurance emergency rooms really are a place of
last resort only needing to stabilize patients to
the book most minimum degree forty five thousand americans die every
year because they lack health insurance but
one american every twelve minutes uninsured adults under age sixty five or
forty percent death risk hospitals can treat patient
patients for emergency medical conditions regardless of whether they can pay or
not but anybody with a chronic condition or anything that doesn’t require an
emergency intervention often can’t access needed care does mit romney know this and he’s lying or is he really decided for he knows he knows all about this i’m
trying to figure out what he’s trying to do here make it seem like i mean it how is he not how does everyone not know these
contradicting himself here when he’s saying when he’s talking about money i really
worry about getting a free ride in when he’s talking about uh… how this is covered under obama care how
this is different under his plan to have a live in what he wants to do it would
also talk so many times that help uninsured people going to be emergency
room is not a good thing the fact that i
didn’t read the book go to an emergency room is the problem in the running talks
about it as you did on sixty minutes of a couple of weeks ago like it’s some kind of solution which is
absurd and outlook talk about ronnie’s health
care proposal seventy two million americans would be
without health insurance and it also would provide all uninsured americans with any stable
source of insurance we know that never armies uh… health care ideas are morally
bankrupt but also given the uh… uh… debt uh… implications of obama care which
would reduce the debt over a ten-year period are also actually bad for the
economy it’s it’s bad for everybody bright on the disney around the once
uh… thirty million people going to emergency rooms uh… and
having everyone else paid for it i don’t know it sounds like it it’s it’s very very odd that he had a
fingers and i really can’t imagine why anybody would uh… we believe even the
second of it


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