Morning Yoga for Beginners – Gentle Morning Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

Okay, so were going to begin flat on our backs
today. Now that this is a gentle morning practice so permission to take
your time here today. Just checking in with the body and going nice and
slow here, especially at the beginning. So I’m going to take a second here to check
in with my heels, make sure they are in line with the hips or if you’re
feeling like having a really good morning, open them a little wider. Arms resting gently at the sides, palms face
up. I’ll take a second to press into my head. Press into my elbows and
lift the chest up so that I can draw my shoulder blades in and down shoulders
away from the ears and then relax back down onto the earth. And what I’m doing is I’m basically just opening
up this area of my chest energetically, but also physically viewing
this skin of the chest stretch open here. And then I took my chin into my
chest, lengthen through the back of the neck and take a second here to connect
to my natural breath. So just noticing the natural ebb and flow
of the breath. You can close your eyes. If you’re really sleepy and you don’t
want to go back to sleep right away, you can just keep a soft gaze a nice
[inaudible 00:01:20] just past the edge of the nose here. So first, just noticing the natural rhythm.
The natural ebb and flow of the breath. Kind of honoring the breath in that
way here as we start our day. And then nice and easy. Nothing fancy, just
rolling the head here, rocking, rather than had a little side to side year-to-year. You can relax the jaw. Soften the skin of
the face. Massaging the back of the head and checking in with the neck here.
Maybe the breath starts to deepen here. Slowly waking up the body. One
nice sweet inhale at a time. Okay then I’ll come back to center stillness.
Take a nice deep breath and. Exhale let it out. Letting the weight of the
body go completely and fully into the earth into the mat feeling supported
here. And I’m going to bring my awareness to my
feet so nice and easy pressing into the heels. And then pointing through
the toes. Pressing in with the heels and pointing through the toes. And then just I’ll pass over to you here may
be rotating or rocking the ankles. A little side to side. Rotating them
in a couple circles and again, nothing fancy, just nice organic movement
here as I wake up my feet. Wake up my roots for the day. Maybe spreading the
toes, and then noticing that ripple effect that naturally happens when
I press into my heels. Kind of feeling this bone to heal connection when
I point my toes. Maybe lengthening the tops of the legs. Noticing
how the tops of the thighs take shape when I engaged the feet. Noticing
that ripple effect in the body. And relax the feet. And bring it to
my hands. Same thing here. Spreading the fingertips now. And then reeling
them in, rotating the wrists. And again, I handed over to you, just finding
that nice organic movement as I bring awareness to my hands, the wrists
and then same thing here, letting that ripple effect happen. Noticing what it
does in the body. If you really want to get into it right away, you can start
to feel it in the torso and shoulders. Now I’m going to add my feet back in and my
ankles and just notice how that affects the body. So we can do this in our
bed to you notice might hit points start to shift. I’m sure I look a little
silly here. Starting to just integrate the body, which is again what
yoga is all of about what this practice inspires. Finding that connective
tissue and breathing a little life into the body. Once you feel satisfied, come back. And I’m
going to practice just integrating the breath to the movement, the
movement to the breath. So marrying those two together. I’ll inhale,
priest, the fingertips up and overhead, full body stretch and exhale floating
the fingertips down. Good morning. Inhale. Spreading the fingertips
deep breath. Reaching up. Stretch. And exhale floating down. One more.
Inhale checking in with the shoulders, lengthening through the side body,
spreading the fingertips and toes and exhale and float it down. Press the palms into the earth. All 10 fingerprints
root down and I’m going to hug the knees into the chest, either by
drawing one in at the time, or I can begin to already light that fire gently
in the belly by drawing both knees and at the same time pressing into the
palms and then letting the lower back become flush with the mat. Keep this feet nice and soft here. Remember,
this is gentle morning practice. I’m going to wrap my arms around
my shins here keeping the shoulders relaxed. Soft feet, soft in the
face. Take a deep breath in. Lengthen through the back of the neck and
exhale slowly peeled the nose up to the meet the knees. We are going to do
three of these just checking in with the spine, with the support of the earth.
On and exhale. We float in down. Deep breath and
relax the shoulders. And one more time. Exhale hedgehog pose, navel
draws down tailbone scoops up, lots of space between the shoulders and
the ears here and just visualizing that space between each vertebrae,
one by one. Spreading and then we exhale release to a reclined baddha
konasana or butterfly. Nice and soft as I released down here. If
the hips feel really tight, it is morning, hello. Then we can draw the toes
down towards the edge of the mat, so we don’t have to be in a full [sputa] baddha
konasana here. Open the chest, open the shoulders may be
draw your shoulder blades down. We’re going to take the hands to the belly
here. So again, the heels can be drawn up here or the toes can draw down. So
no sharp pain. Make sure there is no sharp pain here. Make adjustments as
needed always. Hands come to the belly and then I’m going
to take three nice full breaths in. As I inhale, the hands of the belly rise,
belly breath. And on and exhale they fall. Checking in with the breath,
inhale, belly rises. And exhale it falls. One more time, inhale. Peel
the skin of the belly stretch as it rises. And exhale, it falls. Beautiful, take the fingertips to the outer
edge of the legs, we will close this chapter as we bring the knees together.
Inhale, reach the knees, again, excuse me, squeeze the knees up towards
the heart. Arms wrapped around the shins, take a couple seconds here
to rock a little left to right. This should feel great in the morning, crawling
the shoulder blades down, kind of feel like a baby bear cub here massaging
the back on a tree here or something. And then I will cross the right
angle over the left, grab onto the outer edges of the feet. If I can’t grab the outer edges of the feet.
Here, then I can take my middle finger index finger and thumb and grab
onto the big toe, but I like to grab all the way to the outer edges here.
Kind of squeeze my feet, warm them up if I’m a little chilly. Maybe take
my thumbs to the arches of the feet, and give them a little wake-up call. This is also a great little posture, little
shape to take in bed before you even roll out of bed. Just be mindful. And
I can bend the elbows, a little left to right, and I’m going to begin to rock
north to south. So I already rocked a little left right now. I’m going
to bend the elbows and rock north to south. Hello. I can rock a couple times here. Massaging
the spine and again, this might look a little silly, but it feels great. Massaging
the back. Finding what feels good. Do as many times as you like and
then eventually I will rock up to a nice comfortable [sukasan] or a nice
criss-cross leg position, making sure to take a second here to roll up through
the entire spine and maybe find that alignment of head over the head
over the heart over the pelvis. So just noticing if the weight is shifting
forward or rounding back. We can take a block or blanket and lift the hips
up here if we need to, but taking it second to check in with the body in the
shape. Okay, finding that opposition. How is my hair?
To find that opposition. So, lifting up through the front body grounding
through the back body, shoulder blades in together and down and then again
letting that conversation of that ripple effect happen here. You can keep
the eyes soft. So find what it is for you. Maybe it’s a couple
loops of the shoulders, maybe it’s a couple circles with the head,
drawing circles with the nose and so when I’m teaching public class I often
ask people to just find what it is for them because everybody is different.
Who knows how you slept so just taking a couple seconds to come into
this posture with a little movement letting that body have that ripple
effect. So again, some suggestions are drawing circles
with the nose, looping the shoulders, one way or the other. Sometimes
it’s nice to round all the way for as we do in our sukasan video. And then
when I arrive, I will bring the palms together at the heart. Nice full breath. Tops of the thighs rolled
down as the heart lifts up. I’m going to interlace the fingertips here and
inhale and press the palms forward. Reach the pinkies forward, up and
back. As you take a deep breath in and on an exhale floating the fingertips
down and away, just like that. We flow again. Inhale, interlace, reach up. Heart stays lifted as I crawl through the
side body and exhale float the fingertips down. Interlace, inhale, pressing
forward, up and back. On and exhale this time. Maybe now I start to float
the fingertips slightly behind the hip points, really opening up through
the chest waking up their shoulders. Two more times like this, inhale
and exhale. Maybe letting exhale out through the mouth
here. Good morning. One more here. Inhale. This time, let the fingertips
come to the earth. Fingertips, pressing into the mat or into the earth. Really
pressing into that pinky too. So all 10 fingerprints. Shoulder blades
are rotating in and together, so I’m opening up through the chest. Tops of the thighs are drawing down here as
I lift up through the heart. Inhale extend to the crown of the head. On
and exhale. I’m going to draw line with my nose pass the right shoulder
so nice and easy here nice, gentle morning practice. I’m going to stay here for a couple of breaths
as if I am receiving a kiss on the neck here. Hello, good morning. But
to each his own here so I can draw the shoulder blades and in together.
I can press up and out of the fingertips; I can really lengthen through
the crown of the head by maybe lifting the chin slightly. Just really breathing
in here. Inhale, exhale, draw your chin to your chest
and now drawing a line with the nose to the opposite side towards the
left shoulder receiving that kiss on the side of the neck here. Finding that
ease, that grace. And then this time we will draw a line with
the nose up towards the sky, careful not to crunch in the back of the neck,
so I’m maintaining that lift in the chest and I’m going to inhale open
the palms so spiral your shoulders open nice and wide and inhale. Spread
the fingertips left to right really reaching as we reach all the
way up palms kissed together. [Chai]. And then exhale. We are going to dive forward
on to all fours. Spread the palms nice and wide wrists underneath the
shoulders, and knees directly underneath the hips. I’m going to press up
and out of my foundation to find that tabletop position. Extend through the
crown of the head and then I’m going to inhale, cat-cow. Scooping the heart
forward. Feeling the skin of the belly stretch. Close your eyes, hear,
soften your gaze. The tendency is going to be to rush through
this, but I encourage you to really find it that micro-movement, travel
up and down the spine. Inhale, shoulders loop, heart radiates forward, long
belly, tail up towards the sky, and exhale, starting at the tail letting
a travel all the way up, pressing up and out of the tops of the feet,
pressing up and out on the palms. The crown of the head releases. Let’s do one more here moving with the breath.
Inhale, come to tabletop position, and I’m going to curl the toes and
slowly walk my fingertips up towards the tops of the thighs. Take a second
here to inhale, open the shoulders, open the palms, reach up. Slight
backbend here and then exhale releasing back down. I’m going to come onto the tops of the feet
here, too big toes are going to come together, knees are going to widen. Now
I’m going to dive back down in all fours for a cat-cow variation. This is
one of my favorites. So fingertips are going to reach forward. So
I’m going to maintain the same movement that I did in cat-cow, but I’m going
to take it in a circle. So this is where the good morning practice
really gets good. I inhale. Scoop my heart, come forward again. Knees
are nice and wide about as the mat. Big toes together. Inhale in as you exhale,
take it around through extended child’s pose. Fingertips reaching.
I’ll pause here just to show you the shape. And I’m going to continue my journey as I
inhale, scoop the heart, come forward. And exhale, navel draws up as I round
the spine around and back. Inhale a come forward. And exhale come back. Now you are off. So this is going to be a
little bit different for everyone. I encourage you to open yourself
up to new experience. I know I may look a little silly here, but I’m going
to start to really see if I can shine a little light into those dark crevices
of the body that haven’t received a little light in a long time, and
if it’s morning time, I’m going to want to move nice and slow. I may want to rest here for a couple breaths
in between. Extended child’s pose. Or if while I’m moving I find a catch,
I might rock back and forth through that catch a little bit, finding that
space. I want to make sure I take time to reverse my circle. Checking in
with the elbows. I’m beginning to get the neck involved here. My high school yoga students call this drunk
cat-cow. I used to always say drunk with love, yes. And then when you feel
satisfied in your circles. This is great if you can just do one thing
in the morning do this cat-cow variation. It’s awesome. So rounding back and forth. When you feel
satisfied, you will come to extended child’s pose. Then inhale, draw line
with your nose, look up. Reach the fingertips, forward. I’m going to
come back to all fours bringing my knees underneath the hips and once again
curling my toes under, walking the fingertips back. This is a great little moment to just check
in with the feet for the day again, stretching the backs of the feet. And
then inhale, spiraling, the shoulders. I lift up. Palms come together,
chai. That is the celebratory Namaste. Talk your pelvis in here, my friends,
and then exhale floating back down. This time I’m going to dive my palms forward
and nice and easy, send the sit bones up and back for a little downward
dog with bent knees, my friends, bent legs. Bend the legs, draw your
navel torture spine, really gentle here today, as we just check in with
the backs of the legs, check in with the feet. So not really worried about
creating the perfect downward dog shape here. I’m just getting a little
oxygen going, little stretch in the back of the legs and just checking in
with the body. From here, I’m going to slowly walk the feet
up. See if you can roll through your whole foot, so no rush. Coffee
is brewing, tea is brewing, we only have this moment so we might as well
enjoy it as we walk up to the front of the mat. And then we will land at the front of the
mat here together, join the navel in towards the spine and softening of the
knees for nice yummy full forward [utanosin]. Okay, so feet are hip width apart
here or even wider. Hello, it’s morning time. Give yourself a little
space. Be kind to your body. Let the head to hang over, maybe shake the
head a little bit. Yes, a little bit. No. Grab the elbows, rock a little side
to side and same thing we did in sukasan here, my friend. Just let that
ripple affect happen naturally. Really, you don’t need me to tell you what
to do here, you know what to do. Find what the body needs and then when you
feel satisfied, let everything release, press into your heels, press into
the front two corners of the feet, ball joint of the big toe, ball joint
of the pinky toe. And then, as if I was drawing energy up from the arches
of the feet, I’m going to bend my knees. Scoop my tailbone in and roll it
up nice and slow. Again, we all have days ahead of us. We probably
have a busy day ahead of us, so the tendency is going to be to rush
year but please, my friends take this time for yourself. You deserve it, slow
down. I will slowly rise up and begin to loop the
shoulders forward up and back and open up back to you. Back to you. Feet
hip width apart as they come into my best and most beautiful [tanasana]
because we’re going to have the best and most beautiful day today. Nice, fluid, deep breaths. Just taking a second
to loop the shoulders. One way and another, and then same thing. Maybe
join a couple circles with the nose and again I’m here to empower you, so
it’s nice to have a guide and a video to follow, but if any other expressive
movements come out of these things in the morning, get it. Do it. Your
body will thank you, your mind, your heart. Everything will come together
and integrate and your light will shine brighter and people will be like that
person. Okay, so from here I’m just going to open
the palms, spiral the shoulders here, really opening the palms and inhale.
Reach out palms come together and exhale float them down away from the hips.
I can begin to soften the knees as I inhale. Reach up. And exhale float
it down. One more time inhale reach up. This time,
take your right hand grab your left wrist. Think up and over as we go into
a nice high body stretch here, nice and easy, nice and organic. And then
I switch, again, easy, breezy. Nothing fancy. One more time on each side,
think up and over, see how simple. And then I inhale. Reach fingertips
up and exhale opening the palms, one last time. And we are done.


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