MY 6AM MORNING ROUTINE | Healthy & Productive Way To Start Your Day

My mornings they usually start with me being woken up by my alarm at 6:00 a.m I then reach over to the lamp right next to my bed and Turn on the light it is so a little bit dark outside and this is actually my favorite type of mornings Because I’m waking up before the Sun is even up. I Then make my way downstairs to my old bedroom This room is just used for storage at the moment. I head over to the mirror and Remove my nightly contacts. I Then take all my morning supplements, I have a prebiotic apple cider vinegar pill to help with bloating and a digestive enzyme and Then I head over to the bathroom to take a shower. I Also brush my teeth and do my whole skincare routine in the shower After I shower and get dressed I then head downstairs to the kitchen I Go into the fridge and grab whatever I need to make my breakfast and I Start making my food while listening to a podcast. I Like to start my days with a good podcast because it just gets my day going and I get to do a little bit of self-reflection Before I go out and interact with people Um this particular morning I listen to the show Kalin’s coffee talk That is one of my favorite podcasts at the moment She really just dives deep into personal development topics my heart just feels really full after I Listen to and learn about other people’s perspectives on different subjects. I then head over to the dining table and Continue to listen to my podcast while I’m enjoying my breakfast in the mornings I try to stay away from social media and just my phone in general other than for listening to the podcast I used to have a bad habit of constantly going on my phone when I eat my breakfast now, I’m really focusing on savoring every bite of food and really process all the words coming to me from the podcast and I’m listening to I’m also just enjoying the view that I have in front of me outside my window Every day I remind myself that this view is truly amazing and I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to just witness the beauty and I’m just lucky to be here After I finished my breakfast I head over to do the dishes. I Almost always do the dishes right away after I eat Because I don’t like having an piles of dirty dishes in the sink And now I am taking some time to Prep the food that I’m gonna eat for the rest of the day This is a time where I will portion out some vegetables. I will marinate my proteins. I will Put some sweet potatoes and potatoes in the instant pot so I can just eat them later on in the day After I’m finished with prepping some food I will go ahead and get my BCA’s ready for my gin session and then they’ll head over upstairs to brush my hair and Get dressed After I put on all my clothes and get ready I will head out to the garage getting my car and Put on some music to just hype me up for my workout and leave for the gym Mornings are truly in my favorite part of the day it feels really good to just be away from my phone and Just being my own thoughts I think it’s really important to just spend some time with yourself and collect all your thoughts this really just puts me in the right mindset to go about my day and every day I’m just truly grateful to be alive and to have the chance to enjoy whatever it is ahead of me And that is it for my morning routine If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys next time

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