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I want some sugar Chicken dinner b*tch I look like a f*ckin mime Peter I don’t wanna do it But you will He’s retarded, can I kill him? Come here Hey guys, welcome to our new video Today’s a special one As you can see behind me What guest do I have with me Sup You kiddin’ right? Hold on Pete. This right there, you won’t need it today It only had 4 buzzes left You won’t need this neither You’re right But your plastic bag’s great Shoponline Fashion What is that. Cropp, oh right Anyways, we’re in Marvel Gym in Mladá Boleslav Pete has arrived by train With a plastic bag, of course Yes Trains go here actually? But yes, I arrived here by train Well, there’s a company like Škoda in Mladá Boleslav if you didn’t know And you… are a car… have a car? I’m a car You got a license? Yes Got a car? Pete: I don’t
Pavlis: He meant like you’re an autist
Hanz: So you went here by train You a car? That would be good merchandise. “You a car” So, today we’re going to train arms Because Pete uses his arms the most at the keyboard I can lift more with my right arm We’ll see. Anyways I would like to give you pump, blood and I want to f*ck your arms up So you can shiver around for 2 days and won’t be able to play I don’t want to You do …just the second one, cuz I had them on my PC I got Stronghold, Diablo and WoW I don’t play WoW anymore, cuz it’s wack But… I played Diablo. I had a character in the 4th act… a Paladin, ez. About to kill Diablo I moved my laptop a little bit My battery was f*cked. I had to keep it connected Dude, it went out No problem, it wasn’t saved. Doesn’t matter I launch Diablo, and the character was gone Dude it just simply… the character simply disappeared so I don’t have it anymore But you said 4th level? 4th f*ckin’ act man That’s like 25 levels I didn’t play Diablo We played for like an hour on the Playstation And then I said that we only move and press 2 buttons The 3rd one really just bores me It doesn’t bore me, cuz I don’t need to think over it alot Understandable So yeah, today’s arm day. How you feelin’ about it Well I hope I can do it as fast as possible My train is leaving… in like an hour and a half. Hope that’s enough Well, if we didn’t record it, it would have been an hour But with it, it’ll take at least 5 hours You happy? Yeah. That’s my estimate, what about you Pavlis? He won’t last long, 30 minutes should be good 30 minutes sounds good Including the train ride. That means I’m going now… But what’s good about here is the windows are open So you can smoke at them when you’re nervous I’ll take a buzz and get with the workout It’ll be fine So, looks like Pete is properly geared today He’s got a towel if he sweats alot Except the watch, you could take it off They don’t measure heart rate, do they? Take a guess I had this watch in the drawer for 3 years… until Kate went to put a new battery in her watch she also put it in mine. So I’m not taking it off anymore I also got a watch from Monica 1 year ago, and I haven’t set the time yet But it’s just a fashion accessory So uhh… I don’t know how is Pete’s coffein intake Cause he drinks like 20 Red Bulls a day So I don’t know how his organism reacts to Blood So I also took pump with me Will you leave it to me or should I mix it for you? Mix it Mr. bartender Look, I also took EAA, so Pete won’t accidentaly get into catabolism That would actually kill him tho What if you mixed it with Red Bull? They don’t have it here but I would gladly put it in there With the heat I’ll give you some EAA I won’t give myself any Why? I don’t want to I don’t do it I’ll give you some Blood I didn’t take a sh*t yet today Well, you know. You’re used to such stimulants… your body… – Bye guys
Pete: Bye For you to acquaint with it, I have to up the dosage Whereas we’re doing arms today. That’s a small muscle group We’re gonna do lightweight for the pump, so we’re gonna put also Bloodstorm in it Wait, you put all of it there or just 2? – All of it
– All of it? That’s some mixxer man I’m already a chronic masturbator so… Thanks Well, because you play all night means your sleep cycle is inverted… meanwhile your girlfriend’s is normal You can’t wake her up all the time… at 3.00am saying you got horny So, today’s light arm workout Because Pete’s not used to it We can’t just straight out do deadlifts and squats So we’ll begin with arms, maybe also a light shoulder addition And we’ll see how he stands against it whether his Willy does Come on you roided f*ck, let’s go Come on b*tch “You roided f*ck” , dude Thanks Pete you already know this Yeah I put it on my arms every evening – Pavlis: No
– Pete: Actually only my right That’s not a hand cream Pete Oh… When you give liquid chalk to a nerd He spreads it on his backhand I’d put it on my fingers on the keyboard So it won’t be so slippery Hey really… Well So Pete, come on I’ll lick it off him Hold up, that’s the thing I spread across my hand like an idiot And then I had it white everywhere Dude, that’s from the Fitness vs Parkour video Just spread it on the palm He put it on the back again. Look F*ck me God damn I will look like a d*ckhead again Just like after a good evening Dude it was dry and when I pressed it. It burnt… I look like a f*ckin’ mime Why did you put so much there That’s cause you will lift alot today Nerd and a warmup Those are 2kg yeah? What should I do? We’re doing arms so you’ll warm your shoulders You’ll do it like this. Warm up your delts, anterior, lateral …anterior Also your biceps This is gonna be tough… lots of work You curlin’ those biceps, I can’t see them either Or 2 at the same time That’s light. Can we train with this only? He’s actually a pervert. All the time he jokes with d*cks in hands Is it over? We’re starting with biceps We’ll do hammer curls, bit heavier Then we’ll pump it up Come, I’ll explain it to you I don’t know what he said Hold up, don’t tear anything with that weight I’ll bring you lighter weights, wait there Look how I’m blushing Good one But I see you can work your core We’ll do 1 arm each separately You’ll hold both dumbbells. First you’ll curl your weaker arm for 10 reps I don’t wanna do it You want that? I think I succeeded today Almost the same size Don’t twitch so much You’re only training biceps Ouch, can I have a smaller one? Sure then “I already had 14s in my hand”, and look at him how he’s breaking apart. Huh? Shoulders are fixed, no moving Only your bicep As you can see How you always click the mouse, your right arm is stronger… than your left one that clicks WSAD Yeah I click the mouse I could fit my head in those biceps I have here two 6s, that makes 12kg So I’m half as good Actually you are good at it Except… You curl like this… like this So a little of shoulders a little of the whole body. But that doesn’t matter So let’s stop talking nonsense and come on, one more One more? Like only once? God damn 1 As you can see… He’s right-handed, his right arm is stronger So he does it easier than his left which is f*cked up Cause it’s resting all the time on his keyboard Why did you put it down I dunno Sorry What Come on Ez. Now these ones You think I can lift it? I would never want to train anybody like this That’s like building a church yourself It’s not over yet? Nah, that was the first exercise. For a warmup So you can get ready for the working sets You can’t just go out and lift heavy sh*t Nice… Just a warmup Look, today we’re training arms only Arms are a small muscle group Biceps, Triceps are just additional groups I only train biceps, triceps and rear delts The body works in a way that… There are always muscles opposite another ones… that atrophy or get shorter So for example chest Pectoral muscles get shorter, so you must train lats and rear delts So protraction won’t appear You have to look for it, if you don’t want to walk like this Unless you want to bench 230kg Hanz: Pete
Pete: Yeah sure I’ll remember that A little to the start and the end It’s just a complementary workout F*ck A little weaker workout Lighter It’s a light workout Then why am I exhausted I’m not counting it as a set I’m only teaching him Right now Why not? Dude it weighs like 10kg, you can’t even feel that Of course not Don’t say you expected it better There you go Down, again I can’t lift it second time And you go up like… You want to break your teeth with it You can’t do this Then you’re f*cked Another one Your elbows are fixed, like that That’s more like it Another I missed my train You hungry? My train has left – Oh okay
– It’s late now I’ll buy you McDonalds for it Okay You deserve it It’s hard, even without the weights without those plates… Without weights it’s hard to train Exactly Well, when you’re not moving your whole life You can’t expect miracles on your first time But over the last year you’re moving alot Yeah? That’s true I forgot Where did that meathead go? He wants to lift more I can leave that barbell empty for him, he’ll do 15 to 20 reps But it’s burning him, so he doesn’t want to Well, it doesn’t matter I can lift this You can’t, it weighs the same as the one before Actually let’s go with this one, let him try Well, try it then What should I do? Dude, breathe in before you curl that Straighten up and squeeze it He’s a powerlifter, he’s good with one reps What should I say about that? Well, he curled 20kg, once You must start from somewhere It’s a good start But he can’t focus on the simplest exercises Like bicep curls The easiest exercise you can do But you’re doing bullsh*t with it I cannot lift it up That’s okay because… Pete, you’re not the disco-muscle type Only biceps and chest, that you can see Well look at that It’s not that bad That’s all the McDonalds and KFC Youtube channel and you started working out? Then you’re the most viewed natural of all time All the time I want everything you have in you I don’t think so I don’t think you do I would die here from those cramps He always says he wants everything I have in me But now it looks like he wants everything I have in my balls I won’t give that to you, I’m hetero Dude I would be a monster from those balls “Look what is that, jizz?” And I would then f*ck this place up When he throws his underwear, I’ll lick it up And become Hercules From behind That’s because I have this cap on Cause I’m afraid a drop of sweat will fall from me And he’ll lick it and then he might even destroy me He’s just like Panaromix He’s Panoramix (Obelix) He has magic potion in him You mean Anabolix Anabolix… That would be great merch He thinks he’s at the PC again, or whatever he’s doing here Are we goin’ But Pete, back to training Oh f*ck me We’re not going home yet Let’s get on a machine? For biceps, finish them and then we’re doing triceps You okay with that? Triceps is here for your information Alright, that’s some Jurrasic park sh*t So I wanted to make it easy for Peter But the pulldown is taken So we’ll do French Curls with dumbbells. It’s a hard exercise Ideal for him right? French Curls with dumbbells That sounds like a porno There’s no sugar in it It annoys me You put them here Hold a little and go down, your elbows stay in place Elbows are fixed Down Up It’s in the elbows Look how his arms want to… explode Look, I can do that too I don’t want to train anymore with that nerd I dOn’T WaNt to TrAiN… Wait till you see those views I’ll be here everyday Nah f*ck that Like that? Straighten your arms Your elbows stay in place Both of them I look like Jabba the Hutt with those chins D*cklift My arm is shaking Now the only thing I want is to take off my pants and sit on his face, for his sh*t excuses Right? I need to jerk off with my left arm more, cause it’s shaking more I’ll pick up your ex like that when you come home Why am I going so long My arms hurt Yeah that happens usually… Dude, it’s completely normal your arms hurt Otherwise it would be for nothing When your arms are hurting means you have to do a few more reps You can’t stop right now But they hurt for a long time now Look but back in time when I was working out I did something like this, except I was standing Like that Just like that What’s the difference You isolate it more here. Without moving your whole body And then something like this So what can I train at home with 7kg dumbbells Please, don’t ask me what you can train at home because you would never do it What if I will No I don’t know you for so long but I know it’s impossible for you Dude you don’t even know that your girlfriend’s at home I know that Sometimes He only sees Kate when she’s going to work in the morning cause he goes to sleep But in that way he’s also… also good, because he’s awake all night to give her a morning kiss when she’s going to work That’s, you know, romantic Sure, when someone goes to wake me up, I’m like That’s exactly how he looks like at 12pm when Pavlis goes to wake him for a video He meant 12am Tell us what we can train at home if we look like that Like that? 8 hours of PUBG. If you want to look like that Play PUBG for 8 hours If you don’t want to look like that 3 cans of Coke Dámejí, what do you eat? Anything – Sushi for example
– Sushi? Come train man, bring 8s – What
– Bring 8kgs For what? For this Bring here 8s. I’ll take my weight This is the best exercise for increasing strength This is the best strength exercise after dips French Press. It helped with my Bench Press And that’s enough What’s the second most important thing in the gym? If the 1st is of course the mirror Then what’s the second A proper coach Those were only 3kg And? I thought those were 5s There’s a number written on the side I read it, I thought it was a 5 But you only know 0 1 0 1 What? Slowly Are you still coaching? No, not anymore From now on Not anymore Can’t lift it After we publish this video. I won’t coach anymore Cause
1. They will send cops on me for… Because here With you *inaudible* …for you dying because of me and 2. You can’t do sh*t I think I can lift it now because of you Chicken dinner b*tch For that I want McChicken I look like… Kurt Russell Look at that. Lookin’ just like the Horse Don’t put your hand next to me What if I was like… a meter in front of you If I try going behind you We almost… You are almost as dark as me I look hella’ white You’ve seen the sun two times now Like a vampire Look at that. Aleš Bursa Poor Aleš Just like skiing It looks super easy But it’s not Yeah, I agree with that Feet close to each other. Bend your knees. Ass out. Bend forward a little You pull it down. Elbows fixed close to you Extend at the bottom. You pull it away from you to contracted position Then you go back up, to a little over parallel with the floor. A little over 90 degrees Like that? Yeah, come on Hold those elbows Go down slowly Above parallel A little more, just like that Stand straight, don’t put your shoulders forward It’s not that bad, except he desperately helps himself with his shoulders So he stands there looking like this You have to put your shoulder blades back And keep your whole upper arm in one position Stop lookin’ at me like that I need to relax a little Come on, extend them Hold up It can’t go lower Don’t film the weight Don’t put your elbows forward Keep ’em here, like that Contract them Little over parallel And slowly Now contract Bend forward a little It’s impossible You cannot teach him this Help. Is it over yet? Train’s soon leaving Like that? Why is he so surprised, what did he expect? I’ve never seen things like this I’ve made a video about people like you Cringe fails Oh yeah, but they were professionals No we’ll cut the footage into cringe only – Into Grinch
– We’ll do a reaction video on you I’d love to be the Christmas Grinch Like a motorcycle Well, he’s standing there like an idiot but… it’s starting to get better Would you ever want to train an idiot like this? – Never
– Not even for like, 10K? I don’t even want to know such idiot. But I have to He’s responsible Put your shoulder blades back Three simple tasks Slightly bent forward Shoulder blades close to each other Elbows are fixed Can’t get simpler than that Well, since we’re training the easiest muscle groups which are… biceps and triceps, then it’s really hardcore I’m actually tired Not from the workout But from him Huh? He complimented me right? Peter didn’t really like the arm workout But it seems he enjoys training legs So if we hit 10.000 likes, I’ll take him to a leg day You wanna take me to a leg day. Are you Tarantino? I want 300.000 subscribers to go with him on a leg day You can play games while doing it Or jerk off Yeah, people sometimes do it in the gym I actually believe someone did it somewhere He’s done it like this “I’m da best” What? Can I get a drink Why? I’m thirsty, obviously Go then, but we have to do one more set He wants some sugar again Triceps, I’ll show him What even is that, some Triceratops? Some Jurassic Park Peter? Oh you little… Where are you goin’? Where’s he? Hanz… You said you were gonna drink I don’t smoke Get back in “I’m going for a drink” and he straight out grabs a cigarette Get back here! He’s got a last set on triceps But he’s so goddamn lazy he doesn’t wanna finish it Please Pavlis you snitched on me you b*tch I could finish that at least Dude, we’re training, not smoking Pavlis snitched on you Serves you right This how your friends treat you? He’s not a friend You think he’s a c*nt but means it in a good way for you Look at yourself Veins… you have none You know why? Where do I inject steroids then? You don’t inject them in your veins you idiot You don’t have them anyway Where do you inject them then? Into the muscles. You don’t have those neither So you can’t get juiced So you’ve seen how we trained arms… here with Pete. He was in the gym for the first time Actually… Well he trained in the gym for the first time I was in a gym for squash, but that doesn’t count right? Squash doesn’t count Look, we trained the easiest group we could He has to up his game. He has flaws It’s not because he’s an idiot It’s because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to think over it The beginning, like the first 10 to 15 minutes was okay Then it went downhill But I was thinking over it You weren’t Because keeping your elbow in one place is simple even for a monkey But I can’t lift it Okay… Without weights. It’s the same But without weights it’s easy But once I got a barbell then… Well simply, you’ll fix it next time People will get in those 10K likes Cause they’ll want to see you training legs And I’m also looking forward to this No, I’d like to see at least 15.000 likes And I would like to have 290.000 subscribers Only then shall I do something with legs Once you have 290K subscribers, We’ll have more than that Sooner You won’t You’re missing like 10K right? Wait, you have this much? People are following you? Dude, disabled people are high in trending That’s why you’re going up so fast *inaudible* with me actually Disabled people are high Downs Follow him, Like this video so we can get him to do legs Cause legs are a huge muscle group I have bigger calves than you And legs… When he’s not used to them He’ll suffer alot I think his arms will hurt for the next day and then it’s fine I suffered today also But legs, that’s a different story So… like this video, comment, subscribe Donate And buy those… Bloody rabbits Rabbit’s Blood sorry… And I thank Hanz and Pavlis for taking me here You don’t know the name of my product? – Then go fu…
– Rabbit’s Blood, you had it back there Show our viewers your biceps. Guns out Look at that If I crush it in my hands. It’ll burst Wait Put it down Photoshop his hands on mine I’ll send them so you can do it yourself And put his skin color on me because I like how he’s so white That’s racist Alright, now you’ll do cardio Yeah? Sure… Bye Know what it means? Peter? He’s retarded. Wish I could murder him Well nevermind. Guys have a nice day and see you next time Got some juice? What? Some steroids? For what? To get juiced up you know. So I can get swole quicker First time in the gym and he’s… Calm down a little Come on bro You got enough in yourself bro You can share some. I thought we were friends If you don’t drink Coke for a week then you’ll maybe deserve it Now… you can get the f*ck out So you’ll be like that? – You can get the f*ck out
– You’ll be such a c*nt? I will Take this towel up your ass, brown from my ass Cause I wipe my ass with it You can go up your ass too These people today aren’t normal anymore You know what. You can suck my d*ck if you want to film these sh*ts… that d*ckhead makes Go f*ck yourselves Dude He went insane That’s exactly the type of person that should never juice cause his hormones are already f*cked and he doesn’t take anything He’s aggressive even if he’s clean No, that’s cuz he lacks sugar I’d like some sugar Are those steroids sweet at least?


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