Nicole Scherzinger Loves to Twerk in the Gym

I just want to clear something
out of the way real quick, just to let you know. I have danced to the song,
“Don’t Cha,” by the Pussycat Dolls, an embarrassing
amount of times. Awe. Thank you. I just wanted to clear the
air, now that you’re here. OK? I just needed to know that. And then, do you think
that the Pussycat Dolls are going to get back
together for a reunion tour? I’m just asking for a friend. What you think? Kalen wants to know. They want to know. I can’t confirm anything. But I will say that I
do miss my girls a lot. And I miss being on the road. I was born to be on the stage. So I miss every
day that I’m not. So I wouldn’t rule it out. Wouldn’t rule it out. We all crossing our fingers. We’re all crossing our fingers. I just love the “ooh’ers.” Oooh. Oooh, I know. You were born in Hawaii, but
you grew up in the South, like me right? I’m from Alabama. Where are you from? I grew up in
Louisville, Kentucky. In Louisville, Kentucky. Do you get home often? I do. Not as much as I do– well, ever since my
G’ma passed, like, she’s the one who always
brought us together. But I do miss it. I always love, for me, we always
went home for the holidays, for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And you have a big family right? I have a ginormous family. Now, what is ginormous? What’s these numbers
looking like? So this isn’t even
on my dad’s side. On my mom’s side, only
in Hawaii, my tutu, which means grandma
in Hawaiian, she has 75 grandchildren
and great-grandchildren. That’s only on my mom’s
side, my tutu’s side. That’s just some of us. But we’re just
professional baby-makers. Wai’anae in the house. Anybody from the west
side in Hawaii, hello. What’s it like? I’ve got to know. What’s it like when you go
home, because obviously, I mean, you’re a superstar, Nicole. But when you get
back around the fam, are they just, like,
it’s just Nicole. Or are they trying to
do your choreography? Like, you know? They just keep it real. You know? Like, family, that’s the
best thing about going home. Like, especially when I go
back to Hawaii, and I’m just– my family’s is going to be like,
wow, you picked that picture. I mean, that’s so
many people though. So cute! Now, you’re also
into working out. And this is something
that I find funny, because we have this in common. You’re into working out,
but then every now and then, you’ve got to stop and
take a little dance break from the workout right? Now do people in
the gym just stop and be, like, that’s
Nicole Scherzinger twerking in the corner? Oh, my God, no. Wow. I think, because–
I think I’m actually cheating, to take a
breather and a break from doing the weights
and everything. You got to keep
yourself entertained. When you, like, sweating it out,
you got to have fun with it. Absolutely. And also, because I’m sure
you’re listen to music as this is happening. That’s what I was gonna say. I was about to say, yeah. That’s me listening
to Lizzo right there. There we go. Every time. Shout-out to Lizzo. I’ve been listening to Lizzo
before Lizzo was Lizzo. I was, like, her die-hard
fan in the beginning. All her songs, like, “Come
Water Me” and “Coconut Oil” and “Worship Me.” OK? All these songs, that’s me. And fitness– that’s me. Absolutely. Now look, we’ve got to talk
about The Masked Singer, because this is– I mean, it’s a smash. You’re in the second season. It’s been picked up for a third. Now, when you read about
what this show was going to be about, were
you, like, I don’t know if that’s going to work. How did you feel about that? Yes, exactly. That’s exactly how I felt– That’s how you felt? People were just, like,
The Masked Singer! And I’m, like, who knew? No, obviously, when
you sign on, you only pray for it to be successful. But we were, like, which
way is this going to go? This show is so trippy. It’s unlike anything
else out there. And it’s just great to see
how well-received it is. And families are
now coming together, and kids are getting
off the phone. And it’s just good fun. It’s really
heartwarming as well. I know everybody sees the
spectacle of the costumes. But then when you
really pay attention to some of these stories,
you realize– you know what? We are all way more
connected and all more alike than we really
seem, than we realize. You know what I mean? We’re, like, dang, we all go
through the same struggles together. Absolutely. Well, I love that. And I know you’re loving that. Because, again, it has
become a family show. I know, like, my kids love it. And it’s, again,
one of those shows that we can watch as a family. And I know that’s awesome. Awe, thank you. The Masked Singer airs on
Wednesday at 8:00 on Fox. And look, y’all stick around
because we’re going to play our own version of The Masked
Singer after the break. We’ll be right back.


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